Friday, June 20, 2008


When I woke up this morning I could have sworn it was Saturday. It wasn’t. However, it was Friday, which is the day before my three day weekend. I have to give credit to my employer; their idea of summer hours is quite nice. You work 7 extra hours every pay period (45min a day) and get a three day weekend every other week. I have to admit that there are some days when the extra 45 min are a bit of a bummer to do but it all get cancelled out when I wake up every other Monday morning and don’t have to go to work. Also, Tony’s weekend is Sunday and Monday so it will be nice to get some extra time together. We’ll finally be able to go to the cemetery!

I am hoping that we’ll go this weekend but I don’t know if that will end up happening. It doesn’t matter though, we have all summer. In case any of you think it is strange that I am all geared up about going to the cemetery you just may be right. However, Graceland Cemetery is no ordinary place. Many of the great makers of Chicago are buried there and they have quite impressive looking gravesites. I think I was first inspired to make the trip by a post Blondie did about the place. She took wonderful pictures including one of “The Girl in the Glass Case” which captured my attention. She also mentioned there was a lake on site. Johnny Yen also had a nice post about the place and I learned from him that you can pick up guide books at the front entrance. I was hooked. This meancing looking fellow marks the grave of Dexter Graves, a hotel guy. I just think it's particularly awesome looking and wanted to include it.

So anyway, it should be pretty awesome. If I don’t end up going I can always finish up Heavenly Sword. That is one fun game (even though I can’t block properly for crap) and I'm finally becoming an acceptable shooter.

1. She feels like/ A stranger has come in the night/ And stolen her life/ And left her with this

2. Looking at the devil/ Grinning at his gun/ Fingers start shaking/ I begin to run

3. Oh so long/ For this night I’ve prayed/ That a star/ Would guide you my way/ To share with/ Me this special day
4. I love the time and in between/ The calm inside me/ In the space where I can breathe/ I believe there is a distance I have wandered to touch upon the years of/ Reaching out and reaching in

5. Something in the way you love me won’t let me be/ I don’t want to be your prisoner so baby won’t you set me free


waylon solos said...

cemeteries are great. especially big ones. i have spent many quiet afternoons wandering around lakewood and would recommend it when in minneapolis. in bygone times, it was common practice to bring the family and have a picnic.

i am embarassed to say that i recognize your last one. boderline, madonna. word.

Woozie said...

We got my brother Metal Gear Solid 4 the other day, he says he's waiting until he can play through it nonstop. I think he's wet himself in excitement.

Mom said...

So--did you get to the cemetery?

Anonymous said...

I adore cemeteries. I do I do. I find them fascinating, peaceful and have a lot to say. That makes sense, right?

Natalie said...

Waylon- Don't be embarrassed, Borderline kind of rocks. That is why I have it on my iPod.

Woozie- I have a feeling that one needs to be on my list.

Mom- No

Auld Hat- It makes perfect sense. that is why I want to go.

Johnny Yen said...

Hey, I'm glad I inspired you a bit! It's a fascinating place. My stepdaughter and I really enjoyed it, and looking back, it was where she and I really bonded. Funny that it was a cemetery!