Thursday, August 10, 2006


Today while the volunteers I schedule were interviewing the people in the employment program that goes on here I wrote the first verse of "Today is a Bad Day" an obvious parody of "Today was a Good Day". I thought about posting it but it sucks too much and is utterly pathetic. I am trying to think of things about today that are good and all I can come up with is tomorrow is Friday and that really isn't exciting to me right now. You know you aren't having a good day when Friday doesn't matter. I have been up since 4am and feel like hell. The weather is shitty and looks like tornados. Bradley of the fantastic one-liners will no longer be seen on Project Runway. My nice TV doesn't work right. Some guy almost pushed me off the train platform running to catch the train (well that was yesterday) and he fell down right when he got by the train door so I guess that is actually really funny. It doesn't change that this day really fucking sucks. Even the thought of Superheroes doesn't make me happy. I spent this morning listening to Boys For Pele and if you know the album it doesn't need to be explained. If you don't know it, I'm not going to explain.

Maybe the shuffle game will force me to listen to something happy.

Home Computer, Kraftwerk- Now if Pocket Calculator had come on I would have cracked a smile. I am almost smiling at the thought of pocket calculator. This song, however, has a rather dull and depressing beat and talks about them beaming themselves into the future. I would like to do that, hopefully by the future everything will be nice and normal or else terrorists will have blown us all up and it won't matter.

One Line, PJ Harvey- This simply doesn’t help one bit. It’s a really good song though.

As If You Read My Mind, Stevie Wonder- Damn this is even a really happy song. I'm still having a really bad day. In fact it's so happy I don't know if I can even listen to the whole stupid song.


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Brooke said...

Oh no Friend, Boys For Pele, things are bad.