Friday, August 11, 2006


I am at war with this mid 40s woman. She is a train bogart. Yesterday I was standing in my normal spot at the train stop. This spot generally allows me to be the first one on the train and, therefore, get one of those single person seats in the back of the car. On days when Tony and I don't go downtown together it's the only way to ride. So yesterday (maybe this is another reason why yesterday was a bad day) this little woman stands directly in front of me and takes my seat! What the fuck? I mean I know people stand close to one another when the train platform is full and all but it wasn't. She just really wanted the single seat too. Then today she shows up again. Instead of being right in front of me, she was so close to my side I swear she wanted to grab my ass or something. She kept looking at me all mean. As the train came up I walked toward the door and I was right in front. Somehow, out of nowhere, she was suddenly in front of me again and took the damn seat. I wanted to whup this bitch's ass. I wanted to whup it more yesterday when I as having a particularly bad day and the thought of sitting next to anyone made me want to vomit. However, the repetition and apparent teleporting of today was also particularly heinous. I think that her standing spot is slightly to the left of mine. I'm gonna stand there on Monday and glare at her. Then again, Tony will be going to school on Monday so it will be a non-issue. Damn, I kinda was looking forward to it. I like to have wars and battles with people when they don't know. Yet, I think this woman might know. She is serious business.

So maybe today is also a bad day. Last night Tyveculus was kicked off Superheroes, which sent Fat Mama into hysterics and caused some serious pondering by Major Victory. I think Major Victory had a serious man crush on Tyveculus. Although he was not my favorite I was sad to see him go. He really wanted to prove to his 3 sons' that he was a real hero (like having a dad who is a firefighter isn't cool enough for 3 little boys). Plus it was bogus, Stan wanted them all to say they would kick themselves off the show but everyone knows they were all lying and just wanted to do the right thing. Personally, I think it took far more courage to single someone else out to go home but oh well. I suppose self-sacrifice is an important trait for a hero and all. Wow I watch too much TV. When I got to work today was going to be super easy. I had more volunteers scheduled than I needed and I didn't have too much else to do but write. Then, 3 of the 4 volunteers I had scheduled to come in and interview the youth had to cancel. They all had legitimate reasons; I didn't feel like anyone was trying to cut class on me or anything but it sucked. Things did work out smoothly though so I guess it isn't that bad of a day. Plus it is Friday.

I match too much today. That is a little bit of a problem. I have an aqua sweater, brown pants, and aqua brown and white shoes. My socks are yellow and do NOT match the rest of my outfit but no one can see my socks because my pants are long because I am short. It seemed easy when I got dressed in the dark this morning. I knew it wouldn't clash. Lakeyia told me that since the shoes have white in them I don't match TOO much and should relax. This is one of the few moments I am glad Monica lives in NY.

This is the time on Blog-o-mine where we listen

To Your Love, Fiona Apple- Ok this certainly is an embarrassing one. It makes me think of Jayme Valdez. I wonder what she is doing these days. As far as I know no one has really heard from her. I hope she is ok. I maybe should pull a Monica and put her name in my blog over and over in hopes that she would Google herself JAYME VALDEZ JAYME VALDEZ JAYME VALDEZ. When I Google myself nothing about me comes up whatsoever. Maybe I should put my name in too Natalie Daniels Natalie Daniels Natalie Daniels. Man I am a freak.

Welcome to the Terrordome, Public Enemy- I really love the old school west coast beats, horns, and other funky thingies. It makes me want to watch Fear of a Black Hat. Too bad my copy sucks. As much as I love that film I would feel really silly purchasing it in 2006. My dad has the soundtrack; maybe I should put that in my ipod.

King Herod's Song- Andrew Lloyd Webber- Ok this is the song that should have come on yesterday to make me happy. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love musicals. They also know about the strong fondness I have for Jesus Christ Superstar. That Judas just rocks! Jesus sounds kind of shrill and a little whiney but he still rocks. While JCS s not my absolute favorite musical it does have the best soundtrack. For pure cinematic pleasure I’ll have to go with Fiddler on the Roof, My Fair Lady, and Oliver! probably in that order. However, I don't blast Sunrise Sunset on the morning commute. However, this song in particular calls up recollections of kick lines and fantastic dances. Oh boy do I want to get up and do a jig. My feet were going like crazy under the desk. At times like this I am glad I have an office all to myself. Other times I get very lonely but this time it’s a good thing.

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So, my deliciously crazy ex-girlfriend, Lori, thought that stalking me wasn't she googled my name and found your blog. Good to hear there are at least two people obsessed with my whereabouts and status, lol. I'd love to talk more. Email me: P.S. Thanks for the Fiona Apple rememberances, and thanks to Lori for bringing us back together. TTYS, J-