Thursday, June 14, 2007


I have reached my 200th post. In a way I am really surprised. I started blogging simply because I was bored and couldn’t log into my myspace account. I had very low expectations for the whole blogging thing. I thought I would get bored. I thought I had “Nothing Interesting to Say” rather than being “Almost Interesting”. I thought blogs were kind of stupid. I kind of understood why people wrote them but I had no idea why people read them. I thought my friends and family might occasionally read mine but was utterly mystified by my first comment that wasn’t from Monica. The comment was left on my third post, Let’s Talk About Stupids, dated 8/2/06 and was about the Mel Gibson rant. The commenter was Wobbly*Bits and I just sat there mouth open wondering how she possibly found me and why she would have though to leave a comment. As surprised as I was, it made me smile.

When I hit 100 posts I made a big deal. I took sentences from all hundred posts to create some crazy mega post that almost kind of made sense. It was a blast to do. However, as I came to 200 I thought about it and decided I didn’t need to do all that mess. Post 100 was like a 21st birthday. I wanted to party and have a grand old time. 200 is more like 28. I’m glad I made it. I am happy with where my blog has gone and, while it may not have a lot of direction, it is a happy blog.

I feel really glad that people read and enjoy what I have to say but, unlike at post 100, I think I would be ok if as many people weren’t reading. I would still be happy with what I produced and just knowing that I bring a smile here and there would be enough. 100 posts ago I would have wondered why people weren’t reading and thought about what might want to do differently. I thought about if my posts were too long or too short. I thought about if they only would appeal to a select group of people or have a wider audience. I cared a lot about my statcounter. Now I only go there to read hilarious google searches and get excited when I find out things like my blog is the #1link when you search for “hilarious racism”. I find that to be incredibly rewarding. I do think about the types of people who search for hilarious racism and hope they are the types that want to hear funny stories about racist moments and not funny racist jokes. I like to think they are the former.

I’m not saying I don’t want readers, of course I do. Readers are part of what makes blogging fun and exciting. I’m just more secure in the fact that if I feel like writing about something and others don’t really care that it is ok. I realize the blog is about me and what I feel like saying, not what people want to read. It’s just an extra bonus when what is on your mind jives with those around you. I look forward to seeing where I go from here and how the blog changes. It seems it has almost developed a mind of its own.

It’s time for the three random songs; a segment that has been with me from day one. Random lyrics, although a later addition, is cooler.

The House Song, The Beta Band- “Put in you pocket for a rainy day,” what an applicable lyric for a blog that started as a rainy day activity. As the song gets funkier, so does the blog. Or so I would like to think.

Lost In A Crowd, Rusted Root- This band will always remind me of this guy Adrian who I met my freshmen year of college. He was the quintessential Rusted Root listener. You can picture him. He had drums, long hair, a beard, and was an all around nice guy. I haven’t thought of him in ages. It’s strange what music can do.

I Was Made To Love Her, Stevie Wonder- Is it possible for this guy to make a bad song? Of course it is. This isn’t one of them. I will say that I really dislike Ribbon in the Sky, which is almost forbidden in Stevie World. Oh well, if it sounded more like this I would like it.


Danielle said...

I was too attached to the performance of my blog at the beginning but now thanks largely in part to you my dear, I have loosened up.

Keep doing what you do and I'll be here with you.

As always...

Jeff Roberts said...

Good points. I guess what started me wondering whether to continue or whether the blog was getting boring was the apparent loss of a long-time commenter. I guess I shouldn't care, and everyone's busy with summer stuff anyway, so maybe things will pick up again in the fall.

Brooke said...

Aw, Adrian! I haven't thought about him in years either! What a swell guy. It was real funny when I was freaking out hugging a tree on my 20th birthday and he thought I was having a bad acid trip.

Mom said...

Natalie, congratulations on #200! I like the way you talk about your blog, and your age, and life in general!

I find myself flashing back almost 11 years to a certain daughter of mine who had very clear ideas about how she wanted to present herself at college interviews. "This is who I am. And if they aren't comfortable with that, then I don't want to go to that school." Then it was more of a defiant attitude, now it's more of a relaxed, happy attitude. But there's a crystal of the same basic "I am who I am and I like it that way" -- which I think is great.

Kiyotoe said...

seems like most of us started it for one reason or another and somewhere along the way it developed into something we didn't expect.

i guess that's a good thing.

Comments, i can live without, but if i knew that people didn't like what i wrote or thought i was stupid or crazy or something, then i'd have to quit because ultimately, my goal is to "write" anything that people enjoy to "read".

