Thursday, November 15, 2007


This morning started off very peacefully. I watched the season premier of Project Runway, which I had missed because I was watching the very disappointing 19th run of Sasuke “aka” Ninja Warrior. Ninja Warrior is the most insane obstacle course ever created and is one of my favorite things to watch because the things these guys do are simply amazing. My favorite run was 17, when Makoto Nagano became the second person in history to finish the course. You can see him tackling all four stages below.

The thing with this competition is that they consistently make it harder. Once Nagano completed the course the 18th run was totally insane. Only six people made it past the first stage and three made it to the third no one, including Nagano, finished stage three. Nagano was close but accidentally grabbed the wrong part of an obstacle and disqualified himself.

For run 19 they simply went too far. The obstacles are so much harder that only two people made it past stage one (100 attempt the course each time). Nagano was very close to finishing but missed it saying he wasn't determined enough. Maybe seeing all his best competitors fail was too depressing. No one made it past the second obstacle on stage two, making it the shortest competition in history. I hope they don’t make the course harder next year because it would just be stupid. You want to see people have at least the opportunity to finish. If they keep the same course as they had this year I think more will succeed.

Anyway, I digressed a whole lot. This morning was very peaceful. It was a cold morning but brisk and still. The train ride was quiet and speedy. As I got off the train I was listening to “no surprises”, by Radiohead on the iPod and was in a nice happy place. Then as the words in my ears sang, “no alarms and no surprises,” I came off the escalator to the surprising alarm of a fire engine. The day hasn’t quite recovered. I forgot that I agreed to stay late to help with a volunteer orientation. I did three depressing and draining practice interviews, and Cassandra is out sick so I can’t go over some things with her that I really need to cover before I leave. No surprises indeed.

1. Underneath the bridge/ top has sprung a leak and/ the animals I trapped/ Have all become my pets. Something In The Way, Nirvana. Identified by Brooke.

2. Make a list little Lars never seen a star/ Put his fans behind bars/ Can’t you see mp3 means you’re stealing from me/ you should have bought a Cd

3. Daddy’s ghost behind you/ sleeping dog beside you/ You’re a point of mystery/ You’re the prayer inside me

4. Does it make you happy to ignore me on streets/ I guess by now you think I’m weak/ I wish you could have said something before now

5. THe first cut/ Is a criminal thing/ The first cut/ Goes deeper in. The First Cut, Eurythmics. Identified by Mom.


Mom said...

#5 - The First Cut, by Eurythmics

Sounds like a totally discombobulating, off-kilter day. I hope it gets better and that tomorrow is nicer.

Brooke said...

Sorry your day sucks, Friend. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

1. Something In The Way - Nirvana

Chatty Knitter said...

Discombobulating. I love that word, but it is rare that I find myself with an opportunity to use it in a sentence.

Have a great weekend Friend. It's Friday. It will all be over soon enough...

Anonymous said...

HOLY CRAP! It's like that game Mousetrap. But for people. Crazy about the Radiohead glitch in your Matrix. Wowzers!

Monica said...

i love that show... but i ony watch with you.

notfearingchange said...

i love walking with my earphones in my ears....i hate when i need to be disrupted by my office prior to the end of the song.

thethinker said...

I'm still stuck on your first sentence.

How did I miss the season premiere?!

deadspot said...

Ninnnnnnnnja Warrior!

I love that show. It seems like they have a marathon just about every other weekend on G4.

kim said...


It's the mornings that start our peaceful and turn into havoc that are the most alarming.

I try to get most of my work done in the morning so I can look out my window. It is very distressing when a client calls and I have to do something. I guess that is why they call it work.

CS said...

Wow, that guy was amazing. He's got to be part monkey.

Kiyotoe said...

damn, i'm out of breath just watching that dude.

What channel does that come on??

Natalie said...


Friend- I like singing that song, it is funny sounding.

Chatty Knitter- There are rare occasions for that word, this one was apt.

Auld Hat- I never though of it that was but I like the analogy.

Monica- That is because I am freaking awesome

Notfearing- what is up with offices anyway.

Thinker- I have no idea, maybe filling out aollege apps? They rerun it hundreds of times a week so you will be ok.

Deadspot- Oh wow, I didn't think anyone else watched it. How awesome is g4?

Kim- Stupid clients, what the heck?

CS- Isn't he jut simply awesome. He trains on his fishing boat climbing up ropes and such.

Kiyotoe- It is on G4 the chanel for super nerds. Awesome programming!