Monday, June 30, 2008


On Friday I felt horrible so I slept and slept and slept. I thought my allergies had gone insane but after I woke up this morning lying on a big old damp pillow I realized my fever had broken. What fever was my initial question but then I realized it was the fever that the night before I had dismissed as some warmth from a few beers. I feel much better now.

I thought I felt much better Saturday night when I attempted to attend a going away party for this dude and his lady. I made it to the spot just fine and was having a fine time discussing the first CDs we ever owned (one of this dudes was the score from Terminator 2, hence me calling him a dude and not putting him out there for all to mock. Yes I said score, not soundtrack, score.), mine was He’s The DJ I’m The Rapper, which is a fine album to this day. Chanda mentioned that she was hungry and as I hadn’t eaten in a good 7 hours I thought going with her to procure some snacks might be fun. And it was.

We went to this spot called El Cid and I got some cactus and cheese tamales. MMM. So rare to score a vegetarian tamale. While eating Chanda and I noticed that we have the same phone. We thought that was cool. We also selected the same blue patterned background for our screen. Chanda mentioned how funny it would be if we had the same ring so she called me…and immediately burst out laughing. I called her and laughed as well, it really was the best ring available. My phone does have a Lewis News ’08 sticker on it and hers does not but it was still pretty awesome.

As we are walking back to the bar we happen upon a group of dudes. They start talking, we talk back, I wanted to keep walking because I think random strangers are…strange but Chanda was really chatting it up so I rolled with it. Eventually they mention that they are at a wedding reception and invite us to come up. I would have just left but Chanda, being much smarter than me, said we would go in. It was AWESOME. Our friends were a bunch of West Indian Hindi guys and the bride’s family was from some Latin country that I can’t recall so the music was a mix of like reggaeton and bollywood. As soon as we got inside we were ushered into a conga line. We also learned how to dance to the bollywood type music.

1. Put one hand up, palm to the sky, as if you were holding a plate
2. Put your other hand up and screw in a light bulb
3. Shrug shoulders while holding the plate and turning the light bulb

Best. Dance. Ever.
If you don't want to screw in the lightbulb, twirling a napkin also works. The plate must remain in place.

We got introduced to everyone; cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, the groom and were welcomed pretty openly despite our obvious lack of knowledge of anyone and not particularly festive dress. As usual I was in a skirt (but not a fancy one) and Chanda had on jeans (but heels). At one point Monica stopped in to bring Chanda her camera and marveled at all the fun we were obviously having. Although we were asked to go to the after party we had to decline. It was far and we did have prior obligations. But we got a greap group photo!

Sadly, as soon as I got back to the bar the people I was going to share a cab home with were ready to go so I really didn’t do a very good job of going to a good bye party but so it goes. Instead I crashed my first wedding and had an excellent story to tell.

1. She says my ass hurts when I sit down/ She says my feet hurt when I’m standing around/ I think my body is as restless as my mind and I don’t think I can roll with it this time. Roll With It, Ani DiFranco. Identified by Brooke

2. I can’t believe that it’s real/ the way that you make me feel/ A burning deep down inside/ A love that I can not hide. Here I Am (Come and Take Me), Al Green. Identified by Brooke.

3. Well its hard enough to get there/ On your own/ And it’s always time to pay the rent/ When you’re home

4. Are you afraid to go outside/ Are you afraid of what you might find/ baby girl, I understand it/ I seen it too and I don’t recommend it

5.Well it’s all in your mind/ It’s all in your mind/ Well it’s all in your mind/ It’s all in your mind/ and I want it to be


Brooke said...

Crashing weddings can be real fun. Except when that Australian ass Andrew from SLC turns out to be the bartender. That was not so fun.

1. Roll With It - Ani
2. Here I Am (Come & Take Me) - Al Green

Mom said...

That sounds like a lot of fun -- as much fun as any sick person could stand!

Did you make it to see Stevie? We are all jealous here. Here is a sampling of the lineup for our local "Taste" festival this week:
* someone who was in the band Boston;
* REO Speedwagon;
* Barry Williams (aka Greg Brady);
* The Cowsills;
* Eddie Money.
Also a band called Seether -- have you heard of them?? They are appearing with Finger Eleven, whom I also have not heard of.
Anyway, there's nothing I have any interest in going to. So we will find other ways to amuse ourselves this festive weekend.

Anonymous said...

I am seriously jealous that you crashed a wedding. And a Bollywood wedding at that! (seethe seethe seethe)

Natalie said...

Friend- Yeah...we didn't know anyone there at all.

Mom- Sadly I didn't because I was feeling too sick and tired and Monica was still moving. I hear it was amazing and wish I had went. I don't know a band called Seether but I know a song called Seether.

Auld Hat- It was certainly incredibly awesome. I can't take credit for the instructions. That is how our new friend Brian taught the dance to us.

Anonymous said...

Had gone.

RastaManErn said...

That dance/music is called bhangra, and it is flucking awesome. Or simply something to do while listening to Punjabi MC.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching the pickup artist, and found this post while looking for the one you wrote about spoon. made me smile! That was so much fun :)

sexy said...