Thursday, October 12, 2006


Ok, I am one of the few people out there who truly loves Jeffrey on Project Runway. I have loved him from the start. Feel free to throw tomatoes at me. What happened to him last night was just disgusting. For those of you who don’t watch, Jeffrey is an asshole and can be a fantastic designer. There seem to be people out there, my friends included, who like Laura. For those of you who don’t watch, Laura is a heinous wench and a boring designer, always. Jeffrey also happens to already own his own line of clothing called Cosa Nostra (so maybe it isn’t fair that he is on this show) while the other designers don’t and aren’t really as experienced in the fashion world. So Jeffery shows up with his entire collection for fashion week done while the other designers are still working. He is the first person in the history of the show to be totally done at this point. He is also, as far as I know, the first person in the history of the show to have such an established clothing line.

Everyone is working along and Jeffrey leaves the room while Laura announces to everyone else that she thinks Jeffery must not have sewn his garments because he was also busy with Cosa Nostra and since no one else was done it was just impossible. Oh, also his clothes were made too perfectly in her opinion and the craftsmanship didn’t match with the things he had done in the rest of the challenges. Can I just say that I hope everyone in the show took their craftsmanship up a notch when they had 2 months to work on 12 or so pieces rather than 1-2 days per piece in the episodes of the show. If everyone else’s garments didn’t take a huge step up in craftsmanship maybe they have something to think about. Does anyone remember that Jeffrey won the couture challenge in which he did an 80% hand-sewn dress in two days? Not to mention the man started his career making custom leather jackets, wouldn’t you expect his leather jeans to look great? I would guess the less experienced designers needed more conception time to put together a collection than someone who has been around the industry would but maybe it’s just me. Uli, who I also love, at least defended Jeffery by saying there were plenty of imperfections in his clothes. Michael was all about Laura’s accusations. I love Michael too but his clothes were ugly and I can’t believe what a follower he was. Then Laura goes and tells Tim Gunn without even telling Jeffery she has suspicions. It was like going to the teacher before telling your classmate you think they were doing something wrong and giving them a chance to defend themselves. Laura probably never would have mentioned it except that Uli told Jeffrey she had something to say.

Jeffrey was, of course, pissed. Many people seem to think that because he wasn’t all foul-mouthed and pissed it was an admission of his guilt because he usually is a sassy kind of guy. Personally, I think he was just shocked and attacked and stunned and just said no, are you crazy like anyone would. So they are investigating and there is concern that he may not be eligible to win the show anymore. Everyone knows he shows his collection at fashion week cause there have been pictures of it forever but damn. Just because a bitch has boring matronly designs and isn’t the sewing expert that someone who makes clothes for celebrities already is, doesn’t mean she should suspect them of cheating. Sure he doesn’t conform to conventional standards but that doesn’t mean he is a cheater. I don’t like plenty of rules/standards of culture but I don’t cheat at Monopoly.

I guess my point is that I believe you don’t make such a strong accusation as that on a hunch. And you certainly aren’t as smug about it as Laura was. We are all adults here people. There is a certain way that people are expected to behave. Unfortunately, all too often, people forget that they have a duty to the feelings of those around them. In my customer service class, one of the things we teach is loss prevention. Many documents I have read in regard to stopping a shoplifter say you never confront someone until you know what was taken, from where, and how. You certainly don’t just assume someone is stealing. In real life that can bring law suits. On reality shows it can boost ratings.

Obviously, to see how this all turn out we have to tune in next week. I truly hope that Jeffrey is vindicated (not only because I like him but because his collection is fantastic). I just think people shouldn’t act like a bunch of spoiled babies in life. If you have an issue you need to talk to people about it. Sure, if you suspect something you say something but you also do it in a mature and respectful way. Ok, off the moral soapbox. Singing is a soothing activity so we shall begin.

Oh the memories of yesterday made me very happy. I’ll leave song #10 up because no one guessed it. Then again the person it reminds me of probably doesn’t know this exists so I’m not all that surprised. Back to random shuffle.

1. Ok so Monica let me know I had this song wrong and I did. I thought the lyrics were "My defenses, become offences. Now I’m stumbling. I change my face up." the lyrics appear to be "My defenses become fences. I'm stumbling. I change my face. and Monica is right, it is Tricky and it happens to be called Christiansands. It was inspired by my dear friends Jenna and Roxanne cause they loved this shit and so do I.

2. Wait until the war is over. And we’re both a little older

3. Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin. Dance me through the panic till I’m gathered safely in. Dance Me to the End of Love, Leonard Cohen. Identified by Shadow Falcon

4. Don’t fall in love with me yet we only recently met. True I’m in love with you but you might decide I’m a nut

5. Winding paths through tables and glass. First flowers bloom. Now watch the summer pass so close to you. Country Girl, Crosby Stills Nash and Young. Identified by Monica

Oh, as you can see I have a new look. This look may change a lot in the next few weeks as I decide what I think is the prettiest. Let me know what you think.


Monica said...

5 is Country Girl Suite by CSNY but really it's Neil Young. I love it so much I want to die

Monica said...

Oh, I'm not guessing #1 but I think you might have typed it in wrong.

Natalie said...

I might have, i wasn't sure on that one. You should guess it correctly and tell me what the lyrics actually are. i won't cry.

Monica said...

i on't know what it is called which is why I didn't guess but it's tricky and martine

Julie said...

I like the new look and colors. Could you make the font a little bigger? I like that you have links now ;-)

You should link to the Bestest Blog of All Time so you get more readers. People should be reading you! (just make sure you leave a comment for Bobby at Bestest Blog to put your link up there too)

ShadowFalcon said...

3 is a leonard Cohen song isn't it? I think is called dance me to the end

NATALIE said...

Julie- Yeah I am bad at making things on the computer so I had to wait until Beta for dummies to be able to add links. I did change the fint, you had a good point.

Mom said...

The new font is most excellent.