Monday, October 16, 2006


(It's kind of like a day without Mexican’s, which I believe was inspired by the play A Day of Absence (no Black People in the South in slave times extra funny when people the white folks thought were white disappeared too)).

When Boyfriend goes to mother’s house to relax after a grueling bit of schooling, Girlfriend is left home alone (albeit for only a night or maybe two). What oh what is Girlfriend to do?

1. Dishes. Things in the kitchen were not as she wanted them to be.

2. Dinner. Girlfriend was planning to eat oatmeal for dinner because there is no food in the house and it is raining. Girlfriend then realizes that oatmeal for dinner would never be acceptable if Boyfriend were home (not only because Boyfriend doesn’t like oatmeal either, she just wouldn’t cook something that bogus and neither would he). Girlfriend decides she doesn’t deserve oatmeal for dinner. Girlfriend realizes she is having an emergency. Girlfriend uses emergency credit card to order dinner (hopes this is not one of the few posts Boyfriend reads cause he might have an emergency too). Will save oatmeal for breakfast.

3. TV. Girlfriend excitedly sits down to watch the next installment in her "Dr. Who The Key of Time" series from Netflix (which has been around for about a month because Boyfriend is rarely in the mood for Dr. Who although he likes it fine (and who blames him?)) only to realize that although Dr. Who is available, it is not a part of the Key of Time series. Damn Netflix. Girlfriend is not sure if she should still watch it. Probably will but will write blog post first.

4. Write blog post. Time has caught up with Girlfriend. Not sure what to do, am in odd situation. Like catching up myth my future self. Will return after Dr. Who and dinner.

5. Speak with Boyfriend. Boyfriend is having fun with his mom. He is also in the accompaniment of a farting dog.

6. Fall asleep briefly. Hope it doesn’t ruin my chances of sleeping when I truly want to.

7. Read new comments. Seems people see my powers of floating returning as some sort of a joke. I’m not joking, people. Ask Roxanne. I chose to float to her because she is the only one who believes me. She is the only one who has known me long enough to remember that time. She is the only one who deserves it.

8. Realize people will think I am insane. Don’t care.

9. Go surfing the random blog button on bestest blog. Find someone whose blog is called “I Have Nothing Interesting To Say Or Do I?” Leave a comment about how I feel like I just showed up at a party in the same dress as someone and promptly change the title of my blog to “I Think This May Have Gotten Almost Interesting---Read Me Still.” If anyone has me in a blogroll under the old title don’t feel like you have to change it. Not that serious.

10. Read the rest of her blog. Realize she should have changed her blog's name instead of me because I started mine first. But that is petty and I would never demand that and in case she reads this (which she probably won’t but I did leave her a comment so maybe she will) I don’t really think that at all. I was actually thinking of changing my title for some time because I actually began to think that this somewhat interesting. Look at this post. Realize there is nothing interesting about it. I must be delusional.

11. Get scared of this bitacle thing. Realize I have no idea how to look and see if they are stealing my stuff. Decide they are not. Relax.

12. Get scared again after reading many more posts about this meanness. Search my post title from yesterday. They got me. Have to decide if I care. Kind of care. Have to decide if I care enough to do anything about it. Kind of unsure.

13. Realize they have like everything I've written. Get madder. Still don’t know if I care enough to do anything. Man I am a lazy bitch. Then again, I hate those stop Bitacle things at the top of posts because it isn’t pretty. I like pretty. Any ideas anyone?

14. Wonder if I should be doing higher tech things on my blog. You know, higher tech like a hit counter and one of those things where you can see who is looking at your blog and from where? It seems kind of interesting. It seems others are doing it. Then again, do I care enough to figure it out? I am bad at technology. I only added links when I switched to beta and it became easy.

