Thursday, August 24, 2006


As it is once again Thursday, I of course have to put up my weekly Project Runway post. This week's episode was rather disappointing. I didn't like any of the designs very much and it was all together boring. I was also incredibly disappointed on how poorly these typically awesome designers did with large women. I know that what looks good on their typical models is not going to look good on these large mothers they had to deal with but a designer should at least know how to dress every type of body. I mean they had the measurements. Uli was the only one who had a larger woman to work with and didn't put her in a complete tent. It was still a little more fabric than I would have used but hey, it was ok. Maybe that's because she is the only woman that had a big model to work with. She at least tried to elongate and slim the body the boys just said let's layer a bunch of fabric on this big woman. Last I checked, you generally want to keep things with less layers to slim someone but maybe that is just me.

I was convinced that Jeffrey was going home. Although he made the most hideous outfit I had ever seen, he should have had immunity from the garbage challenge the week before so I think it was only fair that he did not get the boot. I love Robert as a person but I have not been at all inspired by anything he has designed so, whatever I suppose. Now, Angela's mother, while correct in a way, was a complete ass. Jeffrey was also an ass. When she asked for a particular color scheme and it didn't work out in the store she should have understood. Jeffrey also should have explained what happened better by saying "the dark green's they had weren't a real match" rather than saying "the dark green didn't match" because you got the idea she liked to pair dark purple and dark green and he hurt her feelings by saying she had no idea how to match clothes. He could have explained his choices better and not had attitude. However, he did try and Angela's mother could have been just a bit nicer to him. I really wish that Angela's mother and Jeffrey's mother had got in an all out brawl. That may have made the episode more entertaining.

I was incredibly happy that Vincent won the challenge. I think I may be the only person on the planet who loves Vincent's insane antics but he is just great to me. He is completely nuts and I just want to pat his crazy little head. Maybe it was because he was designing for a mother that his slightly 80s ways worked but he was just so happy and truly did a great job.

Basically, I waited all week for Wednesday to come and, when it did, I was greeted with one of the dullest hours of TV I had seen in ages. My TV night was slightly redeemed when Colbert devoted an episode to the "crumbbelievability" of Pop Culture but not entirely. I truly hope that next weeks episode returns to the caliber of TV entertainment I have grown accustomed to.

Maybe musical entertainment will be more fulfilling.

Thriller, Michael Jackson- Well I suppose you don't get much more entertaining than Thriller. I actually enjoy all the bad movies and weddings that contain a thriller segment. It is always good for a laugh. For some background, Thriller was my favorite record when I was 5. Our house was robbed and the stereo was stolen. My Thriller album was on the record player. I had a fit. My fantastic parents got me a new Thriller album right away. I had nothing to play this album on but I had it and I was happy.

Temporary Like Achilles, Bob Dylan- I think Blonde on Blonde is one of the greatest albums there is. I love the bluesy lilting stylings and basically it makes me miss a lot of wonderful people.

Monolith, The Beta Band- Most people I know really like that song by The Beta Band that is in High Fidelity (great movie) and are not really fans of their other music. Maybe the things I downloaded are particularly and unusually good but I really enjoy it. It makes me smile and bop my head. I really like any music I can bop my head to. I am kind of easy to please that way. Then again, I wonder if I have just never hard this before. It sucks. It is like some remake of Revolution 9.


J. said...

I really feel what you're saying about religion. I have always had so many problems with organized faith - and especially with those "born again" Christian-types. Religion has been the cause of so many wars among other tragic events!

At the end of the day, I really just take away from it the things that i like and leave the things that I don't. Some people may say that's a cheater method to religion, but at least it works for me.

J. said...

Okay. So I posted a comment to the wrong post... sorry!

Jaclyn said...

blonde on blonde is one of the best albums ever made, agreed.

my favorite song of that album being "Visions of Johanna" I named my Monte Carlo after Louise in that song.

did you know that many speculate Dylan wrote that album for Edie Sedgewick? I just read that in some rag mag. hmm.

Natalie said...

Visions of Johanna is very likely the best song on the album. My favorite though is Leopard-skin Pill-box Hat. I really like goofy songs.