Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Remember The Princess Bride? It was a great film and I wanted to hug it. The movie had everything you could possibly want, comedy, romance, suspense, sword fighting, and revenge. It also had the Fire Swamp, a place that terrified me as a young person. The idea of catching on fire was not pleasant, even with the loud sound that warned you of the upcoming conflagration. Then there was the lightning sand. Quicker than quicksand this stuff was seriously dangerous, but as long as you didn’t step in it you were ok. No, the true terror of the fire swamp was the R.O.U.S (Rodent of Unusual Size). This guy was horrible. He was a rat the size of a dog, and not a small dog either. I took heed in the fact that they were not real. Or should I say they weren’t real. Researchers discovered a R.O.U.S in the Indonesian jungle. He is still the size of a dog, albeit a much smaller dog that the original R.O.U.S. Check him out.

On a happier note (I think), while reading Metromix’s review of the top 10 albums of 2007 I was pleased to see none other than Of Montreal’s Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer which I continue to listen to like mad and have even begun to like The Past is a Grotesque Animal and to almost tolerate Bunny Ain’t No Kind of Rider. Who knew? While I am incredibly glad the album has been recognized I wonder if that will make it inherently less cool. They wrote “A playful yet intense batch of neuroses from frontman Kevin Barnes, indie rock’s prince of fuzzy glam weirdness.” I guess it’s a pretty accurate portrayal. How about the video for Gronlandic Edit (my favorite song on the album) for you all to enjoy. Why? Cause it’s awesome.

1. Today was the day/ For dancing and for singing/ The birds in the trees/ And all the bells are ringing

2. My head’s been lying dormant like a sleepy little mouse/ What I have inside me it’s enough to fill a house

3. Repair the hull/ Replace the sail/ The monkey wrestles with the ghost

4. City bird/ Haven’t you heard/ hasn’t anybody told you/ the city blocks can hold you/ Your place is in the sky how can I show you

5. She called me up today/ Meet me down at the old café/ I jumped into the shower/ I was getting my marching orders. Step Into My Office, Baby by Belle and Sebastian. Identified by Chatty Knitter


Katrina said...

Absolutely adore this movie. We watched it the night we got married and it's now a tradition. Well, actually we started it the wedding night but got so damn tired we went to bed and finished it the next day. Ended up doing the same thing on our 1 yr anniversary. So this year we did it on purpose.

We can't help but say the lines either right before they're said or at with them. Not the whole movie mind you but still more than we should.

A friend of ours decided to do the drinking game once. She was buzzing before 30 minutes were up.

Chatty Knitter said...

Number Five is "Step Into My Office, Baby" by that other Precious band, Belle & Sebastian.

A real ROUS, can you believe it? Ha!

Anonymous said...

Love the movie, love the video, love the song, love the band. Love.
Ya feelin it?

Natalie said...

katrina- It is seriously like one of the best movies ever. I mean EVER. I don't know about th edrinking game though?

Chatty Knitter- I will never sleep the same again.

Auld Hat- I feel all the love, oh yeah, I feel it.

Mom said...

Well, that video was the trippiest thing I've seen in a few decades...

Liked it lots.

Natalie said...

Mom- I'm so glad, it's freaking great.

Monica said...

natums... i love gronlandic edit SO MUCH. how had i never seen the video before? anyway, we need another sing-along soon.

Monica said...

also do you recall how that video was projected throughout the show at the metro?

Katrina said...

I have to try to remember to come back while at home to watch the video, completely forgot about it.

The drinking game is:
Take a drink every time one of the character's says their signature line. Such as:
Farm Boy
As you wish
My name is...

So on and so on, hence the reason she was buzzing within a half hour.

The Idea Of Progress said...

He's not holding a rat in that picture, it's merely a Republican.

It's an understandable mistake.