Thursday, August 17, 2006


Ok, first order of business today is that I won the Train War and, Man, was that lady pissed. See I am always there before her, and I slid slightly to the left like I planned to. I was perfectly positioned for the train door. I saw her slinky little shadow behind me trying to edge in from the right (she was really trying) but I stood my ground and claimed my space and easily sauntered straight back to the one seater. She have me a really evil look and I gave her a very smug one. Part of me believes that whoever has been standing on the platform longer should technically get their pick of the train. I know this never happens and I often get right in front of people who I know have been there longer but in her case she should yield to me. When someone eventually sat next to her she looked even more pissed. It was not a nasty person whatsoever, he was very clean cut and seemed to keep to his side of the seat. She, however, kept looking him up and down like a hungry lion. Wouldn’t it be funny if she were out there somewhere blogging about how I stole her seat? That would really make me smile.

Second order of business for today is the “Lunch n’ Learn”. How cute is that? It means just what it says, people have lunch and someone learns em. Today the one learnin’ em will be me. I can’t believe I am still in this stupid job I was supposed to have temporarily for two weeks. So I am going to speak to the “Women’s Development Council” at an Insurance company about how they can get involved. YIPPIE! I hate things like this. I would rather be lunchin’ than learnin’. I am not really the hugest fan of speaking in front of large groups. I do, however really want to be a teacher. I don’t see them as the same thing though. I love teaching the youth. I do not want to learn the Women’s Development Council. A room full of suits looking for ways to give back to the community kind of makes me ill. I mean it shouldn’t because maybe a few of them genuinely care and want to give back to the community but really, does anyone think they do it because they really want to? Isn’t it more that they do it because they sound cool talking to their friends about how they help the low-income youth? I find it very ironic that while 98% of our volunteers work somewhere that has entry-level jobs like the mailroom, receptionist, etc, that they do not hire our youth. Something is incongruous there don’t you think? They will give them practice, tell me how great they all are, even raise money for them, but they don’t seem to want them working for their company. Oh well. I spent an hour yesterday sticking little labels with my name on the old Volunteer Services Directors business cards so that I could pass something out to these ladies. It is so ghetto. I mean I understand that temporary people at a non-profit don’t get business cards but then you shouldn’t expect me to go do Lunch n’ Learns.

Final order of business for today, being that it is Thursday, is Project Runway. Yesterday’s episode was a true bummer for me. I want to punch Laura in the face. Granted she makes ok things, but how many of the same dress is she going to make and have the judges love it? She is one smug bitch. Then, as much as I ADORE Michael, Jeffrey’s outfit was volumes better. I mean he was the only one whose dress moved like it wasn’t made out of garbage. Oh, the challenge was to make dresses out of garbage by the way. Then to kick off poor Allison sucked. There was really no other option, at this point everyone is good and I like all of them, except Laura who was certainly not getting kicked off yesterday. It was between Allison and Vincent. I LOVE Vincent. He is neurotic, insane, and designs odd things but I love him because he entertains me. Is he a better designer than Allison? Yesterday he was. In general, probably not so much.

Oh, I guess there is one more order of business, the shuffle game.

Get Crunked (Chopped & Screwed), Lil’ Flip- Ok Chopped and Screwed music is a weakness of mine. I find it utterly ridiculous. Music made in particular for people who are high on cough syrup is a concept too genius to ignore. Plus, lines like “She a HOHOHO He a HOHOHO buck buck she a HOHOHO” is priceless. Sometimes I like to get the regular version of a song and the chopped and screwed version and compare them. My favorite instance of this is Big Moe’s Barre Baby. After listening to the Chopped & Screwed version the regular one sounds like it is sung by Alvin, Simon, and Theodore

Guilty Conscience, Eminem- Sophomore year all over again. Eminem, Friend, Jackie, and the gravity bong. UH OH. I shouldn’t be posting such things. Oh well, that was all in the past.

Boom Boom, The Yardbirds- To round off a day of particularly crappy music I am glad something like this came on. The Yardbirds RULE. It’s all bluesy and British and FAB. I dig baby, dig.

Ok this was so "relevant" that I had to log on post Lunch n' Learn. While I was speaking this lady took a sandwich out of a bag to eat for lunch. It was a perfectly packaged sandwich. She had bread and meats like most sandwiches but atop the bread she had layered two lettuce, tomato, lettuce stacks that she then slid into each half of her sandwich. Why had I never thought of that? Kudos to that lady!

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