Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I’m finishing things up here and one of the most important tasks I have will be to transfer the URLs of my bookmarked blogs into a Word document that I can email to myself and then erase all memory of me on this hunk of junk that they call a computer. The last day is going very smoothly. No one is really here and things are nice and quiet. I am essentially waiting for the word of when we can go home. Once I get home is when the real work will start.

I have to go shopping for Thanksgiving! I am hoping that they will have everything that I need at the close grocery store and that I won’t have to make any additional trips. You never know though, it could go either way. Tomorrow at 1:30 Monica’s sister will come to take me and the beginnings of my food over to Monica’s house where all will be assembled. The dishes I am making will be:
Turkey Tofu
Vegetarian Stuffing
Mashed Potatoes
Cranberry Sauce
Brussel Sprouts
I am also in charge of bringing Dance Dance Revolution but in a sneaky way so that Tony doesn’t hate the idea of not having Thanksgiving at our house even more. He hates that game and the idea of people playing it all night will make him grumpy. I also haven’t mentioned the fact that Monica purchased a karaoke machine. I hope that all the food will keep him happy enough. Maybe we’ll get a pecan pie. He has been wanting one for at least a year.

That is a lot of action for me. I am hoping that I can get the stuffing made tonight and the Tofu marinated so that I can layer it all up in the morning and then bring it ready to bake to Monica’s. I should also be able to do the cranberries tonight. After that the rest should be pretty simple and easy. Monica is in charge of:
Meaty stuffing
Macaroni and Cheese
And may also be doing a sweet potato I can’t remember

Dave will also be joining the crew. He will be picked up along with me and bring his contributions over. He is taking on:
Dessert (I hope it will be gravy cake)

I hope someone is planning on bringing some drinks. I know I will be bringing lots of Tupperware. I plan to bring plenty home.

Hope you all have a wonderful and delicious holiday!


notfearingchange said...

ooooh... i wanna come too! ;o)

Katrina said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monica said...

dude... i just got way overwhelmed...

Jozet at Halushki said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've never eaten tofu turkey.

Is it shaped like a turkey? Or like a big soybean?

Anyway, have a great day!

Eve said...

Yum! That sounds like a great Thanksgiving.

I hope you enjoy it! (Also, how do you do a veggie gravy?)

With Love, Fat Girl said...

Happy Thanksgiving, you Americans you!

Kiyotoe said...

Tofu turkey?

Nat....Tofu Turkey??

Please tell me they don't have tofu candied yams or macaroni and cheese.


CS said...

Happy Tofu Turkey Day!

Anonymous said...

I can not wait to hear about how all of this went down. Also, like a total dumbass, I did not bring any leftover turkey dinner home with me. WHAT THE HELL!?!

Urban Chick said...

sounds like big fun and great food.

one question - what's gravy cake?

kim said...

Did I miss a post? Where are you going?

Good luck manually entering those booksmarks. If you set up a gmail account, they will import them automatically to your own webpage.

Michael C said...

I hope all went well!!

Pawlie Kokonuts said...

I did. You too, I hope.

Natalie said...

Notfearing- You would have been very welcome

katrina, CS- a belated ditto

Monica- No reason it was wonderful

Jozet- It is essentially a casserole made of tofu marinated in poultry seasoning and other things and stuffing. It is quite delicious.

Eve- I make a roux and then use some milk, veggie broth, and the marinade from the tofu

WLFG- Wait, aren't you in America?

Kiyotoe- Actually I have had a very delicious macaroni with the cheese sauce being tofu based but we didn't have that for thanksgiving.

Auld Hat- We actually didn't use the tuperware for anythign I didn't cook. I told Tony to take some meat but he felt strange about it. Oh well for him.

Urban Chick- it is a mollasses and ginger cake with a melty brown sugar sauce. MMMMMM

Kim- Had I known that I would have put it into my gmail. What a doof.

Micheal C, Pawlie- It was wonderful!