Tuesday, December 18, 2007


So I watched about 50% of the Vikings Bears game last night and although I haven’t seen sloppier football played for a while the end result was just fine with me. I always think it is mean when teams who have little or no chance at the playoffs beat teams who have something of a chance. I know they get paid to win no matter what but sometimes I think it is more sportsmanlike to make sure some fellow players get their dream. Actually throwing games may be the epitome of being unsportsmanlike so never mind.

While I was not watching the game I was watching the Extras finale. What a depressing show. It made me want to cry repeatedly while slapping the people who were making me cry. I guess that is something of an accomplishment.

Note to self: stop being taken in by commercials about pizza.

A while ago there was that Dominoes commercial about the garlicky crust pizza with the guys who had extra big sensory organs. They made the pizza look so incredibly delicious. I don’t do Dominoes pizza, it was been pounded into my head that they have some political leanings I don’t believe in (although who knows if that has changed since the mid 80s) and the pizza is relatively disgusting on top of it. Pizza Hut, on the other hand, is a guilty pleasure of mine. Man that stuffed crust is awesome. I do realize that I live in Chicago and if I want a delicious pizza there are far better options but sometimes I just want some of the Hut. Anyway, Pizza Hut had this new double deep pizza that looked pretty delicious in the commercials. I wanted to eat it. While it wasn’t disgusting, it certainly wasn’t as delicious as my typical Pizza Hut pizza. I swear that pizza commercials will not take me in anymore. I am always disappointed when I open the box. Actually, this happens with many food items I see on TV and think look delicious. They never look the same on my plate as on the TV. I take that back, there is one product, the ice cream I have seen on TV is just as delicious if not more so when I try it. I love ice cream.

Note to self: When you get up early to go to a breakfast at work, don’t eat breakfast before you go.

I don’t know what I was thinking. I mean I got up an hour early specifically to go to breakfast. However, as part of my typical morning routine I ate breakfast. What a dumbass. There was fruit at the breakfast though and I hadn’t eaten any fruit already so I had some but not as much as I would have if I hadn’t already eaten. Stupid stupid stupid.

1. Across the lines/ who would dare to go/ Under the bridge/ Over the tracks/ That separate Whites from Blacks. Across The Lines, Tracy Chapman. Identified by Mom.

2. Today was the day/ For dancing and for singing/ The birds in the trees/ And all the bells are ringing

3. Goodbye Cruel World/ I’m leaving you today/ Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye. Goodbye Cruel World, Pink Floyd. Identified by Auld Hat

4. My head’s been lying dormant like a sleepy little mouse/ What I have inside me it’s enough to fill a house

5. Repair the hull/ Replace the sail/ The monkey wrestles with the ghost


Monica said...

i wish pizza hut would re-introduce the priazzo... boy those were good... YUM

Chicago Colleen said...

I'm not sure I like you coming into my blog and making fun of my movie taste. :)

Although I totally deserve it (and had it coming). To be honest, it was the least painful of the Christmas-movie-marathon. One actually had Olivia Newton-John in it, and I had to click "Info" to find out WHEN THE HELL IT WAS MADE. Yep. 1984.

That explains the bad outfits, terrible hair and awful dialogue. I don't think they were very smooth back then. What do I know, I was in 2nd grade.

Anonymous said...

"Goodbye Cruel World" - Pink Floyd.
Also, Subway commercials usually are as good to eat as they are to watch. Well, the sandwiches. Not the commercials. silly, can't eat a commercial! (rolls eyes)

Natalie said...

Monica- They seem to reintroduce everything eventually, maybe if you wait long enough.

Chicago Colleen- I'm sorry but the title was too good to pass up. the 80s seemed much more fashionable at the time. Check out Love Connection reruns, 20yr olds look 40.

Auld Hat- sadly as a veggie my Subway options are very limited and they never show veggie patties on the commercials because they don't look all that good. They are yummy though.

Eve said...

Funny post.

Go Bears!

Also, I don't know if you've ever been to D'Amato's (the same one who does bread around Chicago) but they have the BEST pizza I've ever had. I'm serious. They only have plain and sausage (both are good) and it's Sicilian style. I'm serious. I think about their pizza all the time. It's on Grand west of the river, if I remember correctly. I love ice cream too.

dmarks said...

I thought those Domino's ads were repulsive. As for their political views, the company was founded and built up by Tom Monaghan, who can be described as an ultra-Catholic.

The Wikipedia article on Monaghan says he sold out of the company in 1998, but no doubt there is some residual friendliness to his ideals in it somewhere.

Johnny Yen said...

Funny-- that reminded me of a story when I roomed with my friend Mark, in the late eighties. We decided to get a frozen pizza for dinner. He did a "I'll buy if you fly" with it-- with a proviso-- no Tombstone pizza!

I of course got to Jewel's and disregarded his warning-- the package on the Tombstone pizza looked so good. I got home and we cooked the pizza and I realized he was absolutely right to warn me.

Mom said...

#1: Who the hell knows the title to Tracy Chapman songs??? These lyrics are from "Across the Lines" by Tracy Chapman.

One of the radio sports-talk guys was saying that the Bears did the Vikings a huge favor by playing Kyle Orton at quarterback. Who can say... The Vikings will probably get stomped quickly in the playoffs. But it's a learning experience for their young guys. When I moved to Minnesota in the 70s, the first thing I saw was a huge billboard that said, "Vikes, Skol! To the Super Bowl!" That's when I knew I had entered an alien land. (Yes, the Vikings did go to the Super Bowl that year. Of course, they lost.)

Mood Indigo said...

Awe man, Mom beat me too it. But I, too, couldn't remember the actual song title.

Natalie said...

Eve- The Bears have nowhere to go. I haven't been there, may have to try it.

dmarks- The ads were rather disgusting, somehow that worked for me.

Johnny Yen- Tombstone is actually one of my preferred frozen pizzas but I typically doctor them up quite a bit. Or maybe they have improved?

Mom- Apparently you know the titles to her songs. They tend to be pretty literal.

Mood- You too probably did know the title.