Saturday, September 16, 2006


Ok so they put the posts of people's collections up on Blogging Project Runway so, of course, I had to add them here. I had to say, after viewing the collections I have a completely different idea of who could win this. For weeks I have been saying the final three will be Jeffrey Uli and Michael with it coming down to Michael and Jeffrey and Michael taking the win. I have completely changed my mind. I watched the slideshows of each designer twice and, if it were up to me, the order would be Uli then Jeffrey followed by the unexpected Laura and, unfortunately, with Michael bringing up the rear. I really hated to put things this way. I had no choice.

Uli's collection is not the exact same dress we have been seeing for the entire show. It has elements of that dress but she really changed it up and made a wonderful collection. There is maybe one strictly "rock n' roll" piece in Jeffrey's collection, and it's wonderful. So is everything else. The thing that could hurt him is, like Santino, his collection is very different than his challenge clothes. Laura had a wonderful classic collection; there were just too many feathers and sparkles for my taste. If I liked feathers and sparkles she would have probably been #1 on my list. Then we come to Michael. There is nothing particularly wrong with his collection but I just found it boring. Maybe it is just because I hate gold and am not all that fond of white.

I also have to keep in mind that not all four of them will make it to the "finals." They hinted that maybe only two would be there. On Blogging Project Runway many people speculated that every collection but Laura's contained swimsuits. That, of course, makes everyone believe that she was kicked out and the final challenge was to add a swimsuit to the collection. That makes a lot of sense and would make me feel better because the final three I chose would actually be the final three. Who knows? I think everyone should take a look at the designs and let me know what you think. They are interesting to watch at the least.

On an unrelated but tragic topic, my favorite Of Montreal song has been turned into an Outback Steakhouse commercial. I want to die. The song is still great though and I still love it.

And now, back to the shuffle game

Is Chicago. Is not Chicago, Soul Coughing- When I was in HS in Minneapolis, Soul Coughing was required listening. Even though the band was from NY, they had their biggest fan base in Mpls. Every show would sell out. They are just an incredibly fun and silly band that I will always enjoy. Most people, however, think they suck. Most people are wrong.

Midnight Blue, ELO- OK so ELO is kind of a guilty pleasure of mine. I own a 3 CD box set of ELO records. In my defense it was a really good deal. It was only like $10 more than the one ELO album I had intended to buy. I am glad I did. Most people, however, think they suck. Most people are right.

The Bad Photographer, St Enema Bag- Don't let the band name fool you, this is fantastic music. It has a happy upbeat groove going and you can't help but bop you head. This song sounds kind of like if “Letters To Cleo” were a really good band.


MJF2 said...

Were you joking about the name of the band? Because it's Saint Etienne. I believe it's one of the one's I gave you too. Maybe you were joking...

MJF2 said...

Oh yeah, and that is completely unacceptable about "Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other Games".
BTW, I just looked on my computer and saw that I didn't call them St Enema Bag... I think Tony must have done that because he hates Saint Etienne.

Natalie said...

Yeah I don't know how they got to be called St. Enema Bag. I don't think Tony would do it because he dosn't care enough about them to make fun?