Friday, October 20, 2006


I have decided to have a nice little theme for the rest of the week called things that I love. Many of you may assume that I will write about Tony, or my wonderful friends, or my fantabulous family but I won't. Everyone knows I love those people and I write plenty about them anyway. These will be slightly more random things that I lovee. The first is a thing that often gets mentioned on this fun little page. This thing is my couch.

One day, Tony and I decided we were going to go shopping for a dining room set. See we have this adorable little sunroom that acted as a storage closet for the first year we lived here. I decided it would be the perfect size for a 4-seater dining room table, and it is. But that is another story. So we are looking at Broadway Antique Market for a dining room set and I turned this corner and came upon a couch. This was not just any couch; it was a vision of loveliness. Birds started tweeting and the stars came out. In the store, the couch was set up in a big square. When arranged as such it was about the size of a king sized bed. I ran to find Tony and brought him to it. He was as impressed as I. We had to have it. The couch we had was free and ugly and came with the apartment, we really did have to have it.

The couch cost more money that we really were planning to spend. Remember we were looking for a cheap dining set. The couch happens to be a Milo Baughman design (for any of you who know about furniture it may mean something, it didn't to me) and was from 1979. It wasn’t cheap. It wasn’t unreasonable either. I start to have a "what if someone else buys our couch panic" so I call my Mom. My birthday was coming up, in like a month, and I asked if she would pay for some of the couch as my birthday present. She said she would, she is a really good mom. Then I did something bold and daring. I asked if she would call the store and buy the couch for us and then we would pay her back for the rest of it because that way we could get it right away and not have to wait for checks to go in the mail. She said she would, she is a really good mom. Like a spoiled dork I called the store and told them I wanted the couch and that “My Mommy would be calling to purchase it”. Tony made much fun of me for that one, and I deserved it.

When we got home, we realized the couch was not going to look right in out living room. We took the room that is supposed to be a dining room but was the book and computer room and moved it into the old living room thus making room for the couch. It was a serious process. I have a lot of books. It had to be done, for the couch’s sake. Plus, the room that used to be the living room has no light in it (switch but no light) and we didn’t even realize that we were leading a life of needless darkness. Mere days later, our couch arrived. We had a hell of a time arranging it to our liking but we got it done and promptly began to relax. It is a heavenly place of joy and happiness. I like to have people over and we can all sit on the couch and all be comfortable. Plus the house flows better with this room arrangement. My couch, my couch, what would I ever do without you.

Now, because you can't totally tell in the picture, because it is darker than it is supposed to be and because of the angles, you can't really see the shelving, the couch's best feature. See those things like the lamp, Jabba the Hut, The Electric Mayhem, etc, are actually on a little shelf that is attached to the couch and upholstered as part of the couch. You never have to look for somewhere to put your cup, snack, beer, etc. Couch is wonderful. I love couch. And yes, my table has clutter and my house is not spotless. It is pretty clean for me in this picture though so give me a break.

Now, for songs you may catch me listening to while lounging on my couch. For the record, my favorite spot is in that corner by the lamp. Tony's favorite spot is in the same place. Somethimes we steal each other's seat.

Take On Me, A Ha- I had this great mix CD that I brought home on I think a Christmas visit and forced my family to listen to. We actually had Dad singing the chorus on this one. He indulges us ladies in the family a lot. Thanks Papa.

Up From The Skies, Jimi Hendrix- After that last survey, you all know how I feel about Jimi Hendrix. I love him and his music. I kind of miss the Hendrix black light poster I had in college. I left it in the Sr. Year common room (along with my boom box) because I was in such a hurry to get the hell out of there. Now I'm all nostalgic and want to go back, kinda. Go figure.

Go Go Gadget Gospel, Gnarls Barkley- In case anyone doesn't know St. Elsewhere was amazing. So amazing that you'd listen to it over and over. Then you realize you never really want to hear it again for another six months at least. That doesn't take away from the fact that it is truly awesome and excellent though.


Mrs. Loquacious said...

We have a lovely leather couch ourselves, one with a mesmerizing spell that causes those who sit upon it to want to nap upon it for several delicious hours.

Unfortunately, our couch doesn't have shelving, and right now our guests have nowhere to put their drinks since we are coffee-tableless as well (in lieu of, we have a shag rug, but that does not solve the problem).

I am determined one day to buy a grown-up couch to match the black leather one.

Mom said...

I wanna sit on your couch!

Our new couch and loveseat are scheduled to arrive around Thanksgiving. They are gorgeous, leather, and super-comfortable. I can hardly wait.

dave e wo. said...

couch is grand! i can say first hand. i like that the picture shows you and tony's favorite plopping spot by a little droopy sag. giggle.

this was a grand story, thanks for sharing!

should-be-working said...

The couch kicks ass and now, so does your living room. When my wife and I bought our couch, when it was delivered, it almost didn't fit in the living room. Your mom rocks for helping you guys out. If I need to buy another one, I'll see if she can hook me up with a killer finance plan. :)

csmc said...

Wow your living room looks freaking HUGE!

Mom said...

Thanks, Should-be!

Sorry to say, I only extend crazy financial deals to close family members.

Am currently in the midst of trying to find a way to get a family-heirloom dresser out to NY to Natalie's sister, who lives in a 5th floor walk-up -- the last shipper I talked to actually laughed at me. I may be renting a mini-van for "yet another mom road trip." Maybe I can stop and sit on Natalie's couch on the way...

CrimsonKing said...

Are you just looking at things and saying that you love them?

I...I love couch.

Jaclyn said...

Oh God you would LOVE Flower Child.

It's this store in my neighborhood that is ran by this dude who did the set design for "A Christmas Story". It's the craziest vintage store I've ever been in. You probably would think you've died and gone to heaven.

A slightly tacky heaven, perhaps, but much to your liking nonetheless.

I mean, where else could you buy an egg chair and a complete mushroom canister set from the Sears & Roebuck catalog of 1978?


NATALIE said...

Mrs. L- Couch spells are wonderful and you need a table, stat.

Mom- yeah, come sit already

Dave- i'm glad you like it. we actually have awitched cushions so it shouldn't be as saggy.

should be- thanks for the compliment. I know how the not fitting thing is, i mean it does take up a large portion of the room but it works

csmc- like i said the couch takes up most of the room but we have a pretty decent sized place Go Rogers Park!

Crimson- love the reference but no, i was not pointing to things, I really love couch.

Jaclyn- Egg chair? how much? you know i have an obsession. all the nice ones i see are like 3k.

INAMINI said...

How wonderful to see someone who is as attached to various pieces of furniture as I am! I, too, have used creative financing for certain pieces, and now I am happy to say that I am surrounded with those I love. Good thing... to love couch!