Friday, November 30, 2007


Here I am, halfway through my first week on the new job. I have my desk accessories, and I must say they look quite nice, and I am starting to get the lay of the land. I went to an interdepartmental meeting yesterday and actually understood about 70% of what was going on. I thought that was pretty good.

Today someone came by to take my picture for the new employee section of the departmental newsletter. He worked in the downtown office and I had offered to go to him for the picture. He said eh would come to me. I then told him that I was in Lincoln Park and asked it that would be ok. He said sure. Today he told me that no one has ever offered to go to his office before. I wonder why?

So far the hardest thing has been getting my commute right. My main office is five stops closer on the train than my old office and I thought I would save about 15-20 min on the commute. I was right the first day, left 18min later and got to work at about 8:55. Then I did the same thing on the second day and got to work at about 9:05??? Today I left 10min later and got here at 8:45. It makes absolutely no sense. Not to mention the day that I came in to my office and then headed to the downtown office to meet my supervisor and was late. I gave myself 30min to go 7 stops, and was 10min late. It made no sense whatsoever. Oh well, I suppose if that is the least of my worries (well that and mastering the material I have to start teaching in Jan) I’m doing fine.

My computer at home is still broken but it seems to be less broken than before. About a month ago we went to turn it on and the buttons didn’t work. I took it apart and jiggled things but nothing changed. The other day we went out into the living room and the thing was on although the front buttons still don’t seem to do anything. We had been completely unable to get it on before. However, now the monitor won’t go off sleep mode so we can’t tell if it is on and working or just on and doing nothing. It is all baffling. Tony’s friend Ryan is going to send us a laptop so we’ll be able to have a computer while I send it off to my Dad.

1. Make a list little Lars never seen a star/ Put his fans behind bars/ Can’t you see mp3 means you’re stealing from me/ you should have bought a Cd

2. Daddy’s ghost behind you/ sleeping dog beside you/ You’re a point of mystery/ You’re the prayer inside me

3. Does it make you happy to ignore me on streets/ I guess by now you think I’m weak/ I wish you could have said something before now

4. So I go/ Though it hurts me so/ I'm crying/ For your love

5. Looking back on when I/ Was a little nappy-headed boy/ Then my only worry/ Was for Christmas what would be my toy. I Wish, Stevie Wonder. Identified by Mom.


sideshow bob said...


Johnny Yen said...

Damn-- I now #5, but I've never known the name of it. "Knock Me Off My Feet?"

One of the owners of the place in Evanston I'm working at (the Celtic Knot) loves Stevie Wonder, so I hear that one a lot.

Mom said...

#5 - Yes, it's Stevie Wonder; the song's name is "I Wish"; the lyrics that follow the excerpt are, "Even though we sometimes/ Would not get a thing/ We were happy with the/ Joy the day would bring." The chorus is "I wish those days could come back once more/ Why did those days ever have to go". This song comes right before "Knocks Me Off My Feet" on the album "Songs in the Key of Life".


terry said...

gah, everyone beat me to #5 already! love that song.

maybe santa will bring you a new computer?

Katrina said...

The first week is always the hardest to get through, glad yours went well.

Yes, let's hope Santa brings you a new computer.

notfearingchange said...

i'm glad you are settling in nicely to your new job!

Mom said...

Actually, Santa will probably be fixing the old computer...


So glad the first week was so good!