Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Remember back to “Do Me!” by Bel Biv Devoe. Remember the rap in the middle, “Backstage underage adolescent, how you doin? Fine, she replied, I sighed, I’d like to do the wild thing". When this song came out I don’t remember hearing any outcry about the obvious illegal intercourse advocated in the song. Maybe I don’t remember because I was too young and paid little attention to the crap people were saying about the music I liked to listen to. Maybe people were outraged by this. Maybe this is oneofthe many things that got EXPLICIT LYRICS slapped n the things i liked to listen to. The point is that I don’t think this song would go over as well as it did in today’s market. Granted the whole R. Kelly scandal hadn’t yet broken and people weren’t up in arms about children being solicited online. Maybe it wasn’t seen as such a big deal. At the same time, it is still obviously wrong.

Fast forward to today and the Akon scandal. Verizon is no longer using him as a sponsor because he pulled an underage girl onstage with him and danced provocatively with her. From what I understood there were not supposed to be people under 18 at the show. Not to mention you aren’t going to stop your show to check someone’s ID. That would certainly ruin the mood. I have also read some articles saying that he is blaming the security guards and not taking full responsibility but isn't that kind of what happened? He apologized but is he supposed to take the blame for bad security and put the onus on himself? That would be idiotic. I am by no means a supporter of Akon’s music because it sounds like ass. The point remains that I don’t exactly see how this was his fault. Am I advocating his crappy sexually explicit music, no, I’m just saying the consequences seem a little excessive. How about the 15yr old girls parents who let her out of the house dressed like a hot ass overage mess in order to go to an 18+ show? I’m just saying.

Maybe it is because no one stopped BBD that things have gotten so out of control. Maybe it is because people just can’t wait to sue someone. It seems everyone is looking to capitalize on the mistakes celebrities make. I’m not saying that celebs don’t make some big mistakes that should be handled, because of course they do. I guess I am saying that what someone says in their lyrics or does in their stage show is generally nothing more than something to get your attention, sell some product, and get some publicity. Even bad publicity is publicity and the way our society works some people want bad press because it helps their image. Does it make for good art? Not necessarily. Does it make for bad art? Not necessarily.

We need some insubordination in order to progress. Granted, I think some genres have gone a little too far and they could probably stand to be a little less offensive and just by doing that they might become more subversive. The question is where do we draw the line? If someone who was convicted for a sex crime subscribes to myspace do the myspace folks have the right to turn their information over to “authorities”? Does it matter if they are already legally registered? What if they want to get in touch with their best friends from grade school and have no interest in talking to young folk? Does it matter, or is their profile information open because they put themselves in the public domain? I don’t quite know how I got here from BBD but I did. And there it goes.

On a different note, the season finale of the best season of America’s Next Top Model since, let’s say season 5 is on tonight. I am a little excited and am hoping that Jaslene wins. Renee is a mean lady who looks old and, as much as I like Natasha, she is a hot ass mess. Then again, I just looked at all their pictures and all three of the girls kind of blow. At least it was a fun season to watch. I miss Jael.

Open Book, Cake- This has to be one of the worst cake songs ever. There was a time when I really liked listening to cake. I don’t generally get the urge to listen to them anymore.

I Don’t Need You, My Bloody Valentine
- This is a group that Tony listened to and I thought that they were going to sound completely different than they do sound. They actually sound pretty freaking awesome. I love music that makes me smile and bounce. Not all their songs do, but this one does.

Work It, Lil’ Wayne- When it comes to horrible pop rap Lil’ Wayne is pretty much as good as they come lately. He has been on every single rap album in the past few years (maybe not literally but close to). I have always been one who doesn’t mind mindless music with mixes that work in the clubs. This easily fits that mold. Plus I totally prefer him to Lil’ Flip and Lil’ Keke.


Danielle said...

The whole problem lies here "How about the 15yr old girls parents who let her out of the house dressed like a hot ass overage mess in order to go to an 18+ show? I’m just saying."
It's ridiculous, ridiculous I say. I see girls showing their goodies at younger and younger ages, obviously they can't purchase their own clothing and who is to blame PARENTS. It is such a cop out to blame society, artists, and the mass media when it is the PARENTS who are the main offenders. I saw a public service ad this morning that made me stand up and applaud to my son's amazement. A young girl hears a cute boy at school say Hi, Sarah and the girls swoon Oh his cute. As her day progresses she is recognized by other boys, a waiter, ticket counter and a suspicious looking man. Point was watch what you post online it will follow you into the "real" world. Young girls want attention it is only natural but what sort of attention are they getting. I am with you on not liking Akon but is Verizon just looking for positive kudos for banning the "bad man", it is not his fault that her PARENTS allowed her to dress like an adult, go to an adult show and to dance like a freak on stage.

Jeff Roberts said...

d, I'm agreein' but have you tried to walk in a store and find NON-revealing clothes for a pre-teen lately? Still the parents' responsibility but it doesn't make it any easier. I haven't checked to see whether the stores who sell so much Britney-esque clothing are having a special on head-shaving razors lately.

Mom said...

