Friday, May 09, 2008


So there I am, sitting in my office, and a strange voice comes over the loudspeaker.

“Everything is clear, you may return to the building.”

I was a little flummoxed. I hadn’t left the building. If I was supposed to leave why didn’t anyone tell me? I know I keep to myself somewhat but not to the point that people would forget that I work here. Seconds later the voice spoke again.

“This is a bomb threat.”

“Really,” I said as people started to grab their things and leave the office. I grabbed the iPod, my bag, and a coat and headed outside.

For the last few weeks the University has been talking about their new safety alert system. They did a test last week and I got a voicemail message, a text message, and an email. I left my cell phone at home today so I don’t know if I got the text or voicemail but no one else did so I am guessing no. I certainly didn’t get an email.

We all went outside and pondered why we were evacuated and got no alerts. We also wondered why only five or six people actually heard the announcement. Some people heard garbled mess, others heard nothing. It was clear as a bell in my office so that is good to know. We wondered why so many of the evacuated people were standing directly outside the doors of the building. Our staff was across the street at a parking lot. I suppose that we may not have been far enough away but at least we weren’t directly in front of the doors.

After about ten minutes someone came by and mentioned that it was simply a mistake. Someone must have accidentally hit the “bomb threat” button on the loudspeaker. We were all allowed back inside. The day continued and all is well.

Random song time

1. Been spending most their lives living in a pastime paradise/ Been spending most their lives living in a pastime paradise/ Been wasting most their time glorifying the days long gone behind. Pastime Paradise, Stevie Wonder. Identified by Brooke

2. Snow can wait I’ve forgot my mittens/ Wipe my nose/ Get my new boots on. Winter, Tori Amos. Identified by Brooke

3. I know I should get next to you/ You’ve got a look that made me think you’re cool/ But it’s just sexual attraction/ Not something real so I’d rather keep wackin’

4. Now for all ya’ll who ain’t heard of me/ Mr. M-O-E the Barre Baby/ I’m a South Side living legend/ A third ward /bone hard/ Street veteran

5. I/ hurt myself today/ To see if I still feel/ I/ Focus on the pain/ The only thing that’s real. Hurt, Nine Inch Nails. Identified by Brooke


Brooke said...

Man, that reminds me of working at Harris.

1. Pastime Paradise - Stevie Wonder
2. Winter - Tori Amos
3. Hurt - NIN

Anonymous said...

I now fear for your safety by the gallon. Also, exxxcellent usage of the word 'flummoxed'.

dmarks said...

" Someone must have accidentally hit the “bomb threat” button on the loudspeaker."

I'd like to see that control panel, with a "Godzilla" button, a "Maurauding Zombie Army" button, and a "Chicago Fire II" button.

Anonymous said...

Back to work, there's a bomb in the building! A little backward, but work is like that.

Natalie said...

Friend- You had many bomb threats? Scary

Auld Hat- I think I'll be fine. My office is actually where the old bomb shelter in the building once was.

dmarks- I know it sounds strange but I think it was a recording so it had to be a button. I would like to see the other buttons you mentioned as well.

Citizen of the World- I thin I would have been more afraid if it had been the other way around