Friday, August 18, 2006


I typically write about absolutely nothing. Today I want to go with the big picture, space. I used to really like space. I liked to go to the science museum and eat astronaut ice cream (even though it was pretty foamy and disgusting). I liked to think about traveling through the stars at fantastic speeds and discovering new humanoid creatures. In case anyone didn't already guess I grew up on Star Trek and Dr. Who. As I grew older, I lost a lot of interest in what was out there. I instead favored what was right in front of me. There is plenty to see on our own planet and, frankly, most of the other ones seem pretty boring. I wouldn't be surprised if in a few generations we are living on the moon or some other crazy seeming planet, since ours seems to be doomed in so many ways, but let's leave that alone for a while.

What interests me is these new planets they have found. Charon (isn't he the guy that rows the boat over the river Styx?), Ceres, and 2003 UB313 (which I have heard is also known as Xena after the Warrior Princess and reminds me of Asteroid B6-12) seem nothing like what I think of as a planet. I realize that people expanded the definition so that Pluto could remain a planet but who cares. Pluto is a cartoon dog. None of this really matters much to me in the long run. Yet, I think it makes more sense to erase one planet than to add three more. Think of all the textbooks. American schools are strapped for cash as it is. Now our inner city-youth won't only have outdated books they will be unaware of three planets. That is pretty big stuff. Wouldn't it be easier to keep the old books and tell kids "Oh, Pluto is just a big icy ball that is not really a planet," rather than having to print new books to include the three new planets and explain about why a planet was named after a warrior princess. It will be so hard for old people to help kids with their homework now that there are new planets. All the old solar system mobiles hanging throughout elementary school science rooms will have to be redone completely instead of simply removing a ball. It just doesn't seem practical. I'm no astronomer, but to me, a planet should be somewhere where you can land and take a stroll, provided you have the proper gear. I know some of the other planets we have now can't handle this but maybe they shouldn't be planets either. It's our definition; let's only call something a planet if we can build a domed earth-like city upon it. It will be much less for us to remember.

One thing I am good at remembering is song lyrics. Let's see what we have today.

If You Want To Sing Out, Cat Stevens- AAAHHH Harold and Maude. I don't know if this is really the name of this song but it makes sense to me and that's what it is called in my iPod. I love this song and I love this movie. Love, depression, death=a huge celebration of life and all its glory.

Philosophy, Ben Folds Five- I really liked this song when I first heard it. It kept me upbeat and feeling like as long as I had my philosophy people could think or say whatever they wanted because I was secure. My little sister then pointed out that I should really listen to all the words because this song is about a penis. A penis referred to as "my philosophy" I was much less inspired. I don't have a "philosophy".

I Second That Emotion, Smokey Robinson- Man can I sing to this one. I want to do dances in a line with other people. Although the temptations are really the ones for such dancing I'll take this as a close second. I love Motown. I think it was some of the first music that I truly learned. I liked to make up choreography to various songs in the living room. I particularly am fond of the "Shop Around" dance that involves me walking like a duck while pushing an imaginary shopping cart and putting things in it.


Anonymous said...

Just two short comments:
1) I read somewhere that astrologers "always thought" there should be a couple more planetary bodies in the solar system.

2) Kudos to your "Shop Around" dance!


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