15. Come across a blog called Sim’s Blog. Think briefly about getting back into SIMS all hardcore again and creating a blog based on the life of a Sim. Man that would be the ultimate in geek. I bet Monica would do it with me.

a. SIMS blog would look like this- Today had party. Drew Carey came. Built a wall around a group of dancing partygoers, waiting for them to die. Man it’s funny when they pee on themselves. Ima Houseboy caused quite a commotion in the house when he slept with Frank and Steve (yeah Monica I know his name wasn’t Steve) within seconds of each other. Slapping ensued.

b. SIMS2 blog would look like this- Had a baby, It has an awful smushed up face and I am very scared that it will never be cute. No one will be it’s friend. Aliens kidnapped Brian. He gave birth to an alien baby from his rear end. It was even grosser than when the ladies give birth. Meadow went to college, the slut. Slept with her professor. Had roaring toga party. Police were called.

I hope I never get to that point. If I do, everyone stop reading and leave me comments saying you have stopped because I went completely mad.

16. Decided that I am going to get into bed. I plan to watch TV, although Daily Show and Colbert won’t be the same w/o Boyfriend. Damn. I hope he comes back tomorrow.

17. Realize I wrote two posts in one day. Think that is not ok. Just too much blogging. Will not post this until tomorrow.

18. Put on songs.
Battery, Metallica- Uh. I don't like Metallica. Tony kind of sort of does sometimes. As I have often mentioned I have lots of his music on my iPod. I can’t say anything else about this.

Roll With It, Ani DiFranco- This is way more up my alley. I really like this song. I go through these phases with Ani, sometimes I really like the earlier stuff like this, which is more musically simple. Just Ani and the guitar and maybe a few accent instruments. Other times I like when she started to rock out a little more. I go through phases like this with Tori and her piano also. However, with Tori, the her and the piano stuff is inarguably better. The later stuff is sometimes easier to listen to though.

Three Is A Magic Number, Blind Melon- I wish that Monica could temporarily transmit herself into my mind and write about this song. She can't. I can't do it justice. I won't try. I'll just say anytime I hear stuff fro mthe Schoolhouse Rocks CD i miss my Saturday Morning Cartoon CD and wonder what happened to it.

19. Am not happy with 18 numbers. Realize I need more.

20. Stop blogging. Really get in bed.


Mrs. Loquacious said...

Yep, it sucks that random online people can steal your stuff and "claim" it for their own. My Hubbs uses some feed application on his comp where he can track links to *my* blogs as well as his, and located some chick in Hong Kong or China or someplace who totally ripped one of my posts and put it on her blog. She gave me teensy tiny credit somewhere at the top or bottom but honestly if I hadn't looked closely I would have missed the credits.

Lame all around.

Mom said...

Protect your intellectual property!!!

And I'm just a wee bit hurt that you say Roxanne is "the only one" who believes you about floating.

Lizza said...

Okay, this post (wonderful as it is) had my head spinning. Hope Tony comes back's obvious you miss him (and I bet he misses you too).

csmc said...

I remember watching DR. Who ALOT when I was younger. It was good times. I love that crazy closing credit theme song... :)

CrimsonKing said...

The only reason I'm CrimsonKing2000 is because some bastard who hasn't updated sonce 2003 is already CrimsonKing. God, how I hate him.

ShadowFalcon said...

I hate those name stealing weirdo's I've had e-mails from people asking for my e-mail account cos "they had the name first"...I'm tempted to be mean but I just ignore them

NATALIE said...

I really don't mind she had the same name as me. It was a little different. Plus she seems like a fine person. I was truly thinking about changing mine, I still am.

Mood Indigo said...

k I just added you to my blog role - but the only thing I could come up with to paraphraise was "Almost Interesting" - does that work? Let me know if you prefer something else!

NATALIE said...

almost interesting is fine. Shoot anything would be fine. I'm pretty easy going.

Kiyotoe said...

That's weird, when I have a day without girlfriend I only have one thing on my list.........


But don't tell her i said that.
You are hilarious.

CSG aka LD said...

hey, I never tried to steal anything! I'm sure you know it though. It was nice to read about how you found me. And it was fun to realize I was blushing myself while reading your post. How weird is that?

Well, be sure I will be coming back everyonce in a while. And please, don't change anything because of me, I blog for fun, and wouldn't want to feel responsible for that.

A big hugh from another bored girl a few thousands kms away.

NATALIE said...

guys see her nice comment. Like her and her blog, she is no thief.

sexy said...