Friday, October 27, 2006


Ok so I wrote this on Friday but couldn't figure out how to attach the video, cause I'm an idiot. I figured it out. Here we go.

We have reached the end of the week of love posts. It's been a fun journey and I hope it was enjoyed. I never thought so many people would want to comment on pizza, who knew?

I love silly TV. I think this is totally apparent from reading various posts of mine but I wanted to dedicate this to the love of one very special show. This show comes to us via our neighbor to the north, home of many fine readers. It is Degrassi, The Next Generation. Although I watched the original show, I wasn’t an avid viewer. I watch the next generation at every possible opportunity. In fact, I will be watching tonight at about 7pm. Yes, this is how I choose to spend my Friday night.

When Monica and I lived together, she got me hooked on this hot mess of a show. There we were, grown women, obsessing over a show about 8th graders and HS freshmen. I can’t remember if I made fun of her for watching this show before I started watching it too or not. That may have been some other show like ANTM or Project Runway or The OC (which I loved long after she stopped). Either way, we loved us some Degrassi.

All the commercials for Degrassi talk about how the show “goes there” and sometimes they have shows about the “most going there moments”. I don’t watch those shows. Maybe it is because those moments are already imprinted in my brain; Emma’s “social disease”, Manny’s thong, Paige’s rape, Hazel’s claiming herself as a Jamaican, Craig’s alternating between cheating and proposing marriage, Rick’s shooting spree through the school, Ellie’s cutting issues, Jimmy’s ED, Spinner’s religious conversion, Marco’s beating, Liberty & JT’s baby, and my favorite The Mr. Nice Guy song sand by Hell Hath No Fury in the battle of the band’s. How Downtown Sasquatch’s lame sorry I miss you pitiful song ever won the competition is beyond me. How any song could beat this one in regard to teen angst is a mystery to me.

Degrassi isn’t the only age inappropriate thing I enjoy, I also watch South of Nowhere, which comes on right after Degrassi. I also very much enjoy teen movies. They are absolutely the greatest. I can’t say enough about 10 Things I Hate About You. Why am I blanking on all the teen things that I love? I don’t know but I can’t think of them and I know I love them. Not just the classic 80’s ones either, but all of them. It saddens me that my memory is so bad. Anyway, I know I love Degrassi. I hear there is talk of making a movie. I can’t wait. So I just looked on IMDB to see if there was a movie and I didn’t see one but I swear they are making it. Instead I got sucked into threads of discussion written by silly teenagers about Degrassi. If anyone watches the show (keeping my fingers crossed for the Canadians), do you know if Terri woke up from her coma and transferred to another school only to be hit by a car and die? That would be truly bogus. I mean the most exciting thing that happened to her character was the coma but still, what would be the point of her waking up just to be killed?

I hope we get some teenage anthems today for our songs. I know there are plenty of them on that little gadget.

1. Standing on the corner of a civilization. There's a time there's a place for me.

2. You are no good. You are a fucking asshole. You are a real jerk. You are a miserable creep

3. Did you sweep us far from your feet. Reset in stone this stark belief. Cowboys, Portishead. Identified by Brooke.

4. This is the next century. Where the universals free. You can find it anywhere. Yes the futures been sold. The Universal, Blur. Identified by Monica

5. And so she woke up, woke up from where she was lying still. Said I gotta do something about where we’re going. Running to Stand Still, U2. Identified by Shadow Falcon


Always on the Move said...

OH Oh....I live in Canada, I have to admit that I have not watched this show in ages...but I have to say that I have been wanting too, I just never knew what time it was on at. I went to Toronto and we looked every where for the school and you know what??? There NEVER was one. What's up with that? The filming all takes place in the Degrassi School and yet there isn't one! BUT, we did find the corner store and we had our pictures taken there. It was so much fun! AND, if you ever do go to Toronto, do NOT ask where the school'll get laughed at! Looking for the Degrassi school is something that I'll Never Ever forget.
So the show is on Fridays? I shall watch it this Friday then! I'm excited!!!!!

Mom said...

Toronto is a great city. I recommend that you go. Lots of good Indian food, as I recall. Summer in Toronto is very nice!

NATALIE said...

Kim- I don't know if it is on in Canada on Fridays but maybe. There was a marathon of some horrible show on Friday night so no Degrassi for me. I was pretty bummed.

Mom- Maybe we should go for x-mas. But it's not sunny and warm so nevermind.

ShadowFalcon said...

I am happy to say i know one at least 5 is U2 running to stand still

Monica said...

My all time favorite Blur song, The Universal, is #4. Man, alex used to be HOT. Anyway, The thing with DeGrassi went like this: Chanda liked it and I made fun of her. Then I accidentally started liking it and you made fun of me. MAlcolm and Ben had been watching all along and then I found out and told you. You gave it a chance and started secretly watching and then called me to tell me you were hooked.
You and Chanda got me into Top Model. You got me onto the OC but I stopped watching pretty quickly. I think that's about it. Oh and how smarmy is that Peter? He is so NASTY!

Monica said...

I forgot, my old boss, who is from Toronto, grew up with several of the kids from original DeGrassi and is still best friends with a few of them. When she took me to Toronto a few years ago, we were supposed to hang out with a few of them but sadly couldn't get our timing straight.

NATALIE said...

Monica- Peter is so nasty. From the episode where he filmed Manny showing her boobs and had the nerve to email it to the whole school I hated him. I swear I wasn't the one who liked the OC first but I could easily be wrong. I thought you watched ANTM season 1? I only started watching a little into season 2. Again, I am probably wrong. Luckily you got me into Project Runway. Thanks.

Monica said...

i watched antm season 1 after the fact. you and chanda were watching season 2 in my room while I staged a silent protest by being under the covers in my bed...until I saw ms. j. iasked what in the hell was that hot mess with the fan pnytail and no pants. you guys laughed and then 3 episodes later, i was hooked

J. said...

Wow, your page looks different from the last time I looked at it. I gotta say, the original degrassi seems way better to me, but I grew up on that show. In fact, I have the whole series of Degrassi Junior High on DVD and I love it. A true Canadian classic. Glad you guys get to see it south of the border!

Brooke said...

I thought I did this yesterday, but maybe not. Anyway - #3 is Cowboys - Portishead.

Always on the Move said...

Hey Natalie...What time is Degrassi on Friday, in your State? I couldn't find it anywhere in my TV Guide, but I thought "maybe" the time would help me out better?