Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I got an interesting email yesterday from my mother in which she mentioned something my father had said. He was thinking about the Israel-Lebanon conflict and comparing it with the rates of people murdered in our fair American Cities and saw a striking similarity in numbers. In particular when looking at New Orleans (that poor failed city), where the rates have skyrocketed and the National Guard has been called, you would think we would see some return to order rather than strikingly high numbers. Then he looked at the amount of attention given to both issues. "Surprisingly" much more attention has been paid to the conflict overseas. I mean how many times a day do you hear about the American Murder Rate compared to the Israel-Lebanon thing? Now, if you as me, when it is more important to try and construct a cease-fire halfway cross the globe than it is to try and construct one here at home? Answer: NEVER. I think we have a problem in priorities. I'm not saying that what goes on in the world doesn't have a strong effect on things here but come on. I realize that it may be as difficult, if not a more difficult task to stop countrywide murders than to stop a war. But maybe it isn't. I'm not one to propose a solution I'm no politician. However, I think it is a problem that they should be paying a lot more attention to. How secure is our nation when my precious little sister is afraid of stray bullets. Not so secure. Back in the day when we coulnd't keep tabs on things across the oceans so easily we wouldn't face these problems. Progress, a dissapointment.

To completely change the subject, and yet get stay on topic, I was walking back to my office from lunch just now and saw this guy who looked strangely familiar. He was ambiguously brown, had these long thick light brown dreadlocks, a rounded nose, and brown eyes. I couldn't place him to save my life but I felt like I knew him quite well. On a personal level. Like I had seen him running through his everyday duties on a regular basis. Then I got it. He looked like a Sim. Leif Smith to be exact. Now except for about 2 hours in the last month, I have not played SIMS for about a year. However, I used to be sick and have a problem. I would play SIMS from the time I got off work to the time I had to go to bed. If I came home and the computer was in use (often by Monica playing SIMS) I would have a silent pout and then hover nearby until the seat was relinquished. Or, if Monica was playing SIMSI would creepily watch. We had some times with those little guys. Ima Houseboy (the name says it all), The VonSkeletor Family (they killed like 40 Sims easily), Those trailer park folk (Sims don't really understand the concept of separate trailers), then once SIMS2 came along we had a whole new crop of Sims. Now here comes the topic part, I think SIMS2 destroyed my love of the Sims. You could have never told me that when I was playing. But since all the Sims I really remember were pre SIMS2 I simply have to think that is the case. You can't murder Sims in SIMS2. I mean you can, but it seriously depresses the people whose house they die in and their ghosts make people very uncomfortable. Before they wouldn’t really care if a Sim dies and the ghosts would just wander and occasionally jump into someone with little harm. You have a house of 3 ghosts in SIMS2 and you have unhappy Sims, forget about killing off a significant number. Then the level of jealousy is just too much for cheating. You can't have a happy couple and their live-in houseboy without serious problems. I mean there were a few problems before but nothing like this. Then it gets so repetitive. I mean the raising of the kids, the aging, and all the things that initially were so great about the game came to drag me down. Then when I got Nightlife all the custom hair, clothing, etc I had downloaded stopped working. I then lost all interest. If they couldn’t have the proper hair what was the point. I could keep the Sims with good hair going but the new ones lost excitement. Therefore, I stopped playing SIMS. That is why progress is an ultimate disappointment. Extra buttons, options, and features are great until they just take the fun away.

Speaking of something without extra options and features, lets delve into my old 40G iPod (no color, no video, no extras, and they aren't even still sold) for the SHUFFLE GAME

Too High, Stevie Wonder- I love any song that tells a story. I was talking to Tony last night about how he listens to beats and tunes and I listen to lyrics and voice. Its true. I love a good beat but I will certainly notice what an artist has to say. I mean if they didn't have anything to say they would play instrumental music. Well maybe that isn't true, lots of people get material written for them and they would sing just about anything. And then there are the people that make bubble gum lyrics because they know it will sell. However, bubble gum lyrics don't typically tell a story but sometimes they do. Either way, this bitch was too high and she didn't listen to her friends and now the bitch is dead.

Sweet Surrender- Sarah McLachlan- Ok so it has happened. I am really officially very embarrassed and people should now realize that I do not lie when I say you can't skip a song in the shuffle game. I am really going to go out on a limb and say that part of me doesn't want to skip it and secretly still likes this crap. Oh shit, in case anyone who doesn't know me reads this (and surprisingly I think a few people have so they may again) they will never want to be my friend because I am exceedingly uncool. Unless they like this song too that is. If they do like this song I may not want to be their friend. What kind of a horrible person am I? Oh well.

Triumph of a Heart, Bjork- In case anyone doesn't know, Medulla is probably one of the most psychotic albums around. It kind of makes me crazy. The fact that very few of the songs are in English probably doesn't help. This song is actually in English and makes me feel only slightly psychotic. I was really hoping for like the coolest song ever to come on right now to completely erase the shame of or previous selection, but that didn't really happen. Bjork is of course way cooler though and I may be on my way back to acceptance. Just wait until Mr. Big comes on.

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