Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I love food. I really like sandwiches. I think there is a serious art to the sandwich that many people ignore. Everyone knows the bread is important but few think about the proper layering that goes into a sandwich. You want to make sure things don't slide around too much. This can be difficult. I happen to be a vegetarian. I eat sandwiches full of things that slide around. Layering is very important. The most important thing I have learned is to isolate the tomato. If you keep your tomato between something like lettuce or sprouts, you will be less likely to lose said tomato than if you pair it with cheese or cucumbers.

One of my favorite sandwiches is the Yesterday Sandwich. I have not had a yesterday sandwich for a long time but I used to have them almost every day. See one day Friend and I were hungry. We had pita bread, hummus, dill havarti, tomato (I think), and sprouts. We made sandwiches. The next day we were hungry again. Friend said, "Let's have those sandwiches from yesterday," or something like that. Thus, the yesterday sandwich was born. As I have further developed my sandwich skills, I feel the yesterday sandwich would really benefit from some thinly (but not too thinly) sliced cucumber. MMMM Sandwiches. Since the yesterday sandwich is in a pita, it doesn't slide around too much. However, were you to put it on bread, you would have to go hummus, sprouts, tomato, sprouts, dill havarti or else it would slide around too much.

I also really like the grilled cheese sandwich. I lived on grilled cheese made with Munster add tomato for a long time. Jamie introduced me to adding veggie bacon to such a sandwich. I had never even thought to make sandwiches with veggie bacon until Jamie. I thought it was just for breakfast. That comes with always having been a vegetarian and not really knowing about a BLT. Jamie, who came to vegetarianism later in life, introduced me to that. MMMMM but I like to add cheese, particularly a sharp cheddar. I love cheese.

Yesterday I had a very disappointing sandwich. I ordered box lunches from Jimmy John's (home of a very good sandwich) for this Jr. Board meeting that required me to remain in the office until 7:30pm, YUCK! At least I was going to get a good sandwich. For everyone else I ordered either Turkey or Roast Beef. For myself I ordered a veggie no mayo, no lettuce, extra tomato, add onion. I was very excited about this sandwich. When I opened it up not only did they take off the lettuce but they also took off the sprouts. They also did NOT give me extra tomato so I was left with cheese, 3 tomato slices, 3 cucumber slices, and onions. Now with sprouts added to that it would have been a proper sandwich. With sprouts and extra tomato it would have been a divine sandwich. I was pissed. Not as many people showed up for the meeting as I expected and there were many extra sandwiches, none of which I could eat. My hungry boyfriend had asked me to order him a sandwich and I said that would not be ethical. I am glad I didn't order him one. Instead I brought him home 8 leftover sandwiches, 8 bags of chips, 8 cookies, and 8 pickles. I made him meet me at the train because it was rather awkward carrying all those sandwiches. I think I technically should have left the food in the company kitchen but I had to stay late, we have $7.00 to our name until Friday and are low on food. He needs those sandwiches. I should have ordered more veggie sandwiches.

Credit in the Straight World, Hole- I still like Hole. I sometimes will play Hole rally loud on the train and sometimes I think people notice and look at me funny but oh well. Maybe they are just looking at me funny cause I am funny looking. I don't think so though. I would look at someone funny if Hole was on their stereo so loud that I can hear it and it is 2006.

Song of Joy, Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds- Although this is nowhere near to my favorite song on the Murder Ballads CD I love the whole thing. It made BenMan cry. That was HILARIOUS. To me, a CD all about various murders is really good and funny and enjoyable. BenMan thought it was really sad. Particularly the one about the girl who goes off with a stranger to see the sea and ends up "cuffed to the bed with a rag in her mouth and a bullet in her head". I think the part when her "ghost" comes back to sing really got him. I mean at least that is the saddest of the songs on the CD. If he had cried to Curse of Millhaven I would have lost all respect for him. Aahh Tuesday nights.

Nightmare on My Street, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince- This is the first song on the first CD that I ever owned. I LOVE this CD. I don't really listen to it on the regular except for Time to Chill. That song is legitimately good. This song is not.


Brooke said...

Ha Ha Ha!!! Oh, Ben Man. He was so cute when he started to cry. Oh, poor Mary Bellows. Tuesday nights were grand.

Mrs. Loquacious said...

I believe that sandwiches require skill as well. The best sandwiches are so good and thick and well-layered that sauces and spices are unnecessary, as the sandwich itself would provide enough flavour to tantilize one's palate.

I prefer my sandwiches loaded with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, mushrooms, a mild cheese (any mild cheese works), and deli meat. I also prefer toasted buns.

Man, just talking about it makes me drool. heehee =P

single gal said...

sandwiches are fabulous! i love avacado on mine, thanks for stopping by my blog.

liz said...

now i want a sandwich for lunch. the Yesterday Sandwich seems the coolies! will try it sometime. ^_^