Saturday, October 21, 2006


I was thinking of what deserved to be the next thing in the list of things that I love. I decided on Cho-Cho, the best bear in the world. I have had Cho-Cho since I was two years old. He was a Christmas present from my Grandma Mary (although I learned last year that my mom actually picked him out). I believe his name is supposed to be Chocolate for his coloring or maybe that just makes sense so I assume that as an adult. I wish I had the picture from when Cho-Cho was new because he truly was gorgeous (and my ever helpful mother sent me one, that is Sister in the picture with me). Not that he isn’t gorgeous now, but he has obviously been…very loved.

When I got Cho-Cho he was taller than me (well maybe not quite after I looked at the pictures again but I remember him being taller than me). He was an excellent dance partner. He was also an excellent sleeping partner, kind of like those body pillows that us grown-up people sometimes have. He was also a great thing to sneeze on, throw up on, spill things on, etc. He loves me though so it’s ok. That bear has been cleaned so many times it’s scary.

Until I was about 7 (correct me if I’m wrong, Mom) I lived in a room with my sister and we had an awesome blue bunk bed with a slide. I lived on the top bunk and so did Cho-Cho. Beside the bed, there was a lamp that had convenient little on off switches that I could reach from bed. It was great for reading. One day, I didn’t turn of the lamp and I left Cho-Cho sitting up beside it. When someone came back into the room, we discovered that Cho-Cho had a nice hole burnt in his neck. Guess who came to the rescue? Mom, of course. She sewed Cho-Cho’s burnt neck right up and he was good as new, so to speak. Actually the burn dent in his neck is perfect size to put your neck into and have a wonderful cuddly experience (dent is easily viewed above). Maybe post burn he was even better than new?

Then, when I was about 11 or so my allergist told me I had to get rid of my stuffed animals. See Cho-Cho was one of MANY. The other greats included Ringo (a tan bear with a green and white polka dotted bow tie who i got at the same time as Cho-Cho and the three of us are pictured here together on that wonderful christmas morning), Pandy (a panda bear), Lisa or Ellie (an elephant (one name was for my elephant one for my sisters) my memory kind of sucks sometimes but I think mine was Lisa), Pam-Pam (a doll I got around the same time as Cho-Cho and as you can see I liked to name things twice), a Beaver who may or may not have had a name but was really cool, an Ewok, a Snoopy, and many others. I was not happy about this forced removal of my friends. These guys and gals lived in my bed with me and I was not cool with sending them to boxes in the basement (where they live to this day). There was no way that Cho-Cho was going to the basement though and he lives in my bed to this day.

Once, in college, my friend Ben-man hit Cho-Cho. I promptly hit Ben-man. No one messes with my bear. He is my friend. I love him. I am very glad that Tony likes Cho-Cho. Even though he now mostly lives in the crack between the bed and the wall or smushed up by my pillows, Tony would never hit him. In fact, as I think I have mentioned, I sometimes find them sitting next to each other watching TV. Cho-Cho hasn’t been mad about getting pushed aside in bed though; he understands that I have grown up. Tony often asks me if I will give Cho-Cho to our kids (years down the road of course). Besides the fact that the poor bear is probably too old, musty, and falling apart to be around young kids, I don’t know if I could give him up. I can vomit on him but not some other kid (even if it were my kid). I think that would piss me off. I think Cho-Cho is staying with me. Anyway, my kid deserves their own friend for life. I only hope their friend is as good as mine.

Sing song lullaby time.

Truth is Stranger Than Hype, Jello Biafra- I like Jello a lot but MAN can that guy talk. Tony and I went to hear some of his spoken word, which was awesome, but he took an intermission after 3.5 hours. We felt bad about leaving before it was done but it had been 3.5 hours, come on. We weren't the only ones.

Ghouls Night Out, The Misfits- This is also a rather Tony influenced liking. I really like it though. I can't explain how odd I find it that I listen to and enjoy this kind of music. 16-year-old Natalie would be really upset at me right now. At least I still like most of the things she liked.

The World is Yours, Nas- Nas is good. In case anyone didn't know, Nas is a very talented guy. I bet you are wondering who I downloaded or rather purchased Illmatic for just a few days ago. Right again, it was Tony. I really do have my own music on my shuffle game, I promise.


CrimsonKing said...

Awww! You have little bear! I kind of havet his little tiger that I've had for a long time, and then there's always my blankie that I've had since I was born. Yay for toys!

Jaclyn said...

Ah cho cho....the memories.

Glad to see he is still with us.


mom said...

I'm pretty sure you moved into your own room when you were 6, but I could be wrong. I don't recall "Chocolate" being related Cho-Cho's name -- at least not that you said out loud to me. I'll dig up some other Cho-Cho pics and send them to you. I think Cho-Cho looks much better in real-life; but that could just be my bias from years of knowing him as your bear.

As far as I know, the beaver's name was indeed Beaver. You also had a well-loved gold-colored dog, whose name I can't recall at the moment.

I must say that Tony is awfully wise to have made friends with Cho-Cho and to have not banished him from the bed.

Always on the Move said...

I just wanted to share this with you. I saw your comment and picture on someone else's blog and I thought to myself "that looks like my old friend Natalie". Then when I saw your name with your picture, I was even more shocked! I yelled to myself "Is it Natalie, is that my old friend?" So I of course checked our your blog. It wasn't her. But I just find it really neat when you see a picture and think it's your lost friend or something to that effect, and they have the same name!
Cho-Cho is SO cute!!!! I have a doll like that! She's still the love of my life! LOL!
Take Care,

Monica said...

I also love li'l Cho Cho. I never hugged him or anything though. I think somewhere in the back of my mind I knew he had been vomitted and slobbered on a lot. HA HA. He's so cute.

INAMINI said...

Isn't it nice to have a really old friend? I still have Monkey, who was givien to me when I was born. A little worse for wear, but he sits proudly on my dresser. I still think stuffed animals have feelings!
I also have had the same blankets all my life. I was talking to my mother the other day about them, and she said that they were her grandparents blankets, and that they had kept her family warm during the Hunger Winter in Holland during WWII. I feel even more protected!
P.S. I would like to add you as a link- I love your blog!

csmc said...

OMG your pics with cho cho are SO cute. Looks at how excited you are in the Christmas pic! Totally made my morning. :)

NATALIE said...

I just have to say it is really nice to know I am not the only one out there with some type of thing they hold onto like crazy. Nor am I the only one to admit it. Yeah for us old stuff loving types.

Always on the Move said...

Hahaha, I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the "New" Cho-Cho and the "Older" version of Cho-Cho! He sure has lost A LOT of weight. I think he needs to eat some more!!!! Maybe some hunny???
SO cute! Yeah, I'll NEVER Ever, let anyone play with my doll! She's mine and only mine! She went every where with me and even had her own car seat in my parent's car, when I was younger!
She's my BESTEST Friend!

dave e wo the big hairy monster said...

my sister had a panda when she was little... she used to take her little finger and pluck all the fuzz off it's body and shove... how do you spell shove? apparently i spelled it right but that looks wrong... is it not crazy when words look so wrong but are so right.

so anyway she would shove the fuzz up her little nose!

and my brother had a beaver... it's name was princess liea... giggle.

sexy said...