Thursday, October 19, 2006


Jeffrey is the well-deserved winner of Project Runway. I am a happy camper. In my post More Project Runway To Talk About I said that Uli would take it with Jeffrey coming in second (that post also has links to the collections so you can see them again if you are curious). Just so you guys know, I switched the two of them around in the post like a million times. I would have been happy with either one getting the win. I have to say with all the hell Jeffrey went though with the accusations and all I am really glad he won. Not to mention his collection was just awesome. I still haven’t totally decided if it is fair that someone with his own line gets to win money to start his own line but they let him on in the first place so oh well. I am also very glad Uli came in what appeared to be a very close second. She put out an awesome showing.

Uli’s collection was flowing and beautiful. The colors were great (although they didn’t flow into one another as well as in Jeffrey’s collection) and the audience loved it. I wasn’t too much of a fan of her music though. Jeffrey’s collection was just amazing, I wasn’t all that into his music either, it worked but I think something with a little more bass would have worked better. His blue long dress was an awful mess. If Uli had designed it, it would have been wonderful. The judges didn’t like his other blue dress that looked straight off the body of Lucy (peanut’s Lucy) but I liked it. He did a fantastic job of segueing from one color palate to another in the order of his pieces. It was just a much more professional show than the others. Of course, as I have often said, he is a professional.

Now, let’s talk the losers. Michael was out first and everyone was sad about it. There was just no denying that his collection wasn’t right. He will still make it in the fashion world, he is a very talented designer, he just has to grow up a little. It was a little hard to watch him receive the not so flattering comments. You could just tell that he knew he wasn’t going to win, a hard place for a guy who is used to being on top. He did win the Fan Favorite though and that was nice. I was momentarily scared with Laura’s collection, not because of the clothes, but because of the music. She did an excellent job picking the music for her show. It almost made me like the feathers. Granted she had a few pieces that were pretty nice. Still, I thought that perfectly chosen music might have stolen the show. As a former figure skater, I truly appreciate the pairing with music and costuming. No one came close to Laura in that category. I was very relieved to see her go. She does have a career in fashion though, they all do. I just won’t be buying her icky clothes.

I wonder what all those Jeffrey haters out there will be saying. I hope they don’t try to deny how wonderful his collection was. I can see them saying Uli should have won. It was a close race and could have gone either way.

I wonder whose collections my songs will go with, let’s see.

End of the Century, Blur- I would have to give this to Jeffrey’s collection. Not that it is a particularly good match, although it could work if properly edited, but it would not work at all with the others. Blur is awesome by the way. In case anyone doesn’t or hasn’t listened to them at one point stop what you are doing and download some of their music. NOW.

April in Paris, Thelonious Monk. Obviously this would be Laura’s Collection. However, the music she picked was better. I really loved that music.

Alive, Daft Punk- This would have to go with Street Safari Michael. It would actually work very well. His music was very unmemorable to me. I think this would have been better. Best match by far.


should-be-working said...

Wow, I've never watched that show. I get the feeling I'm missing out on a lot there.

Mood Indigo said...

Thank you for posting a link to the collections! My horrible web surfing skills could not find me more than a few pieces and I missed the finale.

I must say - I think all of them blew Chloe's show out of the water. I'm still puzzled as to how she won (though I liked her work before the final show).