Friday, August 04, 2006


I hate making decisions. I am one of those awful people who will be asked "What do you want to do?" and like those adorable vultures in the Jungle Book movie will reply " I dunna know, what you wanna do?” This can go on forEVER. My boyfriend hats this. My family hates this. I think everyone I know hates this about me. In fact, I hate it myself. I know that I am infuriating and annoying and I wish that bitch would make a damn decision for once in her life. However, what makes things worse when people ask my opinion on things that really should not be my decision. Why would they do that? Like today. Tony had asked his mother if she would by him tickets for today’s Lollapalooza performances because he loves Sleater Kinney and will probably never have the chance to see them again. Cool I would totally go. Then its like back and forth, maybe he wants to go maybe not maybe so is it worth it. It would be like fucking some girl you wanted forever after she was no longer cute blah blah blah. (I should note that although I have said that Tony keeps doing strange stuff in my Blog that he is an absolutely wonderful, loving, and fun person. Today he brought me a present. It was an ant that he made out of red wax at school. It is incredibly cute and resembles the ants on the old school commercials for Ants In The Pants. I love it.) Yesterday I thought we decided to go to dinner instead. This morning I hear lets get tickets and have my mom pay us back. Uh, I am wearing my suede Marc Jacobs pumps, not going to an outdoor concert in them. Anyway, to sum things up he is going home to change and bringing me back my Ponys and everything will be fun and dandy. I was looking forward to a nice Greek dinner. Oh well, maybe Sunday. I wonder if anyone else is playing that is worth seeing? Let’s see. The Red Eye says people should see Editors, they compare them to Coldplay (yuck) but maybe that is an option. Then there is Lady Sovereign. That could be fun I suppose. Then we have The Raconteurs; I have heard good things but have no idea what they sound like. Of course Sleater Kinney is up next and we all know I'll be there. I wonder if Tony will want to see Ween. I kind of would like to see Ween. They are fun to me. I certainly would rather see them than Death Cab For Cutie that OC shit. Not that I have anything against the OC, I love that horrible show.

Speaking of horrible yet loved shows, the Superheroes were on again last night. It was not as wonderful as the episode I so lovingly described yesterday but it wasn't bad either. They had to run to a door past attack dogs. I would have quit before even getting started. I like dogs enough but not mean biting ones. I used to have dreams about running away form mean dogs. I think it had something to do with slavery since I was always raggedy and there were evil men with the dogs. Man those dreams sucked. I digress. The heroes all got new costumes. They were pretty good except for Tyvectus (or whatever) who looked like foghorn leghorn meets Klingons from the first Star Trek. If only he had owned up to admitting he didn't like it Stan Lee would not have almost had to kick him off. Instead it was the Iron Enforcer but there was a twist!! The Iron Enforcer will now be a super villain, a very fitting job for him. I hated his admitting to taking steroids and wanting to kill people self. This show also have me a good excuse to keep my pappy on the phone for a little while which as fun. He likes comics.

Although I also like comics, I really like music such as...

Paragraph President, Blackalicious- Good song. I will not be at Lollapalooza when Blackalicious is performing. That is tomorrow. Lots of good people are performing tomorrow. I will be at home cleaning because I don't want Dave E Wo to say how scary my apartment is on Live Journal. He did it to "The Lesbians" I want to be in the clear. What will I make for dinner?

Kool Keith Housing Things, Ultramagnetic MC's- a good old school sound makes me tap my feet. Oh shit, I have to go teach people how to look for jobs on the Internet. No more enjoying songs for me.

Dreadlock Talking, Lee Perry- I like Lee Perry. I feel better liking someone other than Bob Marley. I was for a long time one of those people where all I knew about reggae was Marley. Now I know two bands. I am cooler than a bunch of other people now and that is sad. Teaching kids was fun by the way.


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Jaclyn said...

dude, you are Gemini.

making decisions? not your strong suit.

welcome to the crack-hobby. I figure it's only fair, since you read mine.