Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Tony’s new job has him working late a lot and it has left me home alone many nights. It took me a little while to decide what to do on these long nights alone. Sure, my apartment could use some serious cleaning (I did one room so that is better than nothing) but that isn’t going to keep me inspired. I have a jigsaw puzzle that needs some serious attention but the thing is all the same color and I can only handle that for so long. I can watch food network all day (and I do) but it is better for background stuffs and I can’t devote my full attention to it. I couldn’t think of anything.

Then it came to me. Last Friday I went to Monica’s house for tacos. They were delicious. She reminded me that I had been asking her for the SIMS discs back and she gave them to me. My addiction has come back full force. I LOVE SIMS. I haven’t downloaded any custom content yet so I just have the basic ones. I am having such a good time with them but no one is getting kidnapped by aliens and I am a little bummed about it. The joy I am experiencing with this game makes me wonder why I stopped playing in the first place. Then I went back and read this old post that explained it really well. I suppose in about six months or so that could happen again.

I then read this other post where I had entertained the notion of making a blog from the point of view of a SIM. It was a little bit funny. I then realized that my old posts were much funnier and had a larger dose of cracked outedness than my recent posts have had. I must be running out of ideas. Maybe I will have SIMS guest blog for the rest of the week. Even if the world was bored I think I would be entertained. Keep your eye out; I think the next post will come to you courtesy of Magdalena Hottentot.

1. Well they say that birds do it/ Bees do it/ Time the freak Money B gets to it

2. If the music make you move/ Cause you can dig the groove/ Groove on/ Groove on

3. Six o’clock in the morning/ You’re the last to hear the warning/ You’ve been trying to throw your arms around the world. Trying To Throw Your Arms Around The World, U2. Identified by Katrina.

4. Went down to the mountain I was drinking some wine/ Looked up in the heaven Lawd I saw a mighty sign

5. What’s the matter/ Why don’t you answer/ What’s the matter with me


Katrina said...

I've never played the SIMS games but I've been told by more than one person I'd really enjoy them.

Although I miss HD on the nights he works I love having the time to myself. I usually watch the shows he can't stand or I read and read and read which I can't do when he's home.

#3 Tryin' to throw your arms around the world - U2

Mom said...

Funny! I was just talking about the SIMS with my classmates the other day. The college senior in my class said she used to play SIMS all the time when she was in high school. I knew you had pretty much stopped playing SIMS but had forgotten why. I remember playing with you and, yeah it was fun.

SIMSblog would be very funny indeed.

When I see what song #2 is, I'm probably going to say "doh!" but I can't come up with it. I totally missed #3 but should have known.... nice job, Katrina!

dmarks said...

I stopped at Sim City 2000.

Chatty Knitter said...

*groans and shakes her head sadly*

We've lost you again.


Natalie said...

Katrina- It's one of those games that you either love or hate. If you buy it and love it your life will be ruined and if you hate it you'll be out some cash. I watch the shows Tony can't stand when he is gone too but I need to multitask and this game is perfect for that.

Mom- Now that I have written the entry I don't think it is particularly funny but it was still fun to write.

Dmarks- I never really got into SIM city but I did love that Dune game that was much like those early civilization type games

Chatty Knitter- It's pretty sad :(

Anonymous said...

My kids play Sims sometimes. I have never felt the lure of it.