Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Last night an awesome friend named Wo who is in school for massages invited me over for a night of massage, Othello, and cookies. He is a good massager. It is better than me by far at Othello (I haven’t played for ages in my defense), and he makes good cookies. I also became a sneezy fest monster because he has a zoo and I forgot to take allergy meds. But it was ok cause I love his sneezy affectionate zoo friends. I went home, took meds felt better and went to sleep. Well actually I talked to Tony and we took a bunch of Blogthings quizzes over the phone because he was lonely since his mom went out on the town and he didn’t want to go. Apparently if someone were to paint my portrait it should be Andy Warhol, Klimt should paint Tony. Those are the only results I am posting cause it’s all that matters. Oh, and Tony is Animal if he takes the Muppet quiz about himself but if I take it thinking about him he is Fozzie.

When I woke up this morning I was an asthmatic wheezy mess so I called work, told them I would be late, and went to bed. It could have been the zoo or it could have been that I have had a lingering cough for ages. Who knows? I would have stayed home all day but the new volunteer director asked me to coordinate the practice interviews for our employment class today and I said I would. I am sure someone else could do it but I didn’t want to ask anyone and I feel better now. Not wheezing.

Tony will come home today. He really wanted to come home last night but didn’t think about it until 7pm and the last train was at 7:30 so it wasn’t going to happen. I’ll see him soon and it will be nice. We will watch Top Model and the Project Runway finale (and so should everyone else in the world cause it’s gonna be great!) and things will be back to normal.

I think my skirt is done de-wrinkling in the steamy bathroom so I should go put it on and get to work shortly. Have a nice day. Think of me strolling down the street to the train to these tunes.

Dead, They Might Be Giants- I don’t want to be dead. I am also still alive and there are things I want to do. It is still a very fun song. TMBG have a great talent for not always happy songs to happy tunes. I love that about them.

OOH Child, The Five Stairsteps- This song is great and the world loves it. The last time I heard it was at Taco Bell after mini golf. It was a welcome change to the very strange things they were playing. There was one that went “I tried to tell you but it came out wrong, so I had to say I love you with a song,” man it was awful.

Love For Tomorrow, Isobel Campbell- Isobel’s first album Amorino was outstanding and I thought that her leaving Bell and Sebastian might actually have been ok because B&S were still great and she was great on her own. Tony and I went to a concert to see her. Apparently she had made a second album (that hadn’t been released in the US yet). No more were the sweet jazzy stylings of Amorino; she had gone straight Glaswegian folk. The room cleared, it was no good. I was mad.


should-be-working said...

Sorry to hear about your allergies. I wish I was deathly allergic to cats because then we could get rid of my wife's cat. Here's to hoping. :)

CrimsonKing said...

I love TMBG too!! Althought I've never heard Dead. I'm sure it'll be good.

csmc said...

Too weird I was just singing Ooh Child w/ my best friend B last night, we were trying to figure out who the f sings it. crazy..

And TMBG yeah - much love for them. :)

Mom said...

The experience of being deathly allergic: your throat closes up and your nose shuts down, and you get real quiet and wonder where your next breath is going to come from.

With Love, Fat Girl said...

You are one funny girl! Thanks for always stopping by my blog, mind if I blogroll you as soon as I get back from my trip?

NATALIE said...

roll me all you want

dave e wo. said...

i had a hoot that night too! it was so fun! i do have to get walgreens antihistimeans or benadryl for my guests that come over that can't handle my zoo.

it is a zoo. a crazy zoo.

i'm glad you enjoyed the massage.

we need to get together and pratice othello and eventually learn how to GO! that would be fun!

then we could GO out to the lake front and play GO all afternoon!!!