Monday, June 09, 2008


This weekend I went to a silly party where we dressed as people from the 80s and tried to solve a murder mystery. It was a rockin’ good time. The murder was apparently solved within the first minute or so but wasn’t divulged so that people could continue to play. Some people were in possession of clues and some people had to do dares to get clues. This was a bad idea because people I know are evil.

I dared Patrick to give Monica a wet willie because it would completely gross her out and was an inside joke.

Patrick dared Monica to give me a wedgie, which was completely awful and also had to be done repeatedly because Patrick just wouldn’t look. At least one of them was real.

I dared Patrick to run around the table and go “Woo Woo”

Patrick dared Monica to walk around with a beat box saying “I am a chicken”

I think the point was to dare people you didn’t know to do stuff but being painfully introverted that wasn’t going to happen. It was still a fun party. So fun that I slept until 5pm the next day because every time I woke up before then I decided that it was too unpleasant to be alive.

Tony and I have decided that our television is too big to watch some regular TV program on. Certain channels are fine, Top Chef looks great. However, some programs don’t have particularly good resolution. This makes them look extra horrible on our very large TV with excellent resolution. Most of the things that I really enjoy watching look good though so I don’t have too much to complain about. Since Food Network, HGTV, and most premium channels have HD offerings I’m pretty good. Last night we watched Billy Madison on demand in HD and seeing Adam Sandler paddling around on his floating pool chair was more hilarious than ever before. I thought he was going to paddle right onto our couch. I still can’t figure out why the 120hz doesn’t seem to be on though.

Mom is coming tomorrow and I am incredibly excited. However, my house is not ready for her. We cleaned the living room yesterday but the front room is a disaster and the kitchen and bathroom could use some serious work. I know what I’m doing tonight. She graciously offered not to come inside until it was clean but I would like her to be able to visit the inside sooner rather than later. I have to make her brussel sprouts.

1. We’re in the movies/ Watching some people move their mouths/ And a religious figure/ Whose not really a religious figure/ Cause he’s an actor. The Opera House, Olivia Tremor Control

2. It never really mattered too much to me/ That I was just too damn old to MC/ All that really mattered is if your rhymes was ill/ Girl that’s all that really mattered to me. Great Day, Madvillian

3. Tulip Baroo/ Tulip Baroo/ The magnetic roller-skater wears a bonnet of blue/ Bonnet of blue. Tulip Baroo, of Montreal

5. Girlfriend/ I’m gonna tell your boyfriend/ Yeah/ Tell him/ Exactly what we’re doing/ Yeah. Girlfriend, Michael Jackson


Katrina said...

I love having a large TV and HD. Especially when watching football or movies that are particularly made for a big screen. Or heck, even when not, like when there's just someone up there that's just so darn hot. Like say, Brad Pitt looking all scrumptious in Ocean's Eleven. Yummy!

Katrina said...

By the way, playing catch up and just read:

Happy Birthday!

Monica said...

olivia tremor control!!!!!!! sigh.

this weekend was fun. i don't think patrick was the one who dared me to run around w/ the boom box but it was still funny. i think it was dave.

ps i'm still trying to avenge those wet willies

Mom said...

Um, in this mom's opinion, the wedgies have already totally avenged the wet willies.

Evilness + introversion = bad combination...

Your house looked lovely.

Anonymous said...

I've doen those murder mystery parties - they are a alot of fun.

Johnny Yen said...

I've always wanted to have an eighties party! Very cool.

In the eighties, I went to a "come as your favorite dead person" party. I went as Lee Harvey Oswald. Also present were Marilyn Monroe, Cleopatra and Abe Lincoln.

Kiyotoe said...

i've been to one of those murder mystery dinners and they escorted us out because we kept obnoxiously accusing the wrong people all night.

It really was funny....maybe you had to be there ;-)

Mom said...

Hey Natalie, do you remember the murder mystery party you had for your 11th birthday? I remember it with great fondness. (No dares were involved, and I think it took a long time for the mystery to be solved!)

...I'm having a tough time envisioning Lee Harvey Oswald as someone's favorite dead person...

Hmm... a "dead person" meme...
Jimi Hendrix? Jim Henson? Dr. Seuss? Margaret Meade? Frida Kahlo?

Woozie said...

You're complaining about a huge TV? Give it to me!