Thursday, August 03, 2006


So yesterday was Wednesday, my favorite day of the week. Why is it my favorite? PROJECT RUNWAY that's why. And what an episode we had. Monica had already clued me into the wonders of Bradley's quaint little comments. I really enjoyed his discussion of how maybe he should shave his beard and have just a mustache. Although I don't want to marry him like she does, he has certainly risen in my esteem. I am, however devastated that Angela has immunity because I do not particularly like her. I mean how many of those poof skirts does she have? She has great glasses and is pretty but DAMN. I also have mixed feelings about seeing Keith go. The eye candy was great but he was a slimy nasty cheat and that is just not acceptable. Good riddance, cutie pie. My dream that everyone thought I was having an affair with him is even sadder now. I would never ever have an affair with a big cheater like that. Next week also promised to be wonderful, as usual. After Project Runway I was a little sad because I knew the rest of the night could not compare. Boy was I wrong.

Enter my new favorite show, although I am not exactly sure of the name. It’s that one with Stan Lee and the wannabe Superheroes. When I watched the commercials I didn't think the show would have anything truly entertaining to offer. Was I ever mistaken. I always enjoyed Fat Mama, even in the commercials "Fat Mama, Fat Mama I'm here to save the day. Fat Mama, Fat Mama I'll take your food away". That’s pure gold. Not to mention she has donuts hanging from her costume. I immediately regretted not knowing about this show and being able to try out. I would have thrown together something resembling my SLC outfits and been emerged as PEACE GIRL!!! Born from the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, Peace Girl comes to bring love and happiness to all those in need. I shower them with my flower power (you bet I would be throwing flowers at people) and bring them the joy that is missing in their otherwise dull and angst-ridden lives. Stan Lee could not have resisted. Anyway, I digress. The first challenge was changing in public without being seen and then running to the finish line. The goal, do it FAST. I would have rocked that shit. However I was dismayed at how many superheroes stuck to the mission and passed the obviously placed crying little girl who had lost her mother. I mean come on; Superheroes will stop everything to help someone in distress, particularly a child with pigtails. Only like four of them stopped to help her to the security office that was right in front of them. DUH. Of course Fat Mama saved the little girl. But then, my surprise favorite arose from the masses, Major Victory! Not only did he dash around making hilarious super hero gestures but he swooped the little girl into his arms and carried her to the security office. Major Victory, hats off to you my man! You are a true hero. Anyway, the sad part of things is that I have another show to watch. But man, what a good one. I think the new episode may actually come on today. I hope so. I love that show. Oh, did I mention Monkey Woman changed her outfit in a tree HAHAHAHA.

One more odd thing before I get to the music, This morning on the train the woman next to me was swaying and dancing way too close to me. I didn't like it very much. However, it reminded me of the guy on the blue line that would mouth words with a very big saliva ridden mouth and just go crazy with his headphones. That made me smile. And now, for the music.

Cryin', Aerosmith- You can hate all you want but I love the shit out of this song. It was a fantastic video and my dear little sister and I spent a summer watching it on MTV and singing at the top of our lungs. We will still sing about how we were CRYING because you are so AMAZING that I go CRAZY cause you got me LIVIN ON THE EDGE.

4 Otha Fish, The Pharcyde- FANTASTIC album and any time when you get to say cranium without sounding silly is just too good to be true.

By The Time I Get To Phoenix, Isaac Hayes- Any time Isaac begins a song talking all soulful about how much a man loves a woman and how she did him wrong wrong wrong you know you have a hit. But as you listen and discover that this poor man left his low down cheatin' woman Seven times and went back Seven times before having to flee to Phoenix, now that's a classic


MJF2 said...

The superhero show was on Best Week Ever last week. Victory dude was HILARIOUS. You know I woulda tried out for that shit too. But... I'm a natural superhero,, not a crafted one. haha

Natalie said...

Yeah i hear you some of them are real crafted but i really am peace girl i do try to bring all that crap to people. Just not in a goofy outfit and osmetimes i am mean. But to have a real comic made after you would be so freakin cool. I am so glad you saw major victory i knew you would love him.