Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Colleen tagged me with the Six Quirky Things About Me meme. I am struggling with the idea because I can’t think of anything I haven’t already talked about before. I’ll give it a try though. Who knows, I might come up with something new. I just spend about 20 minutes not being able to come up with anything so I decided I am going to narrow things down and stick to quirky food things. This too may be hard.

1)I eat my pizza like a weirdo
I prefer to eat my pizza with a knife and fork. Although a little strange it is certainly not unheard of. However, utensils are only the beginning of my pizza neurosis. I always start by cutting off the crust, or ripping it off if there are no utensils. I do this because it is one of my least favorite parts of the pizza. I then cut (or rip) a one inch strip from directly below the crust. If there is some cheese that has crept upon the crust and gotten nice and brown I will generally take it off and put it on the side of my plate to eat later. As I pick up little squares of pizza to eat I bite the crust part first, put down the fork and then eat the cheese part. Sometimes I try to eat cheese and crust together but I invariably separate them in my mouth. After I have eaten the top third of the pizza slice I turn my plate and work at it from the tip up. Eventually I am left with the middle third of the pizza slice. This third is where most of the toppings and goodness tend to be. I will peel the cheese off in one big chunk, eat the crust, and then savor the last wonderfully full cheesy bite. It doesn’t matter whit kind of pizza it is the process will be the same. This process may be why deep dish is one of my least favorite pizzas. It can be very hard to separate the cheese and crust because of the way they are constructed. Stuffed crust is easier. With that I usually will eat away the bottom crust and eat the top crust and the stuffing together. I despise pizza being cut into squares because it really messes up my flow.

2)I will always save the second best nacho.
If eating nachos, I will find the one with the second best combination of toppings and set it to the side of my plate. The best nacho should be eaten immediately while everything is nice and hot and melty. If there are tons of nachos and I won’t finish them in one sitting I eat the second best nacho just as I am about to be full. I will eat nachos as leftovers but they are never as good as the first time and I don’t want to waste my perfect one. My little sister, Shoshana, has this nasty habit of stealing my second best nacho. I don’t blame her, it is the best one left on the plate. For a while, she tried to play it off like she thought I put it to the side because I didn’t want it but that only worked once or twice. She will still try to steal it though.

3) I eat my burgers and sandwiches from the outside in
Yes, they are veggie burgers. I always start by nibbling around the edges and then slowly making my way to the middle. I bet you can guess why…the middle has the best mix of all the yummy goodness. With a sandiwch I try to leave the center for the last bite as well. Sometimes this can be hard because of all the things in the sandwich. You can bet my last taste won't have any crust though.

4) For most of my life I would turn down desert for more dinner
I didn’t have a huge sweet tooth but I sure loved a savory dish. Typically I would rather have a taco or some pasta than a bowl of ice cream. However, lately I have been craving sweets to end a meal. This has been a bit of a problem because I have never really kept sweets around as I would rather have some cheese. I’m going to have to make some changes.

5) I eat candy bars in layers
Chocolate is certainly not one of my favorite foods. I do like candy bars though. I like to meticulously eat as much of the chocolate from around the edges of a bar as possible so that I am just left with whatever is inside. This I particularly easy with things like Kit-Kat bars and Twix bars. Twix may be the easiest. With those I like to eat the cookie part separate from the caramel part. I like the caramel part better. They separate quite nicely.

I have just realized that most of food quirks revolve around getting the best bite possible. I wonder if they are all that quirky. Doesn’t everyone want the best bite possible? Anyway, I tag anyone who wants to do the meme.

1. Well I’m reading this poem and it’s so profound/ and I/ I like its rhythm/ and I/ I like its sound

2. Can I come over/ Tonight/ Can I come over/ Tonight/ What do you think I wanna do/ That’s right/ Can I come over/ Tonight

3. I got bullets in the clip/ So what you want/ I got a lyric I can spit/ So what you want

4. Andy would bicycle across town in the rain to bring you candy/ and john would buy the gown for you to wear to the prom/ With Tom the astronomer who’d name a star for you

5. Loyal fans and new found followers/ What’s up ya’ll/ Hello how are you doing out there/ You chillin/ I’m winnin/ Oh by the way the album’s out/ Go get it


Anonymous said...

1st! for some reason dorks on forums like to post that.

#1 You mean you don't put a paper towel on the pizza to soak up extra oil anymore?

Anonymous, AKA Dad

RastaManErn said...


No, I eat my pizzaz with utensils, especially because they tend to be deep dish, but really because I have this tendency to clean my fingers and hands 20x per meal. I also will take a savoury meal over a dessert and am not a big fan of chocolate, but I love the dark chocolate (especially the peppered ones).

Micheal-Angelo Films said...

I eat my hamburgers in circles. I don't really know why but it just happens. If you need a laugh check out our blog and we made a spoof on iPhones.

Mom said...

OK - corn on the cob! Lines across, or rounds?


Monica said...

you eat candy bars the same way i do which is why we are friends.

Natalie said...

Dad- Not so much, I have decided to embrace the deliciousness of oily pizza

Ern- I do like a peppered or cinnamon flavored chocolate. I think people who pick up deep dish pizza are super strange.

Micheal-angelo films- Wow I've never seen anyone else do it. Fascinating.

Mom- Lines across of course, scraped off the cob with strict attention to detail in nice perfect clean and empty rows

Monica- I thought we were friends because of shared interests, similar senses of humor, and a general love of hating (just to name a few). I have now learned it is because of the way we eat candy bars. I'm a little sad.

waylon solos said...

i am no holds barred when it comes to stuffing my maw with pizza. though i get much satisfaction from knife and forking it too. it's kind of sophisticated and you don't get greasy hands. this really only applies to quality pizza though. the lower grade stuff almost demands hands. love crusts too. last?

Katrina said...

I do the same thing with some of my candy bars. Like the Twix bar. I mean, really, is there any other way to eat but separate? I eat the chocolate off of a 3 Muskateers and 100 Grand (which I had a bite size one last night, yum). Let's see, oh yeah, Snickers I'll eat the top portion first. For that one and the Twix I'm very sad if they don't separate easily.

dmarks said...

The candy-bar weirdness combined with knife-and-fork (your pizza mention) was in that unforgetable Seinfeld episode in which eating candy bars with knife and fork became a sort of meme around New York City.

Mom said...

Um, Natalie? You only posted 5 quirky things about you...


Monica said...

nope. candy bars. only candy bars...


just kidding

Janna said...

It would be fascinating just to watch you eat an entire slice of pizza. Your description was so detailed!

Sometimes I also go through phases where I vastly prefer savory foods over desserts.

dmarks said...

"Micheal-Angelo Films said...
I eat my hamburgers in circles. I don't really know why but it just happens."

I look forward to going to your nearest Burger King some time and seeing you standing in the middle of the floor whirling like a dervish as you devour a Whopper. I suppose, though, that running laps around the building while eating it might accomplish the same thing.

terry said...

i like to leave the best bite for last, too...!

Natalie said...

Waylon- If I can, I eat frozen pizza with utensils, pathetic.

Katrina- I eat the bottom of a snickers first. I like the top part better.

Dmarks- Yeah, that was strange but the cookie with the knife and fork almost made sense.

Mom- yes, quirk #6 is that I can't count

Janna- It isn't all that interesting I don't think. I think the description is more intriguing than the act.

Terry- Great minds think alike.

Anonymous said...

I alwys try to save a good bite with the erfect mix for last. But I think what sets you apart is the intensely methodical nature or your perfect-mix-bite pursuit.

Eb the Celeb said...

yup... thats some really quirky stuff