Monday, May 05, 2008


On Friday, Monica and I decided to venture to the festivities that are called Looptopia on Friday night. After the debacle that was last year we didn’t hope for much. We scoured the activities and had a rather difficult time finding anything we were incredibly inspired to do. We decided to walk to Daley Plaza and figure it out more from there.

We sat by this sculpture thing that one of the creators described to us an an inefficient system. It was made up of three inflated beach ball type things that were slowly deflating. Atop said balloons sat a city and the whole contraption was hooked up to three stationary bikes. You had to pedal the bikes to keep the balls inflated or the city would fall. It was about cooperation. I think it was a metaphor for the entire evening.

While at the plaza it rained a little but not too much. We decided to head to the cultural center, a place of madness the year before, and check out this sketch comedy thing. One side was locked so we went to the other. Believe it or not there was a line to get in that wrapped around the building. AS IF!!! We decided to walk to some bars and see if old co-workers were hanging out.

We passed some people doing strange performance art type things in the windows of Macy’s and then heard a noise…it sounded like…Assholes! They were obnoxious, they were hollering, they were not the real Obnoxious Hollering Assholes but they were pretty cool. The group was about five people in orange jumpsuits making noise and marching down the street. Monica and I fell in line behind them and did little dances and went Woo! Eventually she busted out her kazoo and played along. I don’t think they even noticed. We followed them for about five blocks or so until they stopped. It was the best time of the evening.

We tried one bar and found no old co-workers. It started to rain a bit so we busted out my umbrella and started walking to the other bar. On the way we made up a new band. Monica is in the Assholes and I am not exactly in the Assholes but sometimes I make appearances. The Assholes do not have lyrics and I prefer bands that do. As the two of us have written awesome songs before, it is only fitting that we have a band that sings actual songs. Look for us, we’re called That One Band Right There. Forthcoming songs include; That One Song, That Rap Song, The Song that Goes Like That, and our soon to be smash hit single Insideoutafied. We thought about selling tapes out the back of our pockets but then realized it would be better to have people send us money and then we would email them mp3s of our songs. As soon as we get a closed door creative type song writing session scheduled it’s on. We may even cover Emo Boy, a wonderful song by our other band that used The Dead Milkmen’s “Punk Rock Girl” as inspiration. That One Band Right There is headed for stardom.

Anyway, our co-workers weren’t at the other bar either and it was raining like crazy so we went home. One of my co-workers said that Looptopia was rumored to be a roaring party and a smashing success. Maybe it was, but I missed it.

1. Horses in my dreams/ Like waves like the sea/ They pull out of here/ They pull they are free. Horses in my Dreams, PJ Harvey

2. Oh here we go again/ It’s time for the same arguments about/ About that and a little bit of this. ShadowBox, The Ponys

3. What about the time/ You were rolling over/ Fell on your face/ You must be having fun. Slippery People, Talking Heads

4. Unexplainable things will happen when we really see into each others eyes/ Right/ So why is it we rarely find the time to see each other in the eyes. Eyes, Apollo Sunshine


Katrina said...

Still better than my slug weekend that's for sure.

You're band would fit right in at The Other Place (a real pizza joint in my neck of the woods). Although now that I think about it they don't have live music. Oh well.

Mom said...

I am really interested in this new band of yours!

Monica said...

she's the MC, I'm the rapper... HAHAHAHA

Jozet at Halushki said...

I love your new band!

I'm also digging the list of songs and artists you recently suggested to Blog Antagonist.

Of Montreal is fantastic, and Jamie Lidel is a new instant fave. (And his videos are wicked fab, but I have to be careful - they'd give my daughters nightmares, lol.)

Natalie said...

Katrina- Wow, you must have really been slugging

Mom- Well you should be because we are about to take over the world.

Moncia- Who is our DJ?

Jozet- Well once we make some songs I'll be certain to let you know