Friday, September 07, 2007


The saga at work continues. I felt significantly better this morning and headed off to work with a spring in my step. You know that feeling when you thought you were going to die and then all of a sudden life is shiny and new, yeah, it was that kind of morning. Then I got to the office. Upon walking in the building I immediately stuffed up again thus realizing the probably cause of my curious and sudden ailment. Working in a building with half-finished ceilings and constant construction=throat infection. I wonder why I didn’t figure that out before. After that initial disappointment, I walked into the large room where my desk resides and noticed that my desk was out of place and empty except for the broken remnants of the wonderful wax ant that Tony made me. I looked in horror and wonder at what was going on. At least Tony’s birthday present was sitting on a desk in the corner, it being his birthday and all I would have been sad had it not arrived.

Apparently, people were bringing the fire door that will close the reception area off from the elevator bank though my window. I turned around and hit the down button on the elevator. I went downstairs, dropped my Netflix in the mail and headed to Dunkin’ Donuts for a bagel. I brought the bagel upstairs and went directly to the lunchroom, not even stopping to see what was going on in my work area. I sat there with the paper and leisurely ate. I tried not to think of the students I had to call for my class on Monday or the Volunteers I had to call to tell them the workshop they signed up to volunteer for was cancelled. I would get to them when I could. It was beyond my control.

As I sat there doing the crossword, I was informed that not only LaVerne (who has the desk opposite mine) and myself were kicked out of the work area but both of our entire departments had to evacuate for safety reasons. I chuckled and tried to think of a five letter acronym for plans not working out as they were drawn up. Oh, FUBAR, of course (that wasn’t actually in the crossword but wouldn’t it have been funny if it was). I was told the Executive Director was taking our departments out for breakfast but since I had just eaten a bagel and wasn’t exactly a happy camper, I opted out. So did LaVerne. Instead we sat and griped and I found the number for the Volunteer who was scheduled for Monday in the Volunteer Director’s office where I put all the stuff I no longer wanted to deal with.

At about noon my work station was essentially up and running. I couldn’t set up my desk properly though because an electrician has to come over the weekend and fix some things. I was only allowed the bare bones, a computer and a phone. It would serve my needs. I also spent some time in my new classroom watching people hang up white boards. That was fun. It is now 3:11. I have done all the work I can do at my limited workstation and I haven’t taken a lunch. I wonder if that means I can leave an hour early. I doubt it. Have a good weekend all.

1. I went all the way to Paris/ To forget your face/ Captured in stained glass/ Young lives long since past/ Statues of lovers everyplace

2. Baby your magic is working/ I lose control of myself/ Whenever you are near me/ I feel myself changing/ From a guy thought too cynical for love into a hopeless romantic

3. Somebody took the papers/ And somebody’s got the key/ And somebody’s nailed the door shut that says hey what you think that you see. Cool It Down, Velvet Underground. Identified by Monica

4. Hey little sister what have you done/ Hey little sister whose the only one/ Hey little sister whose your superman/ Hey little sister whose the one you want. White Wedding, Billy Idol. Identified by Mom.

5. I like a girl with caked up make-up/ in the sunshine smoking cigarettes to pass the time/ Who wakes up to a bottle of wine


Mom said...

#4: "White Wedding", Billy Idol. (Too bad I don't have that photo of your sister's Billy Idol imitation digitized...)

All that office construction probably won't be ending any time real soon; even then it will take a while for the dust to settle and the air to be clean and healthy. They may have to give you some "reasonable accommodation." It's not reasonable for someone to have to work someplace that makes them physically ill. Take care of yourself. And don't take "sucks to your ass-mar" as an answer!

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I'm with you re: office reno's and a generally disorderly environment. I cannot work in chaos, unless it is chaos of my own design. When my classroom underwent reno's and I was displaced (well, my stuff was displaced..I was home for the summer), it was hard for me to be super positive upon my return when my comp wasn't set up properly and my stuff was moved from its original temporary home to some hidden place I was unaware of. Playing detective wasn't my idea of a fun game during those first couple of days.

Now, I long for the day when I can have my *own* classroom again. Sharing isn't always so great either. :(

The Witty Mulatto said...

That sounds like it's hell.
I wouldn't've declined the breakfast invitation, though. I'd've gone, and then ordered everything expensive - you know, the crab omelette, the coffee from France.

Monica said...

2 is of montral i think. i don't know what song though. ugh. Mom beat me to #3 :( But 4 is cool it down by VU

i can't believe we haven't had lunch in DAYS!!!

Johnny Yen said...

Mom once again beat me to the punch!

Funny thing, though-- Kim, Mel and I were running some some errands and Kim commented that it would be the perfect day for a wedding. I amended that to say it would be a perfect day for a White Wedding. Only Kim got the joke.

I loved Billy Idol's little role as himself in The Wedding Singer.

it's the little things... said...

Ugh - that awful environment sounds horrible. I hope it improves soon. One can only imagine what crap all the dust and such is doing to you!

notfearingchange said...

ummm....your boss should have told you to "work from home" that day! jeessh...breakfast whatever...

Natalie said...

Mom- Yeah I am trying to figure something out. Today was a little better.

Mrs L- Although I lost my own office I am getting my own classroom, which is a little cool. However, when class started today I couldn't teach in there because there were no chairs.

Witty Mulatto- I thought about it but having just eaten I opted to stay away from people I may have wanted to harm.

Monia- I fear we will never have lunch again once I start teaching workshop. I am so afraid! It is Of Montreal and the title is real obvious.

Johnny Yen- That was one of the greatest cameo appearances ever in history.

Little Things- It's making me die!!!! I hope it fixes very soon too.

Not Fearing- I think because they had given us three days off the week before they didn't want to lose anymore time but, if the place isn't ready???