Monday, August 28, 2006


Not the end of anything important don't anyone worry, just the end of this horrible "two-week" interim job that I have been doing since July 1. I was told on Friday that the new Volunteer Services Director would b starting Sept 1. In my utter excitement I didn't ask if that was the real Sept 1 being Friday or the fake Sept 1 being Tuesday the 5th. I hope it is on Friday. If this new person comes in on Friday I will be able to train them Fri, Tues, and if need be Wed next week and then I will be done. I will be on vacation Thursday and Friday, which is nice because I can "relax" before starting my real job as the Customized Training Coordinator. I think that is an awesome title. I was going to be the Customized Training Instructor (nowhere near as cool) but since my last title had coordinator in it I petitioned to have the new one include that as well. I mean I didn't want to look demoted. In case I change my mind about being an English Teacher (which I won't) I can be a training person in some fab clothing store. They make really good money.

Anyway, enough about that. My shirt is dirty. I thought I looked really cute today (and I do) but I recently discovered my shirt is dirty. Not just a little dirty, really really dirty. I removed my jacket when I went to the bathroom (I just think it is not right to pee in a blazer, sweater, etc. Sorry if that is too much information) and while washing my hands looked in the mirror at a horribly dirty shirt. I picked it out of my closet this morning. I am NOT in the habit of putting dirty clothes in the closet, so I assumed it was fine. I generally take about 1-3 minutes getting dressed in the morning. If I go over 1 minute it is because I can't find something. I am really good at getting ready to leave the house. I typically take 30 min from bed to door. So my white shirt has all kinds of dirty places on it. I don't think people will really notice since my jacket is back on, but I know. I don't even know if this shirt can make it to clean again. Maybe that is what happened. I washed it but something horrible had occurred and it was just more than the detergent could handle. I then put it in the closet assuming it was clean. Boo me. I like this shirt too. I hope it can be saved. I just went outside with a co-worker for a smoke and it is a torrential downpour. I am drenched. I have to teach a class in 30 minutes. I want to take off my soaked jacket. My shirt is dirty.

This morning on the train I saw the lady. She saw me coming and gave me a bad look. I was with Tony so she was not in danger. I did catch her steal another evil look at me once she had got settled in the single seat. Now why would she do that? I was so obviously not paying her any mind. Maybe she noticed me nudging Tony and saying that’s her that’s her and pointing at her with my umbrella. Maybe she heard Tony call her a nasty name. All I know is that she sucks.

This weekend I had planned to make a fort. You know, with sheets and chairs and stuff. It was going to go over my couch and provide a wonderful place to hide. I like to be covered. I constructed canopies over my beds in my dorm rooms Jr. and Sr. year. I really liked the one from Jr. year but all my friends disrespected it and sat on it so it became very busted. I still love you though guys. The one Sr. year did not hang down to the bed so it never fell down. The evil fire hazard people made me take it down along with the beaded curtain going into our alcove, the black paper on the walls and the wonderful “Wall o’ Heath”. Tragic.

I want to briefly talk Emmy's. I don't really care about most of it. I like to see the dresses. I was, as I expected to be, disappointed. Jeremy Piven got what he deserved with Entourage (sorry Friend Monica I know you are anti but you have to give it up for Ari Gold). I think that was all that was really well deserved. Oh and Mariska Hargitay for SVU. I love that show. Alan Alda is cool so I can’t begrudge him. Or the Daily Show although I would have liked to see it go to Colbert because I have a crush on him weird ear and all. Now for the tragedy, AMAZING RACE???? Does anyone even watch that show? It beat Project Runway. Everyone knows Project Runway is the greatest reality show ever created. Now while I can deal with Colbert losing to Stewart I cannot abide him losing to Barry Manilow. That made me want to puke. Manilow is not sexy. Most people will tell me that Stephen Colbert is also not sexy. They are wrong.

As homage to Stephen I hope some glorious songs come on today

No Surprises, Radiohead- well as I mentioned there were a lot of surprises for Stephen, like people think Barry Manilow deserves an award and he doesn't. This song is made just for him and those bruises that won't heal.

Gypsy, Stevie Nicks- This song sucks. I don't have any idea why it is on my iPod. One thing that I don't like about the iPod is that you can't delete songs unless it is attached to the computer. I don't know why I have this song. I don't think Monica would have put it on my computer and I am sure Tony didn't and I am pretty sure I didn't. I have a gremlin putting horrible music on my computer.

Beef Jerky, Cibo Matto- I have nothing but good things to say about this band. This song is almost as funny as "I'm Sorry That I Got Fat"


Lizza said...

Okay, first things first. You confused me in a majorly (yeah, I know that's a non-word) way with the idea of a fake and real Sept. 1.

Second, why was a really dirty shirt in your closet? However, I do think it cool that you don't spend 23 hours choosing something to wear for the day. (I like you already, haha! Also because you annoy ladies on the train.)

Third, I like the Amazing Race (but I didn't get to watch the last season). The idea of traveling with almost nothing but my wits fascinates me. The possibilities make me giddy.

I ♥ your blog. :-)

MJF2 said...

Stephen Colbert is so that I want to take off my jacket. He's so hot that there is no dirty shirt underneath. Actually he isn't "hot"... He is damn attractive. Yeah, that's it. But there's still not dirty shirt under my jacket. I too watched the emmys. I wish Chris Meloni had beaten Keifer Sutherland. I also wish Project Runway had won. Sigh. An Arrested Development. But seriously how cute is Steve Carrell? I love that mother fucker.

Natalie said...

I should clarify about this shirt. It was washed and hung back in the closet. Unfortunately, before it was washed I am guessing I cooked dinner and got something looking like olive oil splattered on my shirt. I did not notice this when it happened so the shirt got no special attention with a stain stick. Said oil did not come out well in the wash. Hence, the shirt was dirty. It was not dirty to the person that casually looked at me. I did not have big nasty stains all over myself. I just noticed that I had small oil-type splatters that probably wouldn't be noticed by anyone that wasn't staring at my tummy.