Friday, May 11, 2007


Because I am not bound by normal conventions regarding time and space, Foodie Friday will occur on Monday.

Instead I want to talk about something other than food which I believe is also essential to leading a healthy life. I'm talking about laughter. Without laughter, we are doomed to wallow in the treacherous wasteland that is monotony. We risk falling prey to “matters of consequence,” those of you in the know understand what follows form that. We lose the ability to imagine, to dream, and to achieve relative greatness. Without laughter, we can’t understand what it truly means to be human.

Laughter is caused by many things. Typically, it should be a spontaneous reaction. If you have to think about making yourself laugh, you probably have no business laughing in the first place. Sometimes, even the finniest things don’t make you laugh. Instead they make you smile or chuckle. That is okay too. Sometimes people think a smile or a chuckle isn’t as good or as honest reaction as a laugh. Those people are wrong.

What makes someone laugh is individual. There are even some people out there who don’t laugh when someone gets hit in the balls. Hasn’t American’s Funniest Home Videos taught us anything? A person getting hit in the balls is hilarious. It always has been and it always will be. Most other things are subjective. Humor depends on your frame of reference. Your upbringing, life experience, friends and family, sociopolitical views, and job are only some of the endless things that will contribute to your sense of humor.

People tend to like to share things that make them laugh. They hope that the sense of enjoyment they got from the experience will transfer to the people around them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. My sister sent me and the rest of the family a video about a lady talking about saluting the vagina and government cheese. She thought it was hilarious, so did my father. I don’t know what my mother thought. I wanted to punch the woman in the face she was so annoying. My sister and I have relatively similar frames of reference and typically laugh at the same things. Not in this case. I thought that bird of paradise video was hilarious and wonderful, Monica (who has a great sense of humor and we often laugh together) thought it was disgusting. In her defense I watched it without sound and the noises people were making during the video were kind of gross.

Anyone who knows me knows that I find Stephen Colbert incredibly funny. In fact, I also find him incredibly hot. Mostly because of how funny he is but also because I have strange taste in men. Last night, in his continuing battle with South Korean superstar, Rain, he made me fall even deeper in love by singing in Korean. You won’t be disappointed.

Stephen, if you stumble upon this post, know that should anything go wrong in your marriage (and I hope it doesn’t) that I will always be there for you. Tony understands, he knows you are wicked awesome. It’s ok. Without further ado, I give you Stephen “Singing in Korean”

1. Love/ Used to be a stranger to me/ Love/ was so disappointing/ I was waiting for a sign/ I was looking for some company/ So I took a walk outside/ MMMM what a lucky day

2. Through the warmest cord of care/ Your love was sent to me/ I’m not sure/ What to do with it/ or where to put it. Hidden Place, Bjork. Identified by Janna

3. From the depths of the Pacific/ To the height of Everest/ Still the world is smoother/ Then a shiny ball bearing. Everest, Ani DiFranco. Identified by Brooke.

4. I seen the end of the day come too soon/ Not a lot to say/ Not a lot to do

5. Your butt is wide/ Well mine is too/ Just watch your mouth/ Or I‘ll sit on you. Fat, Weird Al. Identified by Brooke.


dmarks said...

Let this be the first vote cast in renaming the blog "Colbert"

Brooke said...

There is nothing strange about thinking Stephen Colbert is hot. Your taste in men may be weird, but whatever. Dude is hot!

3. Everest - Ani

5. Fat - Weird Al

Monica said...

Stephen Colbert IS hot. And furthermore, Damn Brooke beat me to Weird Al

Mom said...

... Damn Brooke and Damn Monica beat me to Weird Al!

I wasn't as amused by that video Dad and your sister were, but I didn't want to punch the woman in the face or anything.

And I'm afraid I must beg to differ on the nuts-kicking thing. In my opinion, being kicked in the nuts is funny only to those who don't have nuts to get kicked in.

I've got opinion to add on the topic of "Stephen Colbert -- Hot or Not?"

Travis said...

I'm sorry - but getting hit or kicked in the nuts is NOT funny.

I do agree that people find different things funny and laughter should be encouraged.

Michael C said...

Great post! I think Colbert is hysterical! And I think you know how much I like my AFV crotch hits.

Killer said...

Getting kicked in the nuts is funny, unless they are your nuts.

I tend to find everything funny. This often offends people, because I will be laughing at old people falling down and other "unacceptable" things.

CS said...

Okay, seeing someone kicked in the balls just makes me cringe. It's the whole seeing someone get hurt thing.

But, Colbert is great, I have to agree on that.

terry said...

colbert IS hot... and can rock a tank top!

you could post videos of him every day and that would make me happy.

anyway... i'm with you. funny = hot. especially when it's smart funny. i have always been attracted to smart and funny.

Mom said...

Re that "smart + funny = hot" comment...
That probably explains why I had a crush on Tommy Smothers when I was a kid...

(Should I even be admitting to this? It's OK if you laugh. Laughing is good...)

Janna said...

Laughter is great.
Farts are hilarious, and I feel very sad for people who have "grown up" too much to realize that. :) We should take up a collection for them or something.

Hidden Place, Bjork!

Phil said...

Did you see Fonda on Colbert? Clearly his hotness is confirmed.

notfearingchange said...

LMAO - NICE clip!

Natalie said...

Dmarks- Yeah, that may be a good idea.

Brooke- Yeah, real hot

Monica- Yeah and I won't give you any cred because you yelled at me for putting up more than one person.

Mom- I know you don't think the man is hot but you should give him a little more of a chance. You'll come around. I mean, you liked Tommy Smothers!

Travis- Through this post I have come to realize that many people actually don't find that funny...who knew

Michael- I know you do!

Killer- I am the same way. I am often laughing or trying to stifle laughter at very inappropriate times. It can be bad.

CS- You have such a kind heart.

Terry- Smart funny will get you every time.

Janna- I also like farts a lot. The family made up a word for laughing so hard you fart, it's called spamelli. I probably shouldn't be telling people that.

Phil- Yeah she even kissed his weird shaped ear.

Not fearing- I have watched it far too many times for it to be ok.

dave said...

i laughed right out loud today. it caught me off gaurd, and the person that made me laugh too.

it was rejuvinating and wonderful.

it was someone i haven't seen in 6 plus years. good friends at the time, but then disappeared like good friends can.

it took us a few moments to put things together as to who we were and how we were connected. but once it was figured out the puzzle pieces came smashing together to one very entertaining moment we shared that involved a bike rid, and jog, and pants torn up to the inseam.

all of this we had forgotten but simutaneously remembered and both laughed ferociously about.

it was good.

oh i was going to say something else about your post what was it... my laugh thought got me distracted.

oh the bird.

my work computer doesn't have audio, so i did not hear any noises, i was only allowed a glimpse of the bird, and it was wonderful.

that's all.