Natalie said...

Danielle- I figure that no matter what you do someone out there will like it.

Jeff- Summer does seem a little like down time for blogging. I wouldn't worry, either they will come back or they won't. Like I said, blog until you feel it is time to stop.

Brooke- Your 20th birthday was kind of like a bad acid trip, only there was no acid involved.

Mom- Yeah, I remember that. I used to be a real self-involved shit. A nice shit a shit all the same. Then again, if I wasn't I could have ended up at Bryn Mawr. Those girls were creepy!

Kiyotoe- For some reason I don't think you have much to worry about.

thethinker said...

Congratulations on 200!!

I can definitely relate to once caring a lot about the statcounter. I can barely even remember to check that thing anymore.

Keep on blogging and we'll keep on reading.

Travis said...

Happy 200!

Michael C said...

Congratulations on 200! That is so cool and I can't wait to read the next 200!!!!

Phil said...

Very cool and congrats!

Johnny Yen said...

Happy 200th!

That is exactly how I picture a Rusted Root song. I love their song "Your Hands Are Law."

I heard that Stevie Wonder song on the radio the other day-- one of my favorites. My favorite song of his is "My Cherie Amor," which I'm afraid I'm actually old enough to remember as a hit (1970).

Have you ever seen "High Fidelity?" There's a discussion about artists who were once great but now suck. The discussion centered around the song "I Just Called To Say I Love You." In my opinion, that was a clear demarcation of Stevie Wonder's career-- "Jumping the Shark," as they say. I posted about it a while back:

Mrs. Loquacious said...

Congrats on hitting 200! :)

I totally agree with your views about writing for yourself, and then simply appreciating when readers elsewhere get a kick or a blessing from what you've offered up to the blog world.

I love that we can feel "connected" to perfect strangers, and know that we are not alone in some of our perspectives and views on life and the world. Blogging is definitely one of my favourite hobbies. :)

bint alshamsa said...


You are a gifted writer. In the time since I started visiting, I have always looked forward to seeing what you will write about next. I may only comment every once in awhile but I am always lurking in the background.

You are an amazing person. Some times it's hard to find the right moment to tell people what you think of them but today is not one of those times. I look at you and I see the face of daughter, all grown up and off on her own. I hope that when she is your age, she is as confident and polished and eager to see where life will take her next.

Congratulations on the 200th post! I can't wait to see what you have to say in the next 200 that you have yet to write. Hang in there girl!

Natalie said...

Thinker- Isn't that strange? I used to check it obsessively.

Travis- Thanks it feels nice.

Michael- I hope I can write 200 more.

Phil- Thanks. It's strange how very small insignificant things ease their way into everyday life.

Johnny Yen- I'm glad the description resonated. I love High Fidelity, although not as much as some people I know do. I just called to say I love you was the first song I did a parody for (with help from a neighbor girl)

I just called to say I hate you
I just called to say that I don't care
I just called to say I hate you
And I mean it from the bottom of my butt. (we were young)

Mrs. L- Well said. I agree totally.

Bint- I lurk at your place a lot too! That was probably the sweetest comment I have ever received. Thanks a lot.

Johnny Yen said...

Um, yeah, and I meant to say "Rusted Root fan." Not enough caffeine yet.

My son Adam and I used to do a parody too, when he was little. It most involved someone calling to inform someone they'd had various accidents involving poop and potty. Hey, he was like four.

Blog Antagonist said...

Congratulations on 200 posts! I felt almost exactly the same way about blogging when I started, but it has evolved into something I never expected.

I also agree with your stance on writing for yourself. I don't have a kajillion comments like some bloggers, but I think the comments I do get tend to be more meaningful, and I'm happy with that.

Monica said...

you know... i don't much like ribbon in the sky either. i do like the version by intro though.

Eve said...

Nice post. Congratulations on making it!

And Ribbon in the Sky is my sister's favorite song. Weird.

Dynamo360 said...

Happy 200th!! I can kind of relate to the whole not caring how many visitors I get... though sometimes I do, lol. I took off the stat counter because I got way too obsessed. ;P

notfearingchange said...


terry said...

blogging's funny, isn't it? i never really expected to connect with "strangers" in this fashion, but i've even been lucky enough to meet a few of my blogger pals. it's really cool.

happy 200th! i'm glad you were bored and couldn't get into your myspace account on that fateful day.

Michael C said...

I hope you can too

it's the little things... said...

Well I'm glad to have found you somehow, though I don't remember how I did!