Thursday, December 13, 2007


There are a few things of interest for me to say today.

1. Ike Turner is dead.
Typically when I read about the deaths of people who have had some sort of musical influence I get pretty sad. Sad wasn’t really an emotion that I initially felt when I read about good old Ike. I’m not saying that I was happy to hear of it either. Just because someone was a bad abusive beater doesn’t mean that I think they should necessarily die. Basically I was confused. I was confused that I wasn’t sad and I was confused that I didn’t feel bad about not being sad and then I decided that I would just let it go. So I did.

2. Sticky Toffee Pudding Ice Cream is awesome.
Some time ago Haagan Dazs had a contest to find a new ice cream flavor. They narrowed it down from five finalists who got to create three versions of their product, get it reviewed by judges and then choose one ultimate example of what their flavor should be. The five finalists were: Chocolate malt, Toasted Coconut Sesame Brittle, Something with Fig, Cannoli, and Sticky Toffee Pudding. Out of those I wanted to taste the fig, the brittle, and the Sticky Toffee Pudding. I absolutely hate chocolate ice cream so the malt was out of the question and I have never been a huge fan of cannolis. At the first elimination the fig and Malt got the ax so the remaining three went cross country for taste tests. Apparently Sticky Toffee Pudding blew everyone out of the water and was ultimately named the winning flavor thus being put into production.

Sticky Toffee Pudding is sticky and there is some toffee type thing going on but it is definitely not a pudding in the sense that I would think of pudding. It is more like cake. In fact, it is like a moist delicious spice cake. It is then topped with a sticky toffee sauce. In fact, it is remarkably like Dave’s Gravy cake but with different flavors. It also has a name that you just can’t help but say. I wanted some!

Our neighborhood store doesn’t have the largest ice cream selection and I have not seen Sticky Toffee Pudding there. Months and months passed since I watched the pick a new flavor special on the food network and I had essentially forgotten about it. Then, while picking up my prescriptions I walked past the ice cream case and there it was. I had to pick some up. I want to hug it. The spice cake is simply wonderful and spicy and great. The Sticky toffee sauce is very sugary but simply divine. I am so glad they made it.

3. I heart dinosaurs
When I was younger I loved Dinosaurs. What kid didn’t? Last night on the National Geographic Channel there was some great dino stuff going on. First they found a pit of dinosaur fossils in China. There were hundreds of dinosaurs on site and in one particular pit they found five (4 different species) piled one on top of the other. How cool. Unfortunately, I was falling asleep and only got to understand some parts of the show. Luckily it taped so I can learn more later. That show was followed by one where they found a “dinomummy” and were going to put it though a cat scan. Awesome. I was totally asleep by that point but I watched a little this morning. You could see scales and everything and they learned that this species had a much bigger ass than was previously believed. It also had different sized scales which lead them to reconstruct a striped pattern on its body. I can’t wait to see what else they uncover. It made me feel five again.

1. We are two mariners/ Our ships sole survivors/ In this belly of a whale. _________, The Decemberists. Partially identified by Identified by Monica

2. To me/ Coming from you/ Friend is a four letter word/ End is the only part of the word/ That I heard. Friend is a Four Letter Word, Cake. Identified by Phil

3. I let the beast in too soon/I don't know how to live/ Without my hand on his throat/ I fight him always and still

4. Have mercy on me sir/ allow me to impose on you/ I have no place to stay/ And my bones are cold right through

5. Sleepwalking through the all night drugstore/ Baptized in flourescent light/ I found religion in the greeting card aisle/ And now I know Hallmark was right.

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Johnny Yen said...

Ike Turner was not only an abusive bastard, he was an unrepentent abusive bastard. An old friend used to work for Jet Magazine, and interviewed Turner for the magazine. When the subject of Tina came up, Turner simply stated "Yeah, I hit the b*tch!"

On the other hand, when I read in his obit, I learned something I never knew-- that when he was a child, he saw his father, who was a minister, beaten to death by a white mob. I have to think that that didn't start him off really well in life.