Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I learned a few things during this year’s Thanksgiving.

1. Don’t make a dish you haven’t prepared before but you saw done on the Food Network with much larger vegetables than the ones you could find. It just won’t work out quite right. My artichokes were not served although I did take them home and manage to make a few incredibly tasty bites.

2. If you want Tony to do karaoke you have to pick a Beastie Boys song.

3. Even when you think there is plenty of food, plenty of drunken people will eat things you had planned to eat for leftovers

4. Good food and good fun will make fast friends

5. Sometimes to have proper leftover plates the next day you need to go back to the store and get some more potatoes.

I started my new job at DePaul University on Monday. The first day was a general new employee orientation where people from all departments came and talked to us about new hire things. It was a day with a lot of paper. Tuesday we did our Electronic stuffs orientation which didn’t take too long at all and then were to report to our respective departments. I wasn’t scheduled to be in my department until noon due to my supervisor having a meeting and we got out at 10:30. I took a seat in Starbucks, had a chai, did the crossword puzzle and read Prometheus Bound. I then met my manger, went to lunch, got introduced around the loop office and then was shown to my office at the Lincoln Park campus. There were more introductions and I was given the Staples catalogue to order things for my desk. I spent a long time deciding if I want black mesh desk accessories or black solid ones with rounded corners. I am going with the mesh because it fits my futuristic office furniture a little better.

Today I went in to my office and read over things for about an hour. I left at 10am to get to the Loop campus and meet my supervisor at 10:30. I was late. I have no idea how that happened but she told me that sometimes it can take up to 45min. Granted, I was only five min late but it didn’t make me feel too spiffy. We spent the morning going over departmental structure, my goals until June ’08 and the things our program is measured by. Then we started in on the Financial Literacy workshops that I will be teaching. We got through one before lunch. It is like the financial stuff I was teaching before but much more in-depth. After lunch we’ll go into the three others.

Things are looking pretty good. Everyone here is incredibly nice and welcoming. One of the guys the Lincoln Park office has a banjo. Monica would totally want to hang out with this guy. Although there is a ton to learn and not all that much time to learn it before I have to get out there and teach/supervise/create I think that I’m really going to enjoy it and that is a great feeling.

1. Make a list little Lars never seen a star/ Put his fans behind bars/ Can’t you see mp3 means you’re stealing from me/ you should have bought a Cd

2. Daddy’s ghost behind you/ sleeping dog beside you/ You’re a point of mystery/ You’re the prayer inside me

3. Does it make you happy to ignore me on streets/ I guess by now you think I’m weak/ I wish you could have said something before now

4. So I go/ Though it hurts me so/ I'm crying/ For your love

5. Girl I must warn you/ I sense something strange in my mind/ Situation is serious/ Let's do it cause we're running out of time. Poison, BBD. Identified by Monica.


Anonymous said...

Your list? Very true. Ackspeshully number four. Also, I am way impressed with your new job. They let you pick whatever you wanted for your desk?! Doesn't your desk need a new photo printer for Auld Hat? Pretty sure it do.

Monica said...

5. poison bbd HAHAHA

Monica said...

also, how can i make friends with banjo guy????

notfearingchange said...

Congrats on a first great day!

LOL on monica's comment...heck i wanna make friends with the pimpin' hat, banjo guy! (not to be confused with the pimpin' banjo guy)

Mom said...

Welcome back, Natalie!
So glad that the job is so awesome.
And did Tony actually do karaoke to Beastie Boys???

Eve said...

That sounds like a great Thanksgiving! I'm glad things turned out (except the artichokes.)

And it sounds like your new job is starting off well...

With Love, Fat Girl said...

I've learned from the food network to always make something once before serving it up to people. I usually do this with baked goods, since those tend to go faster, and are often less expensive to make than a huge turkey!

kim said...

I am so happy you got a new job with black mesh desk accessories. Are you teaching students?

We use Staples here at work....our old manager never let us order anything, so when we got our new Director we all went crazy and placed a huge order.

Congrats Natalie.

Natalie said...

Auld Hat- I got to pick within reason. My stuff arrived today and I am thinking that I maybe needed a few more things. It should be ok though.

Monica- I'll see if you can come to our holiday party.

Notfearing- Yeah he seems like a very nice person

Mom- He did but so did everyone else. It was a group thing.

Eve- It was a great day and I learned something.

WLFG- Yeah I should have known better but I was so sure of my cooking skills I thought I could do it.

Kim- I will be once they get back and I learn the material I'll be teaching.

sideshow bob said...

The last time I did karaoke I did the Beastie Boys.