Thursday, August 31, 2006


Now get your goofy ass off the runway! Angela of the horrid rosettes is finally off Project Runway. I really enjoyed watching her fly all the way to Paris only to have to get on the plane and fly directly home. HAHAHA. That's bogus though, really. At least on ANTM they give them a night in the new exotic location before shipping them home. Oh well. Seriously though, that outfit was a complete mess. She put rosette flowers on her ass. I mean who is she kidding? Not on a pocket on her ass, just as ass decoration. That is never cute. Not only was the outfit a mess but the accessories were a mess too. Did anyone see those shoes? Blah. Honestly I was pretty sure Kane was going home, he looked like Gay Elvis on Meth but I like him so whatever. I don't know what he was thinking though. Then he had the nerve to wear a bling belt that said Kayne. I mean that is not only years late, it was never cool in the first place. Jeffrey finally won a challenge, and it was 100% deserved. I was very happy for him. He looked fantastic and the fact that he pulled that outfit together in one day just amazed me. Michael did a great job also, his outfit really worked for him. As much as the judges didn't like Uli's outfit I would have worn it in a minute. I really like her style. Laura, well it was Laura. I don't like her. The dress was really nice though. I would have worn it too. Not those shoes though. Boring, blah.

Project Runway in Paris promises to be excellent. I am looking forward to the next few weeks very much. I mean it isn't really the type of show where location matters all that much since most of it is shot at their workstations but change is always good. The people on Blogging Project Runway can stop complaining about seeing the same Mandy Moore poster. Maybe they moved it to Paris though. That would be hilarious.

Odd sidebar moment. On the way to work I see a homeless woman in her usual panhandling spot, not unusual, except today she had an iPod Nano. Maybe it was a gift?

On another side note it is my two-year anniversary with Tony. Horary for that! We don't really know when the exact date is so we do it like Thanksgiving, the last Thursday in August. I suppose we could figure the exact date out from that but this is more fun.

Let's play some happy love music for us. Today I will cheat and skip songs because I don't want to write about "Gimmie That Nut" for our anniversary, not that it came on but it could.

Asleep and Dreaming, Magnetic Fields- Ok I skipped 35 songs to get to one that I thought was worth anything. It would have been a bad day for the shuffle game. This song is wonderfully sickening and mushy though. Although I never see him asleep and dreaming (unless I somehow get home when he is already asleep which is rare) but apparently he sees me asleep and dreaming all the time AAAWW how sweet (puke puke gross. Sorry about that disgusting display of love)

Rainbows, Madvillian- Although this is not a sappy song in any way we really love the Madvilliany album so it works.

Amorino, Isobel Campbell- This song is just beautiful. We really like this album too. We like it so much that we went to an Isobel Campbell concert not that long ago. Unfortunately, her new album is nothing like this one. It is mostly weird folkish horrid music. Not that I don't like folk music, I do, this was just horrible. She didn't play a single song from the first album. She cleared out most of the room. We stayed because we kept thinking it would get better. It didn't.


Jessica said...

natalie, just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog! hmmmmm, i can't comment on your post cause...ok, i didn't read it...guess i'm too lazy to read something that looks that long...especially without a picture...okay, i know that makes me sound A.D.D. but oh well...

Laffy Taffy said...

Your blog is really funny