Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This morning I hopped out of bed, donned a robe, and stepped into the hallway. I was immediately greeted with a horrific thought. Winter is almost here. I know, I know, it is technically quite a way off and there is an entire season called fall before winter truly arrives. Regardless, I felt the biting sting of cold on my face, fingers, and feet and all I wanted to do was to crawl back into bed and cry.

It has been a really nice summer. I have enjoyed wonderful weather, most of it not annoyingly hot. I have had nice vacations and plenty of in the city fun. It has very likely been one of the better summers I have had in some time. Maybe that is the reason that I am so reluctant for it to end. It has simply been too nice. Maybe I have an even nicer fall and a stupendous winter ahead of me. I just don’t know. All I know was that it was cold. Like up at the cabin without proper clothing cold. Boo.

According to the seven-day forecast, there isn’t a single day about 70 in sight. I know it is September and I know I live in Chicago but it still doesn’t seem right. Why is it that 60 degree weather as we ease into fall feels so incredibly warm but as we leave summer it is so gosh darned cold.

On a happier note, I have decided to go to my High School reunion on the 22th. I am still a little mad at them that it is on Yom Kippur but oh well. I told the planning people very early on that I thought that was very rude being the highest of the High Holy days and all. They didn’t seem to care although someone did mention that they would bring it up to the planning committee. Such a thing would never happen in New York. Unfortunately, Tony won’t be coming with me. I would have liked to see him by my side but it just isn’t practical financially and it is a lot of family time all at once. Tony loves my family very much but they aren’t his family and three visits in a month is a lot for him. He also could care less about meeting people I went to high school with. I guess it is just that insecure teenage girl in me that wants to have a boyfriend. What a lame I am. I’ll be meeting up with some good friends beforehand for dinner and in all honesty hearing they were going to be getting together and them saying how great it would be if I came was my main motivation. We’ll see how it goes.

1. In one hand dreams a plenty/ In her smile a secret spell. In her blood disappointments/ These she knows oh too well.

2. I rap for listeners/ Bluntheads, fly ladies, and prisoners/ Hennessey holders and old school niggas then I’ll be dissin/ an unofficial that smoke woolie Thai/ I dropped out of Cooley High

3. It’s too good/ It’s too nice/ She makes me fingers too quick/ Is it love/ No not love/ She turns my sexual tricks

4. I miss you/ But I haven’t met you yet/ So special/ But it hasn’t happened yet

And a special song just for the birthday girl, FRIEND, Happy Birthday Friend! No one but Friend is allowed to name this song even if they know it and they really want to.

5. Now I’m just average common too/ I’m just like him the same as you/ I’m everybody’s brother and son/ I ain’t different than anyone/ Ain’t no use in talking to me/ Just the same as talking to you


Monica said...

i didn't go to my HS reunions. i wanted to go to one of them but... you know. say hi to the gang! (not that i know them but i've met a few)

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I didn't go to mine either. I was already in regular contact w/the people I cared about, and the other folks I honestly didn't care to see. I always felt as though it was just a big bragging rights party for the former "losers" to show off how great they are now, and for the former "cool people" to be exposed as losers in the big game of life.

That said, who knows? Maybe I will go to my 20th.

Mom said...

Happy Birthday, Brooke!!!

I didn't go to any reunions until my high school had an "all years" reunion, some 30+ years after graduation. We had a blast, probably fueled by the fact that there had been an active email-group for several years before the reunion.

And, yeah, it's chilly in Minneapolis, too... Boo...

Kiyotoe said...

i regret not going to my 10 year high school reunion, (2 years ago), so it's a good thing you're going. I bet it's one of those things that no one wants to go to initially but when they don't, they regret it.

Like me.

Hope you have a ball.

RastaManErn said...

3 - Tricky "Suffocated Love". BTW, it's "She makes me finish too quick". ...you get the idea. =P

I never went to my HS reunion, and neither did any of my close friends from the same place. I almost wish I had just so I could make fun of people.

Katrina said...

My summer was no better or worse than any other really so I'm hap, hap, happy it's finally getting cooler. Love me some Autumn.

I never received in invite to my 10yr reunion but then, I don't think anyone knew how to get ahold of me. Since then I joined Classmates.com and there's info on our 20yr which is next year. Oh. My. God. I'm getting old! Anyway, not sure if I'll go or not. There's only maybe 3 people I'd like to see and talk to and 1,000 miles to do so seems like quite a bit. Especially if they end up doing a cruise like they've been talking about.

Evil Spock said...

I actually enjoy fall. Its the best time to go biking for scenery here in the Midwest. The only drawback is there's less daylight, so I have to get in gear right after work.

Have fun at your reunion! Are you going to tell folks you're a blogger?

Yobachi said...

I've been getting the feeling of the on coming of winter too, and just the thought really annoys me.

CS said...

I feel the same way about the approach of winter.

My 10th HS reunion (athousand years ago) was at a hotel. Since our mascot was apriate, they'd put a treasure chest with those gold covered chocalte coins spilling out on the buffet. Except the coins had Hebrew letters on them. For a school that was almost exclusive Southern Baptist. And I was the only one there who found that intensely funny.

Blog Antagonist said...

Take heart. You could live in the land of perpetual summer like I do. Bugs and mildew and venomous creatures don't die off like they should in a normal, reasonable life cycle. They just proliferate here, and get bigger and grosser.

thethinker said...

I guess I shouldn't be complaining since my winter is nothing compared to your winter, but I am also dreading that season. I hate cold.

With Love, Fat Girl said...

Sad, huh? This morning I looked at my flip flops and realized, in a couple of weeks you're gone for another year. Sigh.

Mom said...

Sigh... I actually turned the heat on for a few minutes this morning. It was 45 degrees out and I was awfully chilly. But we're supposed to get 80s again next week.

Janna said...

See, now I'm just the opposite. It's summer that makes me want to curl up and cry. I LOVE the cold weather. Give me goose bumps over sweat ANY day. :)

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

I love this crisp cool weather; thaks for sending it eastward.

Brooke said...

Thanks for the birthday song Friend! It is I Shall Be Free #10. A song that always reminds me of you, and Anya says it reminds her of Whoville-opoly.

4 is Bjork. I'm not sure what the song is called, so I'm just gonna say I Miss You.

I can't wait to make fun of lots of people at my reunion next month. I just got super cheap plane tickets. Woo!

Ditto to all the folks hailing fall. It's my favorite season, and the weather is absolutely perfect here on the east coast.

Dynamo360 said...

This morning I pulled on my WINTER coat as Seattle only has two seasons. Two and a half months of summer and the rest: WINTER. :)

I would be annoyed of my sweetie didn't come with me to a reunion. It's a great chance to see more of what I was all about back in the day. But good on you not taking it as personally as I would be, lol! I mean I'd get over it and all... but I might pout a little.