Friday, October 05, 2007


It has been a long time since I have done a proper Foodie Friday but since Monica asked me for the recipe for these incredibly delicious enchiladas I made on Wednesday to celebrate the Top Chef finale. I thoughttoday was a perfect time for a foodie resurrection. Some of you may be saying, “Wait, she has written about enchiladas before.” and you would be correct. These are not the same enchiladas though so it is ok. However, you could use the enchilada sauce recipe from the above post and be totally awesome. The reason these babies are so great is the food processor that Tony’s mom got me for my birthday. Coating the cheese in the spinach makes for the creamiest delicious fluffy filling around.

-1lb or so of fresh spinach
-1/2 small jalapeño pepper
-2 cloves garlic pressed
-½ tbsp butter
-½ white onion
-2 limes
-2tbsp cilantro
-12 small tortillas (flour or corn)
-10oz Chihuahua cheese
-1lb mushrooms sliced thickly
-2 cans enchilada sauce (I think they are about 5oz each I used red but green would also be quite tasty (or you can make some))

-Preheat oven to 450

-Place the spinach, half of the jalapeño, 1 clove garlic, half the onion, juice from one lime, and half the cilantro in a food processor. Blend until it is the consistency of pesto, it shouldn’t take long.

-Grate 7oz of cheese into a large bowl and then toss with all but about 1/4cup of the spinach mixture so the cheese is nicely coated.

-Melt butter in a large sauté pan, when hot add the rest of the onion. I sliced it into long strips and that worked very well, let cook briefly and then add the second clove of garlic, let it cook for about a minute and then add the mushrooms and the other half of the jalapeño diced let cook until mushrooms are nice and tender. Douse the entire mixture with juice of ½ lime

-Heat tortillas until soft about 40 sec in the microwave

-Coat a deep baking pan with one can of enchilada sauce

-Place about 1/8 cup of the spinach and cheese mixture on each tortilla then spoon about a tbsp of the mushroom mixture on top spreading evenly.

-Roll the tortillas and place them in the pan

-Cover with the other can of enchilada sauce and the remaining cheese

-Bake about 20 minutes

-Serve with about a tbsp of the spinach mixture drizzled over the enchilada or on the side of the plate, garnish with a small lime wedge from the ½ lime you have left over and the remaining cilantro can be sprinkled playfully over the enchiladas.


1. You’ve got style/ That’s what other girls say/ Satin sheets/ and luxuries so fine. Dress You Up, Madonna. Identified by Urban Chick

2. The times we had/ Oh when wind would blow with rain and snow/ Were not all bad

3. I wanna bathe in milk/ Eat grapes/ Robert DiNero sit on my face

4. She came she came to meet a man/ she found an angel/ Coocoo coocoo Barabajagal was his name oh. Barabajagal, Donovan. Identified by Monica

5. Let's have bizarre celebrations/ Let’s forget who forget what forget where. Wraith Pinned To The Mist and Other Games, Of Montreal. Identified by Identified by Monica


Monica said...

how fitting! #5 "wraith pinned to the mist and other games" by of mntreal. aka, the song that started it all, eh? god DAMN those were some good enchiladas. also i think i guessed 4 already

Urban Chick said...

#1 - Dress you up by Madonna

Those enchiladas sound very yummy..thanks for the tip about the food processor. I may just have to invest in one of those things (for someone who likes to cook, i sure am a luddite when it comes to certain gadgets)

Natalie said...

Monica- You guessed it after I put up this post so I didn't know but I do now. Oh how I want to hug that song. I'm also extremely glad you liked the enchiladas even though I didn't properly plate them as I used up all the spinach sauce. Oh well.

Urban Chick- I got a blender because I thought it would do the things a food processor does and I didn't want to spend the big bucks. I was wrong. The food processor is a machine for the ages, it even makes dough!

notfearingchange said...

so if i just showed up at your front door on a friday - would i get some food...that sounded unbelievalbly delicious.

of course i would bring wine.

dmarks said...

Fit in nice with my garlic post yesterday. 2 cloves!

Evil Spock said...

I didn't like that Hung won, and really wanted Dale to pull it through. Though Casey was my fave out of the three that were left.

Casey is sooooooo cute.

Kiyotoe said...

where do you live again? I'm coming to visit. You're always cooking up something I've never heard of but it sounds so damn good.

I'll let you know when I'm coming. :-)

Natalie said...

NotFearing- I just write about the good food on Friday but I cook it at various points in the week. Let me know when you are coming so we can pair the wine with the food. Even though I don't know how.

Dmarks- I heart garlic. This isn't a very garlicky dish though or else Monica wouldn't have loved it.

Evil Spock- I was pulling for Dale but I think Hung deserved it so I can't complain.

Kiyotoe- I'm on good old Chicago and would be happy to make you some food.

CS said...

What the hell is Chihuahua cheese?

Eve said...

Yum! That sounds good.

It reminds me of enchiladas I made once. They were ok, but the sauce was freaking amazing! It's a roasted tomatillo salsa, and I ate it every day (in many different ways) for like two weeks. SO good, and not that hard.