Monday, August 07, 2006


Last night I was talking to my precious little sister and she told me about one of her students who stopped to say hi to a friend he hadn't seen in a while on the street and while saying hello his friend and the person his friend was with got shot in the legs. That is just kind of creepy. Lucky for her student the shooters didn't miss, unless they weren't aiming for the legs that is. So the poor little baby (Sister not student) has now developed a fear of stray bullets. That is the kind of fear that really sucks. I mean there is nothing you can do about it. You can't get a little closer to stray bullets every day until one can whiz right past your head and you don't blink. That is very impractical. That is why I say let go of the little things. Stress and fear are not healthy. You don't want to walk around everyday expecting to get shot. People just aren't made for that. You also can't walk around every day thinking that some terrorist is going to blow you up. That’s why I feel particularly bad for people living in countries where that kind of thing is so prevalent. Think of all the cortisol running through people's bodies over there. They are going to swell up like little terror balloons. Then there is all this talk of WWIII. I mean technically the US war in Iraq may as well have been called that from the get go what with the coalition of the willing and all but maybe I am reaching with that one. I hate the thought of WWIII. I mean I was raised to believe that WWIII would mean the end of the world. And not in that rapture kind of way. It would be kind of nifty if all those types get whisked from the planet though; they really get on my nerves. Think about it. Gay people could marry all over the place, stem cell research in every lab, and abortions without all the extra drama (as if those women need any more). I mean it would be a better world for all us "normal" people.

Well that was a bit of a downer so let’s talk about pie. I made two delicious pies this weekend. Not fruit desert pies, oh no, but vegetable dinner pies. One may think I am stupid and am talking about quiche but I'm not. These pies contained one egg each and no such quiche would exist. They also had delicious hearty crusts, another quiche no no. The first was a mushroom pie with a spinach crust taken from "The Enchanted Broccoli Forest" and I made it for a gathering consisting of Jamie and Dave and me and Tony. I forgot they don't like mushrooms. Oh well, more delicious pie for Tony and myself. I mean who doesn’t' like mushrooms. Had it been Monica and Brooke over that pie would have lasted like two seconds. Luckily I had delicious feta spread that my mom makes but I added grated cucumber and a few smashed cloves of boiled garlic, which is incredibly mild and squishy if you didn’t already know, and served it with fresh bread sliced tomatoes and fresh basil (take that mommy). I also made a yummy fruit salad (with no strawberries) and a nice yogurt type dressing MMMMM. Tony and I liked the first pie so much that we though about a second one. Unfortunately we had few of the necessary ingredients. I then decided to use the pie skills I gained from the night before and my creative cooking skills to make a new pie. I then constructed a carrot and cucumber crust (which turned out surprisingly well) and filled it with a carrot, mushroom, and corn filling. Also delicious. Man pie is cool. Mom, if you are reading and not mad at me about the feta comment, I need the recipe for pizza rustica. This is a pie-like dish that is basically like a lasagna/pizza in a piecrust. It was one of my favorites growing up and now that I can make pies I want to make it. I can't wait until lunchtime when I can eat some leftover veggie garbage pie.

On a side note, the back page of the red eye this morning spoke of other stars coming out to support Mel Gibson. Maybe it's just me but that seems stupid. Don't they know the Jew run media will come get them too? I did like how Jodi Foster said, and I don't quote, He is a raging drunk but no anti-Semite. Again, drunkenness may let your prejudices come out but it DOES NOT create new ones.

On another side note, things worked out just perfectly on Friday in regard to Lollapalooza. Tony and I decided we were too poor to both go, a kind of sad decision. So we went out to dinner at Pegasus a delicious Greek Restaurant. While there, Tony’s friend Chris sent him a text message seeing if he would be at the concert so they could meet up. I was like "dude, I thought you wanted me to go case you didn't have anyone else to go with, go get yourself a ticket and have a fun night". It turns out he just wanted to go with me because he likes me around, go figure? So I went home, watched movies, started to clean the house so I didn't end up on Dave's blog as a messy house person (although Frankie certainly did point out where some sweeping was lacking), and caught up on Soap on demand. Now for some people it may seem like Tony got the better end of that deal but to me, not so much. And really, that's all that matters. I very rarely get to sit at home by myself so it really turned out to be the best decision possible. I love it when things work out.

Lets do the Shuffle
Music is My Radar, Blur- I miss Monica. Blur is always a good time. Videos, singing on the trains, streets, anywhere where singing could happen. It's got a good beat and you can dance to it.

Everybody Wants To Rule The World, Tears for Fears- I love this song. I want to rule the world. It’s funny that two tears for fears songs have shown up since I began this thing. I am not a huge fan of theirs or anything. In fact, I only have 3 of their songs in my player.

Dawn Is A Feeling, The Moody Blues- I have loved this song for as long as I can remember. I believe it was on my sister’s baby tape so that means my mom listened to it a lot when I was about 3. I also think it is very sexy. I also used to think the Moody Blues were black. See the baby tape was pretty crackly and they had these deep voices and sounded cool so I just assumed they were black. I think I figured it out in my mid teen years. That’s a little silly. But come on, how many people (including me) thought the righteous brothers were black.

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