Wednesday, September 27, 2006


I feel like it has been forever since I have posted anything. Granted I was out of town and, since being back, have been very busy at work and a little under the weather so I guess I shouldn’t feel too bad. I’ll start my return with a quick recap of the NY trip, which was great fun.

Thursday- Parents pick me up at the airport after having a hell time renting a car. You know when everyone before you in line takes like half an hour to do the same transaction that takes you two minutes, that’s what happened to them. I was fine because the weather was nice and I had a fantastic book to read. Pick up Shoshana and tool up to Tarrytown, a.k.a Sleepy Hollow to visit relatives. Have a very nice time. Eat delicious NY pizza. Oh how I wish they would make it for me here in Chicago. Bastards. Drive home. Realize that I have to share covers with Shoshana. I don’t even share covers with Tony. Complain. Resign myself to the fact and deal. It was fine.

Friday- Wake up to yummy croissants from delicious bakery by Shoshana’s house. Shoshana goes to work. I go back to bed. Eventually get up and experience funniest shower since Amsterdam at Shoshana’s house. The spigot is on the long wall of the tub and the curtain had been taken down to be washed. As I was the third person in the shower it was a veritable lake by the time I got in. Still enjoyed the shower. Go visit family friend Jason who recently moved to NY from Mpls. and has a nice place with a normal sized bathroom, which is a rarity in NY but no furniture. Jason mentions how he can’t find a good slice of pizza in NY, HUH?? Go to the Cloisters. If anyone has a chance to go to the Cloisters they should. They are beautiful and old and wonderfully peaceful. Hooray for that. Take picture of mom passed out like a bum, won’t post here because I would be disowned. Convince mom that waiting at the Cloisters for Shoshana is a bad idea. Instead meet her at her apartment and eventually go eat at Mario’s, which I am told is the restaurant where the scene in the Godfather where he gets the gun from the bathroom was filmed. Have a hilarious waiter who looks like Vince Vaughn but much younger and has a great NY Italian accent and gives little bits of advice such as “Always let the lady pick the wine. That way, if she doesn’t like it, she can’t blame you,” and “Give the lady the wine but give the check to the men.” Eat fantastic smoke mozzarella ravioli in a delicious sauce and Penne A la Vodka (Shoshana and I shared I did not eat two entrees). Pop over to delightful Italian pastry shop on the corner where the desserts are cheap and delicious. They actually give you cookies as appetizers. Feel fat. Go to Brooke’s house where we do nothing. Well we sit and drink and watch Oliver! This activity is actually not nothing. It is exactly the kind of thing we enjoy doing most. Plus it was Anya's first time seeing Oliver! and that is always fun. Great time.

Saturday- Drag my ass back to the Bronx and get in the car to York, PA for cousin’s wedding. Drive is 1.5 hours longer than Yahoo tells us. Park at 2:59 (wedding starts at 3). Delightful ceremony and yummy cake. Cousin Elise looks beautiful. Get back in car and drive to Bronx. Sleep.

Sunday- Wake up late. Eat fantastic brick oven pizza with eggplant and mushrooms. Did I mention how much I love NY pizza? Go back to Tarrytown and hang out. Drive to Chelsea to see “Little Miss Sunshine”. First stop and eat at a fantastic place that I believe is called F&B and they have many varieties of veggie dogs. I eat one with mushrooms and sautéed onions and some sweet potato fries. Delicious. Movie is also wonderful. Go home and sleep.
Monday- Wake up and say goodbye to Shoshana. Parents drive me to airport. I get on a flight two before mine SCORE. Get home and fall into couch. Tony makes me food and tends to my sickness.

All in all a great vacation.

Now, I am back at work much less sick although not better and have a start date for my Customer Service Class. Oct 5-6. Wish me luck. I am now seeing if I can fit my entire curriculum into the 2 days. Hopefully I will have students for my class. So far one has signed up. But I have time. Today must stay late to attend Jr. Board meeting even though it isn’t my job anymore. Person whose job it is has other meeting. It’s ok. Unfortunately, it is Top Model and Project Runway night and I really want to go home on time. If I didn’t have DVR this meeting would have to be cancelled. Since I do, it will be ok.

Oh, it’s back to the song guessing game time. I really like that time. In case you are new or forgot, I will put up the first line/lines of a random song from my iPod and then you put the song title and artist in the comments section. I will then add a link to the guesser's blog. Fun for everyone.

1. You turn the screws you tear down the bridge. Flimsy as it is, it’s business like.

2. I got a bad disease. Far from my brain is where I bleed. Insanity it seems has got me by my soul to squeeze. Soul to Squeeze, Red Hot Chili Peppers. Identified byMonica

3. This pig harassed the whole neighborhood. Well this pig worked at the station. This pig he killed my homeboy so the fucking pig went on a vacation.

4. You’re so gorgeous I’ll do anything I’ll kiss you from the feet to where your head begins you’re so perfect you’re so right as rain you make me make me make me hungry again. Why Can't I Be You, The Cure. Identified byMonica

5. I guess I should have known by the way you parked your car sideways that it wouldn’t last. Little Red Corvette, Prince. Identified by Mom


MJF2 said...

2. "Soul To Squeeze" Red Hot Chili Peppers (duh)
4. "Why Can't I Be You" The Cure

MJF2 said...

Oh yeah, I much prefer Chicago pizza to NY pizza
ps my word verification is "asswibble"

Mom said...

Damn, Monica beat me to two of the three songs that I could answer. Duh.


#5 is Little Red Corvette by Prince.

I really hate when a pizza gets cut into little squares or diamonds instead of being cut "like a pie." (I've only seen this in Iowa and some places in Minnesota. IMO it's an abomination.)

Lizza said...

Yummy post. Pizzaaaaaa! Welcome back!

Natalie said...

Mom- I think the first time I had square cut pizza was when we went to visit Naomi in Chicago. They cut it like that all over the place here. I can understand when we have tons of people eating one pizza because they think they are getting more but in general it bothers me too.

Monica- I think you are nuts to like chicago pizza better. Well in the winter a stuffed pizza beats all but in general give me a proper slice any day.

Lizza- It's good to be back, thanks.
With all this food I eat its a wonder I have shrunk at all.

Alanda said...

So funny...I was on the east coast for a wedding this weekend too. Connecticut tho. I am from NY too & I gotta say Chicago has some sorry-ass thin crust 'za. (Bagels too.) The stuffed & deep dish are good but what the heck is their problem with thin crust? We gotta show 'em how it's done! and yeah, that "party cut" has got to go too! :)