Thursday, October 05, 2006


Tagged again, good, cause I didn't know what to write about today. See ANTM is just dull. I enjoy watching it but I just don't care enough to post. The Project Runway Reunion was entertaining also but again, not too much to say. Keith and the scandal was hilarious. Bradley looked a hot mess, Vincent was turned on, Angela whined. You know, just what everyone expected. My Customer Service class is fine (even though only 4 of the 12 signed up came) and I'll have more to say on that tomorrow. So I turn now to this meme (i don't know what than word means but that's what they call these tagging things in Blogworld.

A is All about Work....
1. What is the best thing about your workplace?
The good feeling I get when I see someone make a change in their life for the positive.
2. What do you hate about your workplace?
The lack of communication throughout the office
3. What small irritance at your workplace really annoys you?
I would have said management meetings but I don't have to go to those anymore so I guess the fact that my computer faces the rest of the room and everyone can see what I am doing
4. Describe the actions/quirks of the weirdest person you work with
We have had some real doozies in the past but everyone there now is pretty normal.
5. What is one thing that you would change at your workplace to make life a helluva lot better? More money more money more money

B. "The idea is to pick five songs that you'd like played at your funeral.
Uh, well it won't be Lick Myself by Triumph The Insult Comedy Dog (some people will get it others won't I'm not going to explain). I don't want my funeral to be a sad thing, more like a happy life party so the songs will be things that make me happy.

1. Sunshine Superman- Donovan: Simply because it is my theme song and everyone knows it
2. Hallelujah- Leonard Cohen: Cause its real pretty and I like it a lot and it makes me happy
3. Wraith Pinned to The Mist and Other Games- Of Montreal: Because if I don’t exist, everyone else should pretend they don’t too.
4. Desperate Kingdom of Love- PJ Harvey: Just cause it’s pretty
5. Tender- Blur: What would be better than a grand sing-a-long at a funeral?

And since I already did songs. I won't do more.


Mom said...

Don't know how I missed seeing this earlier today. Glad to hear that the class is going well.

See for info on memes. (My professors say only use the OED. But this isn't school.) Basically, memes have to do with transmission of culture.

Thought I'd answer the questions, just for fun.
A. 1. Being in my own house and not having to deal with people I don't want to deal with.
2. Having to do work I don't believe in.
3. When I don't get paid on time, which happened this week. Wait -- that's a big annoyance.
4. Um, that would be me. No comment.
5. Different job, different job, different job.

B. The chorus (not the rest of the song) from Girl With No Eyes by It's a Beautiful Day. Preferably accompanied by beautiful images of blue sky, white clouds, autumn trees, mountains, rivers, lakes, and more autumn trees (against a blue sky).

I liked your choices, at least the ones I know. I'm not familiar with #s 3 or 4 but from your description they sound good too. But how does Halleluja make you happy? I think it's one of the most deeply beautiful and sad songs I know. I love it, yes, but I never thought of it as a happy song.

Wobbly*Bits said...

I love Project Runway! I thought the reunion was great. I loved that Keith, at the time he was kicked off was like "Yep, I did it, I gotta go. I suck" and weeks later he's like "I was totally set up, you all suck." Ah, what a difference a month makes. Suuuuure that's what really happened, suuuure you went quietly at the time though you knew you were being screwed. Suuuuure.

Natalie said...

Yeah I lost any smidge of respect I had left for Keith on that episode. Too bad he is so attractive.

Julie said...

Did I tag you for this? Because I invented this meme (the work part - the funeral song part was created by Blog MD and somewhere along the line someone morphed the 2 into 1), and it would be fun to see who tagged you and how it got to them...

Natalie said...

Julie- I was tagged by Shadowfalcon and I am not sure who tagged her. It's funny how these things make their way around the blogosphere

Heather in Beautiful British Columbia said...

Visiting via the carnival - nice meme!

JAM said...

Great list! I love L.C.'s Hallelujah as well. I haven't heard the others.