Thursday, September 14, 2006


Yesterday I got a call from Tony while at work. We talked a little bit and then he told me that I had a blog. I couldn't deny it. You may wonder why I wouldn't tell him about it? I never say anything bad about him; in fact everything I say about him is pretty good. I actually would enjoy if he enjoyed my blog. I explained that the reason I didn't tell him was that he would spend a lot of time making fun of me. He has a very cynical sense of humor and makes fun of my space and blogs in general so I didn't think I would be spared. He makes fun of me a lot. Not in a mean way, he is a very nice boyfriend; he only makes fun when I'm obviously a dumb-ass. I will believe just about anything if someone who loves me tells me its true with a straight face. Once, when I was 13, my father told me I was adopted. I look a lot like both of my parents and there is no way that I'm not their child. He had me in tears until my mother came home (it seemed like hours but probably wasn't) and gave him a talking to and convinced me that he was full of shit. That is the kind of fun that Tony makes of me. I don't blame him. I would make fun of me too if I were him.

Another thing Tony says about me a lot is that I steal his thunder. Tony is a hilarious guy and sometimes I like to repeat funny things he has said. Sometimes I don't give him the credit he deserves. I bought my Dad a copy of Assassination Vacation for his birthday and told him it was a great book that I thought he would enjoy. This was true. I had read it and thought of my Dad. However, I never would have read it if Tony hadn't bought it first. Stolen thunder. I did end up telling my Dad that I heard about the book from Tony. Apparently, a good percentage of my blog is, according to Tony, stolen thunder. He is probably correct. Yesterday, when I said galoshes in my blog, which was stolen thunder. See as we were leaving the house in the morning he had asked me if he should put his galoshes on. I just liked the word. I suggested he get his own blog but he told me that no one would look at it because it would be just the same as mine. Most of the things that I write about doing I do with Tony. He feels he doesn't get enough credit for being around when fun things happen that I end up writing about. I suppose he is right. I think everyone should assume that 90% of what I do I do with Tony. We watch all movies and TV shows together. We ride the train together in the morning. We talk about random topics together all the time. Basically Tony and I are connected at the hip.

As I explained about all the good things I wrote about Tony he said I made him look silly. Like yesterday, see he likes Rocky but he doesn't like Rambo as much as I thought he did. Months ago I wrote that Quasi was his favorite band. Apparently they stopped being his favorite band even more months ago. Personally, I think liking Rambo and Quasi are completely acceptable things. For your information, he currently is between favorite bands.

So, In case anyone had missed it (and Tony thought that people could), I have a boyfriend named Tony and he does things with me and is very clever and funny and great.

Being that it is Thursday there is only one more day to guess these crazy songs. I realized that the ones left are a bit difficult but I think someone should get #4. Let's see what happens when I add #5. Well, after adding it, I think someone should get 5 too.

1. A flask I drink of sober tea while relay cameras monitor me.

2. Standing like John Wayne she is full frame she is center stage.

3. Your Flesh Finds Me Out. Teases the crack in me. Smittens me with hope.

4. Has he lost his mind? Can he see or is he blind? Can he walk at all or if he moves will he fall.

5. Gimme a ticket for an airplane. Ain't got time to take a fast train. The Letter, The Boxtops. Identified by Monica


MJF2 said...

"The Letter" by The Boxtops is Number 5. WHOO!!!

Wobbly*bits said...


Mrs. Loquacious said...

My Hubbs & I both blog, and sometimes we want to blog about the same thing, so we a)agree to talk about different aspects of the same thing, b)decide which of us will blog about it, or c)both blog about the exact same thing (which turns out differently anyway because he is way funnier than I am, and writes totally differently than I do!).

Anyway, it works to have 2 bloggers in the same family. It even works w/2 bloggers in the family who share an office! =D

Julie said...


He needs his own blog. Then he can claim all of the things he wants and you can just go on writing the way you've been writing, and if us readers want to know exactly who came up with which idea, we can just visit his blog to check.


Lizza said...

Awww, you and Tony sound so sweet. One thing I do know about you and him is that you dance together in private. Woohoo!

Anyway, if he doesn't want to get his own blog, maybe you could share this one with him. Make him co-writer or something like that.

Jaclyn said...

Ok. Number 4 is driving me nuts. I didn't want to post again, since I already took the B&S song but...

#4 is Iron Man by Black Sabbath