Thursday, May 24, 2007


While I was at lunch with Monica today, I mentioned how I had nothing to write about on my blog. I seriously thought about writing about the trip of least tolls but I haven’t had a chance to reread the journals from that time and I don’t want to leave out anything particularly extra funny. This left me with nothing. During my lamentation regarding my lack of post motivation Monica mentioned there was something on her blog that would inspire me. I quickly deduced that she had tagged me. Wanna hear it, here it go.

1) A thing that makes me happy
As you can see from the last post, Bob makes me happy. Look at how happy I am.

This picture, by the way, was taken during the trip of least tolls.

2) A funny thing that happened yesterday
Yesterday was not particularly funny. I am really trying to think of something. Funny things happen to me all the time. Yesterday just wasn’t a funny day. I had fun yesterday, just not particularly funny fun. How lame.

3) A thing I like to eat
I love to eat cheese. Everyone knows this. I love to eat salty delicious snacks. I love to eat just about everything that isn’t meat. I even love “gross” vegetables like lima beans and brussel sprouts. I love spicy things. I love beans. I love breads. Sauces are the best. I love to eat and I can't choose just one thing.

4) A thing that bugs me a lot
People who think they are smart but aren’t and people who think other people are smart who aren’t. Basically, I hate stupids. As we were discussing at lunch today, having a lot of degrees doesn’t necessarily make you smart, at all. They have these superior attitudes and you can’t tell them a thing even when they are obviously wrong. Of course there are plenty people with a lot of degrees who are incredibly smart but I don’t have a problem with them.

5) A thing I have on right now
I have on that one skirt with all the colors and the pleats that is really cool because, depending on what color shirt you wear, it looks like a different skirt. Not really. I am just telling myself that so I have an excuse to wear it as often as I do. I love my skirt, my skirt is so comfotably lovely.

6) A thing you once did that was technically dumb but actually fine
I do a lot of technically dumb things. Many are lost to me right now. I think the thing that I did most often that was technically dumb was wear my cow shoes as my everyday shoes. I have mentioned the cow shoes before. Those things are six-inch platform sling-backs. They rule. I wore them day in and day out and walked up many hills and across uneven terrain. This was stupid because I technically should have broken my ankles many times over but it was actually fine because I didn’t.

7) A thing you plan to do today
I have absolutely no plans for the rest of the day. There is nothing on my plate. I suppose I plan on going home and hoping that the dishes are done so I don’t have to do them. Then I plan to sit on my butt and maybe watch a movie or something. I then plan to read some more War and Peace and go to sleep. Oh, I also plan on working on my budget.

After reading this post I think it has been revealed that I am the most boring person ever. How sad. I tag anyone who feels like doing this post.

Five new lyrics today!

1. No one dared to show for that shower/ When nobody turned out to be clean/ Was not even touched by the water/ Just another Nazi scheme. The Big Takeover, Bad Brains. Identified by Monica

2. Who knows how long I’ve loved you/ You know I love you still. I Will, The Beatles. Identified by Mom.

3. I said upside down you’re turning me/ You’re giving love instinctively. Upside Down, Diana Ross. Identified by Monica

4. I’m not you woman. I’m not your man. I’m something that you’ll never understand. I Would Die 4U, Prince. Identified by Monica

5. They call me the wild rose/ But my name was Eliza Day/ Why they call me it I do not know/ For my name was Eliza Day


Monica said...

You know, you didn't have to use my same questions... Oh well. God DAMN I hate stupids who think stupids are smart and stupids who think they are smart. UGH, I hate stupids!

The Big Takeover by either Bad Brains or John Frusciante

Upside Down by Diana Ross

I Would Die 4U by Prince

Mom said...

Dammit! I've been checking this blog incessantly all day so I maybe could guess some songs. And then you go and post 3 that I know and Monica gets 2 of them before I have a chance!

(Although I must admit that I didn't believe Daddy when he said "Upside Down" was by Diana Ross...)


#2 is "I Will" by the Beatles.

Nice post, and fun. And so sweet to see a picture of Bob. (Yeah, you do look happy.) I kept thinking you had taken a "trip of least trolls." Silly me...

Natalie said...

Monica- Oh, I missed that. maybe I am one of the stupids.

Mom- Ha! But you did guess one so it's all good. I don't think there were any trolls on that trip so I think the definition works. It was not, however, the trip of least goats.

notfearingchange said... i'm sitting here wondering if i'm the dumb one...or if i'm okay....
I love cheese it wrong to ask people serving me my greek salad to add extra feta? and then try and catch every little piece at the bottom of the plastic container?

Kiyotoe said...

don't feel bad, i use excuses like that when i wear my favorite jeans to death!

like just because i wear a button down shirt one day and then a football jersey the next day, that they'll look like a completely different pair of jeans.

so what, they're my favorites. ;)

crazyspanishgirl said...

totally agree with you on the non-smarts. I don't hate non-smart people, I hate non-smarts who pretend they're smart and so become even more non-smart.

I think I'm stealing this meme, I'm so tired today I can't think of anything to blog about...

it's the little things... said...

I love your sunflowers!

And isn't food great? I never understood people who don't just revel in the conflicting tastes and flavors of all we have to eat!

Natalie said...

Not Fearing- No you are ok. It's mostly the people who assume degree=intelligence that bother me. It just isn't always the case. Nothing wrong with feta unless you call it pickled goat cheese and then it sounds gross even though it is delicious.

Kiyotoe- With jeans you can get away with it a little more. With a bright salmon skirt with all kinds of blues and greens and other colors of print it is harder to ignore.

CSG- Good idea. That's why I did it.

Little Things- Food is the best. I got that dress when I was 14. I retired it from public wearings at 23 when I decided I was just a little too old to pull it off anymore. I milked it for all it had. It's still great for around the house though.