Wednesday, August 09, 2006


I like friends. I like talking to friends. I like having friends. I hate making friends. I am one of those people who is fine not having a lot of people around. Most of my life I have had one or two people that I hang with a LOT and then other people around that I also enjoy. As I have grown older, my desire to be around people has decreased dramatically. Well, that may not be altogether true. I love being around people that I like. I like to talk to them, go out with them, and stay in with them, all types of things. However, I don't like typical "social" situations. I despise fake conversations. The thought of a party with lots of people I don't know where I have to "mingle" makes me want to vomit. Despite of all this, I enjoy contact from people, particularly when I have to make little or no effort. That is why Friend Requests on Myspace make me happy. Well, I should rephrase, legitimate Friend Requests on Myspace make me happy. I like nothing more than coming across someone I haven't seen in ages but have fond memories of. Wait, that’s a lie, I like them to come across me more. It makes me feel nice. That is why there is nothing worse than a bogus friend request. I know there are those types out there ho will just be friends with anyone and really want to get their friend numbers up. Not me, I want to know my friends. They don't have to be people I talk to all the time but I like to know I can have a reasonable conversation with them if I so desire. I don't want to be friends with some random band that looks like it is extra crappy. I only want to be friends with bands I know are crappy. I don't want to be friends with half-clothed 19-year-old guys, obviously. But the question really is why would they want to be friends with me? I mean I think I'm plenty cute but I don't think I appeal to the 19 year old types who like to take pictures with their shirts off. Maybe I am way off on my target market.

I also enjoy running into friends and having them know how to handle the situation. Case in point, I had a wonderful interaction with Julie this morning on the train. She got on, I see her standing, wave and we say hi. We speak for about 30 seconds but realize we are on a train and not right next to each other so we put our headphones back on and continue with our commute. Now Julie and I have had conversations about how on the morning commute you are in your own world listening to your music and blocking out the world so this was perfectly acceptable and not at all rude. In fact, I am so glad of this because it is exactly what we both wanted to do and we didn't have to think about being rude because we are friends. Later, when there was an open seat next to me and Julie was able to sit in it we talked a little more. Again, not at all unreasonable. I think it was an absolutely perfect interaction. That is the kind of friend I like. One who will let you muddle through a morning in peace and give support about you getting off the train and dropping your iPod and will wish that you make it though the day unscathed. That's what a friend is.

Seeing as I just dropped my iPod, let's hope the shuffle game works.

Like A Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan- This song I dedicate to all those awful arrogant bitches from SLC. I hope you all fail and have to wonder "How Does It Feel?" Unfortunately, those lucky bitches will probably never have to struggle for a second. Not that I can really talk, I mean I am broke as fuck but I still have a home and food and cable. I'll never be like a rolling stone either. But they really deserve it.

California, Quasi- Quasi is Tony's favorite band. He thinks that I just tolerate them because he likes them so much. He is always in shock when I voluntarily put on Quasi. I don't know why he feels this way Quasi is good. Its like Ben Folds meets Sleater-Kinney meets Of Montreal and man it makes me smile. Tony would probably have a shit-fit about the bands I mushed together to describe Quasi but oh well. It makes sense to me. Tony has a Quasi shirt with a raccoon on it. The raccoon is really cute. It inspired Monica and I to create a clothing line "Coon" HAHAHA that’s really funny to me. "Tired of FUBU? Try Coon". There would be this little cute adorable raccoon and all these gangsa types would sport it. I wonder if Project Runway would endorse the Coon brand? I wish I had a friend nearby that liked racism as much as Monica and I do.

Love is All, The Rapture- This song is good. I don't really have much else to say about it. I don't know if Monica or Tony put The Rapture on my computer but its there and I enjoy it.


Wobbly*Bits said...

I am totally the same! I think I have a blog similar to this somewhere...or I've at least thought it! Making friends is really hard when you're a "grown-up". I mean, the girl I held the door for in the bathroom at the bar seemed really grateful, but I don't think she's coming by for dinner anytime soon.

How would one go about finding your myspace...

MJF2 said...

I want to be mysapce friends with anyone named "wobbly-bits"...