Monday, December 03, 2007


This weekend was Monica’s birthday celebration. I had been looking forward to it because I haven’t been to a proper karaoke spot for ages and Monica is always fun to hang out with. However, when I woke up and looked at the weather report I was somewhat dismayed. There was a winter weather advisory, it was snowing, and it promised to rain later. Dave opted out of the festivities pretty early in the day. Tony and I sat there and hoped that the weather would get better but it didn’t look good. I called Monica to make sure that things were still on because if I was going to go out into the nasty that is a wintry mix there better be something good at the end of the tunnel. Monica let me know things were still on and was happy to know that I was still planning to come. We were going and that was all there was to it. Tony mentioned that it was strange how we stay home every night of the year and decide to leave on the worse one. I guess tht is just how it goes.

Jamie opted in so we planned to meet up with her halfway through the bus route. I had checked online to see when the bus was coming and had everything mapped out but Tony wasn’t quite ready to go when I had planned to leave so things got pushed back a little. We left the house at 9:30 with rain above and ice below. The bus didn’t’ show up until 9:59. Once we were on it was ok. We got off and met Jamie on the corner, the second bus came relatively quickly. All was going well until the bus driver stopped and told us she went no further. Had we left earlier the bus would have gone all the way to our destination, but we didn’t and we had to walk.

The driver told us it was about three blocks. It was more like seven. As we walked I told a tale of three weary travelers trudging through the ice and snow. The neighborhood was empty, not a place that young childless types would oft frequent. We came upon a mouse who was quite cute. Jamie chanted a constant, “crunch, crunch, crunch,” throughout our tale to further set the mood. Eventually I saw some shiny lights in the distance that had to be out destination. It was. We vowed to kick Monica in the ass once we arrived but we didn’t.

It took quite a while for our names to get called to sing but once they did we were up there time and time again. Monica started things off with a nice rendition of Long Train Running (Doobie Brothers), I followed with my staple The Humpty Dance (Digital Underground) which was immediately followed by Jamie, Monica, and I doing Dancin’ with Myself (Billy Idol). Throughout the night various permutations of the group did, Weak (SWV), Gin and Juice (Snoop), Truckin (The Grateful Dead), What a Man (Salt n’ Peppa), Livin on a Prayer (Bon Jovi), and What’s Up (4 Non Blondes). Essentially we sang a whole mess of songs. I don’t mean to brag but our group was way more awesome than the other people singing. Not that we didn’t have our points of struggle, cause we did but we were still pretty good and also better looking than most other people there. Man I am a jerk.

Tony and Pete, a co-worker of Monica, left the singing to play darts and were eventually joined by the rest of us. At around 3am Tony and I decided to get a cab and head home. We picked up some Mexican food from the delicious hole in the wall on the corner and watched some TV. It was a good night. By the time we got home we admitted the night was a great success and were glad we didn't stay in bed because of the weather.

1. Make a list little Lars never seen a star/ Put his fans behind bars/ Can’t you see mp3 means you’re stealing from me/ you should have bought a Cd. Internet Sandman, Weird Al

2. Daddy’s ghost behind you/ sleeping dog beside you/ You’re a point of mystery/ You’re the prayer inside me. Faded From the Winter, Iron & Wine

3. Does it make you happy to ignore me on streets/ I guess by now you think I’m weak/ I wish you could have said something before now. Keep it Clean, Camera Obscura

4. So I go/ Though it hurts me so/ I'm crying/ For your love. One Summer Dream, ELO


Kiyotoe said...

Better than me. If there's one thing that'll keep my butt in the bed, it's snow/heavy rain.

Too bad we're not getting much of either down in the dirty south.

Monica said...

thank you for coming. i love you. so fun, so fun. it's not being an ass if you're telling the truth. we were by far the prettiest group of folk...and most awesome karaokers.

kim said...

That's it Natalie. You and Tony must come over to karaoke. We have the entire setup in our's a weekly ritual at the Yen house.

Anonymous said...

Hey Natalie,

Ryan here, iThought you and t-real would like to check out this santa video, even if santa isn't your guy.

Natalie said...

Kiyotoe- Even if it is a friend who you love? That's not nice.

Monica- It was the truth and SOOO FUN.

Kim- I don't know if I could convince Tony to go but Monica and I would probably be down.

Ryan- Will do, will do and why do you think I have something against Santa?