Tuesday, August 01, 2006


You know, a bad spin, like when you are playing any of those games with a spinner (life, twister, cutes and ladders) and it just goes nowhere. I had bad spins all the time. I had a bad spin on Saturday night. I am at my friend Davey Wo's house for a festive gathering and we decided to play spin the bottle. Now we all realize that this is a game for the pre teens but whatever, we are drinking and had an empty wine bottle. It made sense. During the course of the game I had a bad spin. It went like half a turn and I just didn't feel like spinning again so kissed the person it landed on. Now I have not mentioned that this party is slightly more on the homo than the hetero side, and I was there with my boyfriend. Not that I have any problem kissing people of the same sex as me (I've done it plenty of times) but I just wanted to make it clear that I wasn't trying to get my kiss on with anyone. Not only that but this was mostly a cheek kissing round of spin the bottle so even if I did want to get my kiss on with anyone what would be the point. So my bad spin landed on this rather adorable young (and I mean young like college young which to me is real young) little gay boy. He was a tiny little thing with adorable suspenders and although I wouldn't have minded patting him one the head or pinching his cheeks I was, again, not trying to get my kiss on. My boyfriend later tells me that I obviously wanted to kiss this guy made a bad spin on purpose and embarrassed him in front of everyone. After a good few hours I think I convinced him that it truly was a legitimate bad spin. To cap this insane evening off, as we went home our gracious host called to tell me that after he walked us to the train he rounded the corner to find multiple cop cars and a body under a sheet AAAA scary. He then talked to people and it seemed that a cop car hit the poor sheet person. That is really really scary and sad. However, it did make for a fairly exciting weekend.

Because I liked it so much last time, let's play the shuffle game again.

She's Leaving Home, The Beatles- What a classic. I often thought about leaving home while listening to this song as an overly dramatic teenager. However, I had a sickly sweet home life and there is no way I would have actually left. I may have hid in a tree for a few hours but never actually left.

The Waitress, Tori Amos- This one really takes me back. It reminds me that I used to like screaming Bitch at the top of my lungs for angst reasons. It also resonates well with my work situation and how I am doing way too much and am not happy and it makes me want to revert to my violent ways. But I won't.

Peaches En Regalia, Frank Zappa- This just fuckin rocks. Man am I ever enjoying it. I kind of want to jump up and flail my arms and dance around. But I won't.

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MJF2 said...

I haven't posted on my blog in like a month. I am now inspired to do so. Thanks, Friend.
ps a body? I'll do you one better. People casually sitting on the bus or train with weeping oozing gangrene infested wounds like they aren't spreading the plague.