Friday, October 13, 2006


Today is Friday the 13th and it started out bad. I remember the alarm going off and Tony getting up to hit snooze like usually happens in the morning. However, the alarm did not go off again. I woke up at ten to eight (we have to leave by eight to be on time) and started to freak out. See this is Tony’s last day of school and he has his final this morning. The thing is that the alarm is still set and on. It isn’t set for PM, it isn’t almost all the way on, and it was set just as it should be to go off. After a series of forgetting things and having to go back to the house, we make it on the train at about eight thirty. Since I haven’t heard from Tony at this point, I am guessing that he was let into his test and all is well. Two people from school called him while we were on the train and he told them he was on his way so maybe he was expected.

So I get off the train at six after nine. Now how did I get on the train about twenty minutes after I usually do and get off it about ten minutes after I usually do? Time warp anyone? Actually I have found that the later you get on the train the emptier it is and the faster it moves. It almost makes sense to leave late on purpose. However, if I try that, I end up truly twenty minutes late. It makes no sense. Next strange thing, I get a real check at work. Somehow I got deleted from the payroll and therefore my direct deposit didn’t go through and I have to go to the bank. Not really a big deal but still, strange.

I am trying to think of things to do to celebrate with Tony for his finishing school. I mean he technically isn’t done until he finishes his externship hours but I am still really excited for him. He is planning to go out for one or two drinks with classmates after school and then we are going to do something fun. We wanted to see factotum but it isn’t playing anywhere. I wonder if we missed it or if it hasn’t gotten here yet. I am leaning toward we missed it. Then we thought about playing mini-golf. We really like mini-golf. We only played it once together and it was in the basement of this strange mall in Roseville MN and it was the crappiest course you have ever seen. There were small children running everywhere and no cool windmills or real obstacles but we still had fun. Half of it was under black lights. Glowing is cool. So we found a place and then remembered that it is now cold. Maybe it won’t be such a good idea. Maybe we will have a few drinks first and convince ourselves that it is warm enough to play. If anyone has ideas of what we should do that is fun and not very expensive you should tell me.

I am really looking forward to this weekend. I don’t have plans or anything; I am just really looking forward to it. I guess I plan to do the same thing I do every weekend. Lay around with Tony and relax. It was a hard week. I don’t really know why it was hard but it was. Something keeps biting me. I thought it had stopped after the 10 leg bites I got last Wednesday night but apparently it has struck again. I am bit in the middle of my hand. I wish it would bite Tony. I understand that I am yummier and all but it isn’t fair. I have no idea the type of creature that is biting me. I have looked all over the bed area and have found no signs of creatures. Maybe aliens are attacking me? I am tired. Since I slept well and am now tired, aliens are a good bet.

I just got a text from Tony; they let him take his test. I am very glad about that. So glad, in fact, that I want to sing. That means it’s song time.

1. Wait until the war is over. And we’re both a little older

2. Don’t fall in love with me yet we only recently met. True I’m in love with you but you might decide I’m a nut

3. In a forest pitch dark grows the tiniest spark it bursts into a flame like me like me

4. What’s with these homies dissin’ my girl? Why do they gotta front? Obviously this is Buddy Holly by Weezer and was identified by Monica

5. On a beach tree rudely carved NC and me why did she do it was she scared was she bored. We Rule the School, Belle and Sebastian. Identified by Monica


Monica said...

4. buddy holly - weezer
5. we rule the school- belle and sebastian

Lizza said...

Have a great weekend! I hope nothing else bites you...except maybe Tony. ;-)

Mom said...

Congratulations to Tony, and good luck with the rest of his internship and with landing a great job! And congrats to you too, because I know this has been a big deal for you both.

I almost recognize song #1 but not quite. Monica beat me to #4. (As usual. Grin.)

Do you need hedgeballs? I bought some more at the store.

should-be-working said...

Mini-golf is freaking awesome. That's about the only place where a wanna-be jock can get the thrill of sinking a putt to win the Masters. Except it's a twelve foot put through a clown's legs and around a block of wood.

NATALIE said...

Mom, no hedgeballs. Its ok.

dave e wo. said...

there is some crazy movie at facets multimedia about a girl that eats the meat from mad cows and then apparently goes kung-fu fighting...

todays the last day you can see it i believe. today at nine and eleven.

i think that would be a good celbreation for tony!

or you can take him to jackhammer and play pool. or touche and take him to the back room... *sinister giggle*

are you maybe putting on some sweet smelling lotion that is attracting the aliens to you? it's tricky. i would vacuum and wash everything again.

i have these scary bugs, i thought they were silverfish, which i'm not very well versed on, but then today i got a good look at one. that thing is scary with a barbed tail and a tiny head... creepy. i want to do some online research on that monster.

where can you minigolf in the city? or would you have to go out to some rich suburb? or really far out to some sketchy poor suburb?


k, i've rambled long enough.

many hugs and sweet things,

dave e wo.

Jaclyn said...

#1 is "Unknown Soldier" by the Doors.

Tell Tony I said Congrats on his finishing school.

and I don't know why you're not on my blogroll yet....hmmm....

technology and me don't mix.