Monday, May 21, 2007


The Manic Monday word for today is Graphic. To visit more Manic Monday participants check out Morgen at It's a Blog Eat Blog World.

I have never been one to talk about how the graphic nature of our TV, music, and video games contributes negatively to our society. I have always maintained that we are intelligent enough to know right from wrong and entertainment from recommended ways of life. However, after watching The Sopranos and playing Grand Theft Auto (two of the more graphic means of entertainment available today), I had a very graphic and disturbing dream.

I was, apparently, Meadow Soprano. While out for a walk I came across a large tuck full of something and was suddenly surrounded by my father’s brutes sporting seriously heavy artillery. I’m talking rocket launchers, automatic weapons of all shapes and sizes, and maybe even a chainsaw or two. They commenced to jack up said large truck and blew it to smithereens. The rocket launcher was very useful in that endeavor. The explosions and resulting fires summoned the police and poor Meadow (me) had to run because simply being there and being a Soprano would have been bad.

I ran and hid in tall grasses, more graphic violence was going on all around me as police and mafia tried desperately to take each other out. Blood and guts abounded. Then came the dogs, I like dogs but they are never good when it comes to my dreams. They chased me all over the high grasses until I was eventually taken in by a lady cop, who happened to be Sarah Silverman, talk about a graphic comic.

We became friends but it didn’t stop her from taking me to the slammer. I had to call Tony (my Tony not Tony Soprano) and tell him I wouldn’t be home for dinner because I was being taken to jail. I don’t think he believed me. He was pissed. All kinds of graphic language spewed from his mouth.

After being let out of jail my parents, sister, and Monica’s friend Angel who I have met half a time came to pick me up. I didn’t want to talk. We drove through the hills of Minneapolis by lake of the isles and saw Bernie (often known as Rastamanern) fixing up a condo for his blushing bride. Why Monica wasn’t there was beyond me.

The point is that I may have to reassess my opinion on the graphic content of media influencing our subconscious. Mine certainly was tampered with. However, it was an incredibly entertaining dream, graphic or not, and I certainly don’t plan to change my viewing habits.

It’s now time to guess that song.

1. Well I wake up in the morning there’s frogs inside my socks/ Your mama she’s hiding inside the ice box/ Your daddy walks in wearing a Napoleon Bonaparte mask. On The Road Again, Bob Dylan. Identified by Brooke.

2. Suzanne/ You’re all that I wanted of a girl/ You’re all that I need in the world. Suzanne, Weezer. Identified by Monica

3. Andy/ Would bicycle across town/ In the rain to bring you candy/ And John would buy the gown/ For you to wear to the prom/ With Tom/ The astronomer who’d name a star for you.

4. All the world over so easy to see/ People everywhere just want to be free/ Listen please listen that’s the way it should be. People Got To Be Free, The Rascals. Identified by Monica

5. Do you have a shirt that you really love/ One that you feel so groovy in/ You don’t even mind if it starts to fade/ That only makes it nicer still. I Love My Shirt, Donovan. Identified by Monica


Danielle said...

Damn, that was one crazy dream for sure. I have yet to tackle the theme for this Monday but have some notes and a video when I do get to it.

Be well, sweets.

Monica said...

Why was my cousin there and my ex-roommate but not me? Weird. I hate Sarah Silverman. I have never seen the Sopranos. Grand Theft Auto is quite a game. Apparently you can commit rapes with stolen billy clubs?????

2. Suzanne - Weezer
4. That song by The Rascals???? People Gotta Be Free????
5. I'm guessing it's "I Love My Shirt" by Donovan "my shirt is so comfortably lovely..." but I'm not sure

tegdirb92 said...

wow, what a crazy dream! Great one for MM!

Michael K said...

As a child, I had horrible nightmares about being dragged down into the earth by evil clowns where I would slowly suffocate. The only video games I had were Atari's Breakout and other Pong-like games.

Brooke said...

1. On the Road Again - Bob Dylan.

Monica beat me to the song that made me sing to my shoes.

Terry said...

Shoot! I finally knew one (#4) and Monica beat me to it.

Jeff Roberts said...

Way back when the original Doom game came out, I would stay up every night until 2am playing.

One day at work I stepped into a lab that was dimly lit and was like a maze of cubicles. I dropped into a crouch and pumped a cartridge into the chamber of my nonexistent shotgun. :-)

Natalie said...

Danielle- It was very entertaining at least.

Monica- I guess I have seen too much of your face in person to have to see it in my dreams as well.

Teg- I love dreams and MM so it works out well.

Michael K- Those dreams sound a lot like my Blue Meanies dreams. HHUUMMM

Brooke- AAWW your shoes were so busted.

Terry- She has a tendency to do that. Damn Monica.

Jeff- I can easily see myself doing that. I loved some Doom but Doom2 was really my game.

Mom said...

Yeah, that dream reminded me of some scary ones you used to have when you were little. And do you remember you and Shoshana watching the "Large Marge" scene in Pee Wee's Big Adventure over and over again (in slow motion) until it didn't terrify you anymore? (Hmm, I guess with Grandma here visiting, I'm flashing back to times long ago... But still...)

And for guess-the-song, first Monica gets 2 songs I would've got, then Brooke beats me to the other one I knew. But why didn't you quote the "brown rice, seaweed, and a dirty hotdog" lyric? "People Gotta Be Free" was one of my favorite songs when it came out. I think I still have the 45. And was "I Love My Shirt" the first Donovan song I introduced you to?

Comedy + said...

Weirder than heck! Happy MM.

Michael C said...

Wow, quite a dream. I have never seen the Sopranos and if those are the dreams I will be having, I probably never will see it.

Travis said...

What a great dream. Now were you really Meadow, or were you Natalie/Meadow and then Meadow/Natalie, and then sometimes all Meadow but then you were all Natalie?

Wait...I think I need to get some more sleep.

Lizza said...

That was one crazy dream! But they say dreams are ways for the subconscious to get rid of the trash it doesn't it. :-D So maybe it was a good thing.

CSG said...

every once in a while I have a similar nightmare. A huge bull (a Spanish brave bull) will chase me trying to kill me. I got killed in one of those dreams. Didn't wake up though.

Natalie said...

Mom- I don't think I Love My Shirt was until much later in my Donovan loving career. I am pretty sure your album of the greatest hits was my first introduction. I think it was in HS before hearing I Love My Shirt. I don't remember that about Shoshana and I but it is pretty funny.

Comedy+- Happy MM to you too.

Michael C- It is a great show, I think I just have an active imagination. Tony said he had dreams with Meadow Soprano in them too, but they were different than mine.

Travis- I think I switched back and forth a few times. You know how dreams work.

Lizza- Good way to look at things. I must have a lot to get rid of!

CSG- That is nuts. What happened after you died in your dream?

CSG said...

I died, and then I started a new dream. Pretty weird. Right now I don't remember the next dream, but I remember having a different dream, althought both may have been related.