I had to comment back about the "what kind of parents" issue. I agree with Danielle that parents need to step up and take care of their kids. I also agree that it's ridiculous for parents to allow kids to buy and wear totally inappropriate clothing. However, parents often have very limited control over how a 15-year-old dresses and where a 15-year-old goes. For decades (if not centuries), teens have been dressing one way at home and then going somewhere else and changing into their "hot ass overage mess" look and lying to their parents about where they are and who they're with. I'm not saying this is good; but it's reality. And I do believe that a lot of it (though not all of it) can be prevented if parents:
1) have better relationships with their kids, and
2) have backbones.
Also, I don't see where a parent has any business suing a performer in a situation like that. Perhaps the parent could have a case against the venue, for not checking IDs (assuming they didn't check and the kid didn't present a "reasonably convincing" fake one). But the bigger issues, to me, are related to:
1) a culture that presses kids into exploitive situations and that makes it very difficult to have healthy parent-child relationships, and
2) parents that aren't doing a good job with their kids and then try to blame it on someone else.
And the culture isn't going to change until we all start standing up against it, and demanding accountability from the corporations that are profiting from it. I don't know how we make it stop, but we need to make it stop.

OK, I'm done ranting.

Phil said...

As far as the outrage goes, I think it's a cycle. Wether it's Jerry Lee Lewis marrying his underage cousin, or Elvis dancing provacativly, or Mick Jagger. It goes around and around. People didn't seem to have much of a problem with Britney Spears as long as she stayed quiet and looked sexy, despite her obvious young age.

csmc said...

" ass overage mess..." = my fav quote so far on this blog. ROTFL! But yes it is horrific. I saw that girls outfit. I would have never guessed she was 15!?!?!

In other news - you think this season is the best since Cycle 5? Hmmm... it has kinda blown recently and I have found myself a little more interested this time around. I think Renee is such a jerk but all the girls are saying that she is okay in the exit interviews. So torn.

I think it would be a tragedy if Jaslene doesn't win tonight. Could you imagine coming back a second time, doing yourself completely over and then becoming first runner up!?!

Okay but Natasha has got to go. I think it would be a waste to give the title to her. Is that mean of me?

Natalie said...

Danielle- If his sponsorship was dropped because his music blew, it would be another story. They should have known his songs were all about fucking.

Jeff- I can't imagine how hard shopping must be. I remember when I thought what was in the store was all sassy. It had nothing on this stuff.

Mom- You are totally right about kids doing plenty of stuff their parents can't control. Like remember that time Roxanne and I decided to "dress like prostitutes" and wander through uptown at 1am when we were like 12 to "see what would happen". We got as far as the front door before we chickened out. Oh, of course you don't remember because I never told you.

I don't think her parents are suing Akon. He apologized and I think they are mad but ok. He just lost his Verizon deal because of the incident. They aren't promoting his music or sponsoring his tour or letting people download his ringtones anymore. which is still a pretty big deal.

Phil- That is so true. I remember her Baby one more time video. She too was a mess.

CSMC- Oh my gosh you read exit interviews too!!! How awesome is that. Natasha is so funny and she kills me with her antics but I don't think she will win. They have wasted the title before though. Have you seen Naima lately? UGH. It generally seems that the girls who don't win have better careers after the show.

Katrina said...

I've never heard his music and from what you're saying I don't want to. But I have to agree, there's no way this is his fault. If she looked of age and if she's at a show that's 18+ then there's no reason he should believe otherwise?

It's clearly on the security guard's shoulders for either not checking her ID or if he did he didn't care because she was just so "hot."

I also agree that if you have a good relationship with your children you can control a whole heck of lot more of what goes on in their lives. It also helps if they have a healthy fear of you as I did my mom! :)

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I blame the parents, and I blame the kids themselves. At 15, one is old enough to take responsibility for their own decisions when it comes to dress, language, and behaviour. It sucks to blame the artist, but at the same time, media feeds the demon of demoralization which then feeds the media, and the cycle continues on its downward spiral.

The world is going to hell in a handbasket, so I'm told. I'm more prone to believe it these days more than ever.

With Love, Fat Girl said...

You can't always blame it on the parents though, because kids find a way. Maybe she got changed at a friend's house, maybe her parents didn't even know she was going to be at the show to begin with.

I had very strict parents growing up and while I never hid sexy clothes at other locations, I always found a way to do what I wanted. The lessons have to be instilled properly first.

Michael K said...

We are a litigious nation that takes every opportunity to get their lawsuit on. In a related event, I nearly sued My Bloody Valentine in the early 90's... for blowing mind! Get yourself some if Kevin Shields solo stuff when you get a chance.

Natalie said...

Katrina- Yeah fearing your parents makes you act a little better. You see how my fear stopped me from walking outside like a fool. I don't think anyone is really faulting the security guards. So odd.

Mrs. L- You are so right on with that. The kids really should have some sense. At least we get carried to hell in a handbasket and not kicked down a gutter or something. Not that it matters once you are in hell...

WLFG- So true. I always found a way to do things I wasn't supposed to do. However, because I ad good upbringing the bad things I did weren't all that bad in the grand scheme of things.

Michael K- I am now planning to do that. Awesome.

Villager said...

Natalie --> this is my first opportunity to read through your blog. I love your musings. I am going to make you a Tech-Fav so I can be more current in my review of your musings in the future!

peace, Villager