Saturday, October 07, 2006


Well my Customer Service class was almost an undeniable success but the test I prepared for the students (which will ensure if they pass the course or not) was somehow password protected by a password I didn't have. I created this test for crying out loud, how did my password not work? So I am hoping that it will all be fixed on Tuesday when most of them have appointments to come in and go over all their homework and take the test so they can have their certificates (which I have yet to make and my first client is coming in at ten). I also haven't gotten answers from people I need answers from as far as how to get these students signed up for the national certification. Again, I hope this will be fixed by Tuesday. My expectations are low.

I wouldn't care that much but it reflects on me and my preparedness to my students (I can knock out the certificates easily, I'll be prepared on that one). Plus, didn't I just spend two days teaching them how to give good customer service. How do I look when I can't give them (who are technically my customers) straight answers? Not good I tell you, not good at all. However, I am going to ignore all of this until I get to work on Tuesday because I have a wonderful three-day weekend and I am going to enjoy it. So far I have spent my day in bed watching TV and movies. It's a good day.

Tony just woke up; I think that means I should be starting dinner soon. See, he just asked me if we were going to eat. I'll be back in a few hours. Ok, so it's two days later and the middle of the night. I have spent the time in between the last sentence and now watching TV and playing Dark Cloud 2. A fantastic game it is. It is much superior to Dark Cloud but harder so I think I like Dark Cloud better. I am not the best gamer. I was trying to sleep but am worried about the state of work tomorrow. I fear I will have little to tell my students and I hate disappointing the clients. I would much rather be late with some deadline to management than some service to clients. I don't know if that is the right attitude to have or not but, since management is generally very understanding, I feel it is a valid one.

My rent got lost in the mail and I have to send it out again. I am completely embarrassed by this. I am not the type to pay my rent late, or any bills for that matter. However, the maintenance guy came buy today to drop off new rent envelopes. I would have appreciated a knock on the door so I could have given him the check rather than mailing it out and wondering if it will be lost in the mail again. We generally get very little notice about a visit from our landlord or maintenance guy and you would think that the one time when it makes sense for them to knock that it would happen. I guess that would be too much like right.

Seeing as I can't sleep at all. I think I may get back to Dark Cloud 2. I knew staying up until 4 last night watching Robots and other silly things on TV was a bad idea. I guess I am just hoping to make it through tomorrow and then be able to crash hard tonight. Wish me luck. Maybe some bedtime songs will help me on my way.

Run For Your Life, The Beatles- Uh, why do I love this song about a psycho stalker? It doesn't help me fall asleep. Tony spent a lot of time yesterday looking up sex offenders in our zip code. We watched far too much of the SVU marathon. Apparently there aren't really any all THAT nearby. There is one guy around the corner and down the block butTony said he wasn't that bad of a sex offender in comparison with the other very scary people. I find that very comforting. I think it is a little scary that I find it comforting.

The Chicken Cow, Wesley Willis- Well, a beast that comes out when it is 25 below zero can rip your head off, can fly as high as a bird, can bite your face, and stabs you in the ass is also scary but not in the same kind of way. RIP Wes, your music lives on in a few of us.

Less Talk More Rock, Propagandhi- Huh, music tells me that I am certainly not going to bed anytime soon. This is all loud and shit. It's really good though. It kind of makes me wish that I were 17.


Monica said...

You're the only one who can sing Wesley Willis songs with me. Everyone else always messes up.

Rock over London
Rock on Chicago
Remco, it's the go ahead and get it store.

and this is the 3rd word verification. I keep making typos!

Natalie said...

shit bitch why are you up too. i love singing songs with you (even though you know more words than me)

Anonymous said...

Well Natalie,

I hope that your LOW expectations will be met or even exceeded on Tuesday. Can you imagine a co- worker that would stay after work troubleshooting with technical support just so that your Customer Service testing would be successful on Tuesday?

I hope it runs smoothly for you on Tuesday for the client’s sake. Tell me how it goes and good luck with your program.

Nice working with you ACE


Natalie said...

ok I am a mean jerk. You did work your butt off to make that test work, and it works. Sorry. In my defense I still can't tell them when they can take their test because no one has followed up on that that is really where the low expectations came from. I was pretty sure you would make it work. Thanks thanks thanks

Barb said...

Found you from comments at Dragon's.

I started Dark Cloud 2 once after eally enjoying the first one. Got kinda lost with 2, though and it was so new there weren't any walkthroughs online for me to download. Now it's at my son's house and I'll probably never see it again!

Natalie said...

barb- yeah DC2 is much harder than the first one where you could just muddle through and still win. I am attached to the online walkthrough and wouldn't do a level without it. It is so cute though. Making the towns is SO much harder than in the first one. It was one of may favorite things to do in Dark Cloud but having spent 4 sleepless hours+ on it last night I am hoping it gets easier. I am only on the first town after all.